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  1. I don't think he did it intentionally. He's a bad driver. Has had his license taken off him because he has no insurance - yet still drives... (and has been reported numerous times....). He was likely speeding, hit her, and panicked, so decided to hide the evidence. Just a moron that refuses to take responsibility for his actions.


    He would've been completely forgiven if he actually came and apologized and brought our cat to us.


    My sister is having nightmares about what she saw (betty's decomposing body), and we're all tormenting ourselves about how she was dumped like rubbish.


    His parents came home from holiday today. My mum and his mum are friends, she came over to see mum, and mum gave it to her and told her that her son was a lying piece of shit (perhaps not in those words lol) but he's still denying it.


    Ah, I see. Good on your mum for telling it straight.

  2. So... today was awful. Heres a run up of what happened:



    1st aug - Betty goes missing (little do we know at this time she was killed pretty much straight away). Family combed the local roads to see if she was lying somewhere. Nothing.


    8th aug - Neighbour approaches us, tells us he saw Betty dead on the roadside, and that someone had moved her. He said he did NOT get out of the car, but knew it was her. And that it had happened on 1st (that saturday night at about midnight was when she went missing.)


    So we all process this and grieve as you do. But somethings just not clicking.


    1- the council don't collect roadkill on sunday, thus family would have found her based on where he said she was

    2- how did he know it was her at a glance from a vehicle




    Fast forward to today 10th. Mum rings the council, thinkin hey maybe we did miss her, maybe they picked something up in the past WEEK. Nothing.


    So later that day they take a walk round the area. Look over a wall on the opposite side of the road, and they find her little body. My mum calls me in an absolute state. They ring the council and thankfully they came out (even though they only collect unidentified roadkill)


    They got her in a box, and took her in the car to the vet. I met them there. We gave her over to them, so she can be finally cremated and come home to us.



    Our hearts are broken.


    I'd put EVERY single penny and every single thing I own on the fact he did it and cowardly hid the fact. (hes got history of this kind of thing) Thing is if he had just picked her up n brought her to us, it would have been OK. He would have gone up hugely in my estimations. What kind of neighbour does that?



    (this neighbour is only a few years younger than us and we all practically grew up together)


    That's absolutely bloody disgusting. Just to be completely certain: You suspect he intentionally killed her?

  3. Nope, I have no such power. I can stop a lynch each day with the "Objection!" bubble.


    I don't trust Marc, however; I see nothing in my PM to suggest I was redirected twice. If the day hadn't ended, I would vote for him.


    Also, I'm away this weekend, so I'll probably only be online morning and evening.


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  4. Right, things are getting interesting. I tried to target Sprout, but was redirected to Marcamillian by the shadow. Sadly, had I been able to reach Sprout, I could have saved him, as I am a kill protector. As Sheikah seems to have found out and is alluding to, I can also protect somebody from a lynch each day.


    Now, what I am wondering is exactly how the shadow works, since Mr-Paul was redirected to Sprout while I was redirected away from Sprout.

  5. Well, I was obviously completely wrong, which makes me trust Sprout. I realise I myself appear suspicious at this point, but that's completely fair; I realise I have not come off as the most innocent player this game.


    If there are no other leads, the most obvious so far is Sheikah, given that he was the most vocal opponent of DuD.

  6. I don't get why everyone is voting for Diageo; in my eyes Sprout and DuD are by far the most suspicious. @DuD, it makes no sense that the mafia has the ability to get info on your target before the night is over; I have never heard of such a power, which is unsurprising, given how overpowered that would be. Again, you having targetted the two kill targets and claiming alignment cop, the latter of which has only been "confirmed" by your most prominent defender so far, is just too suspicious in my eyes.


    Vote: DuD


    That being said, I agree that a no-lynch is a bad idea, so I am willing to change my vote to Diageo before 19:00 if the lynch is still headed that way at that point. At least that will give us info.

  7. You're breakin' my heart, pal! Plus I figured what with you bein' the ace attorney you'd have figured it out on your own by now. But fine, ol' Dick Gumshoe is gonna explain it to ya, pal!


    I can copy abilities with the "Hey Pal" bubble. I used it on Cube in Session 2, so I gained his ability for Break 2 (which you can gather from what he said is that he can find out who targeted his target). I targeted Sméagol, and found out that DuD and Diageo targeted him. Is that all you needed, pal?


    How the heck was anyone supposed to figure that out? :heh:


    Anyway, we're still none the wiser as to the contradicting info. I don't distrust you (more than what is standard in a mafia game), but I'm still more wary of DuD, and even if he flips town, that leaves us with new suspects to go for.