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  1. Been watching the danish the Killing on netflix. got one ep of the first season left... considered the time (past midnight) and figured that due to how each episode has been so GNNNN AAAAA IIII OMG 19 times so far, it would be foolish to watch the finale without having the time to watch s02e01. Season 2 only seems to have 10 episodes, but there's also an american version of the show to look forwards to.


    Available on netflix! WAY above par. Police-investigating-a-murder stuff. Your opinion of pretty much ALL the characters will change at least once. Great storywriting. Definitely recommend it.


    Because that kind of thing fascinates me, I took a look at Netflix UK's translation; it's good, but it sometimes lacks some nuances.

  2. I really enjoyed the show this year; a lot of good entries. My favourite was Switzerland; the whistling, the violin ... it was just a friggin' happy song! :D


    Regarding the winner, I'm a bit ambivalent. While it's hard not to admire the amount of support for Austria's entry and the message behind it, I feel it won for the wrong reason; it was a great song sung by a great singer, but it seems undeniable that it won for political reasons. Then again, I guess politics have been a problem with the Eurovision for a long time now. I was also quite shocked that people were booing the Russian performers, as if they could be held responsible for Russia's policies.

  3. I don't do anything about my appearance in particular, really; I shower regularly, brush my teeth, get a haircut once in a while ... the common things. I am confident I could be eating and sleeping a lot better than I do currently, though.


    Regarding my beard, since I started shaving it again I've heard rather differing opinions. Apparently beards are quite the divise issue. :heh:

  4. Yeah, calling a cultural practice (a different ideology) 'outrageous' and basically 'wrong' - is the problem here.


    You're deeming an act right or wrong simply based on the fact that you don't come from a culture or family that practices the act. Which is biased, and doesn't bring credit to your statement - though of course you are entitled to your opinion.


    But you feel your opinion must be proclaimed instead of being kept to yourself or within your sphere of influence, family etc.


    I'm very pro freedom of speech but its the ignorance that can be spewed from this freedom that gets annoying. Everyone has an opinion - But why does everyone seemingly feel the need to yank their views down peoples throats with subjective statements?


    No, that is precisely what he isn't doing; he's deeming an act right or wrong independently of culture. And even if that wasn't the case, the entire point of freedom of speech is that he doesn't need to keep his opinion to himself.

  5. Little hijack but what IS appropriate wear for a christening? I've only ever been to one(work colleague, though we're close than average) and managed to sort of hit it halfway with a suitish+jumper(I find a jumper kind of does it down a bit) but it was small anyway and everyone was a bit generally mixed. I'm due at another in a few weeks that's a bit more important to me and I don't really know what to wear but I also can't bring myself to potentially embarrass myself having to ask.


    As I said, when in doubt, I'd always rather overdress than underdress. But what's so embarrassing about having to ask? I think it's the polite thing to do; you want your clothing to, if you'll excuse the pun, suit their expectations for the occasion.