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  1. Hi I'm Rummy and I'm here on behalf of satan. I've deliberated asking this question for a while, but I've decided to slightly hijack the thread and do so;


    @Dannyboy\-the\-Dane @AnyoneElse (and indeed @Iun, but I'd like to ask for your response a bit later, if you'll entertain me)



    Do you believe the people fitting the description of Animal's 'friend''s description do not exist? i.e. somebody saying they are depressed and getting many benefits from such - yet displaying little to no signs of such? Possibly taking from a system with it, or contrasting very differently to what you would consider a 'depressed' person?


    I am not sure. However, I am sure that many people still don't understand depression and wrongfully think this about people who actually do suffer. And I would rather let ten non-depressed people reap extra benefits, in bad taste as it may be, than let a single actually depressed person go without the help and sympathy they so desperately need.

  2. Oh, yeah, we also played a couple of games of Hero Quest a while back. Don't know why that fizzled out.


    I'm also in an RPG group playing a home-made campaign in Pathfinder. We're hilariously noobish at times, but it's amazing fun, and we're rather invested.

  3. Huge fan of tabletop games. Really got into them after binge-watching Wil Wheaton's webseries TableTop. :heh: We meet once in a while at my dorm to play. Favourites are Munchkin (we have about 5 sets), Catan, Dominion, The Resistance: Avalon and recently Small World (in a German edition, which makes everything better). I'd love to try Pandemic at some point.

  4. Why do you need a nickname? Couldn't you just use, you know, your actual name...?


    While obviously I can't know for certain, I know some dating sites have the policy that you aren't allowed to make yourself identifiable as people will then simply find each other on Facebook, thus taking away potential income for the site.


    On an unrelated note, this has recently come up: Guy Tries To Mass Text 32 Of His Tinder Matches At Once And It Backfires Miserably


    People are reacting quite badly to it. Considering all the talk we've had about dating sites and it being a numbers game, I thought it might make for some interesting discussion.

  5. I went on the Youtube to find the shouting of gas man to ail my spirits. But the first result was this*. And was far superior:





    *When searching for "gas man gas man" on Google.


    Oh, shit, I remember wathing this episode. I didn't realise I knew the guy.

  6. Happy Birthday, man :)


    Considering you got an entire meme for your birthday, I guess that shows N-E's incredibly high esteem for you?


    It arose from the photo I made my new Facebook profile image. The rest is ... horrible history. :heh:


    But yes, I am genuinely flattered.