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  1. Thanks! :D


    Aw, man, that sucks! Especially since the last case in the third game is my absolute favourite out of all of them. I encourage you to pick it up again at some point and finally complete it. :)


    Cool, cool. :) No, I don't have a 360, though there are some games on it I'm dying to play. I don't even play the Wii as much as I'd like to, though, so it'd be a bit stupid.

  2. Ugh, just the thought of spiders in my boots would make me never want to put them on again ...

  3. The pleasure is all mine. :) You may even appreciate the film a bit more when you read the original stories and discover all the little nods and references in the film. ;)

  4. Yeah, I've added you, too. :) Cool, where can you see who's playing?

  5. But I have no use for a 360 in my life at the moment. :heh: For me, the Wii is still the far superior console since most of the games I love are on that, even those I play with friends.

  6. I know the feeling. I have a shitload of books I want to read as well. :heh:

  7. Dude. It's April and you haven't made a thread for the Hyde Park meet yet. Considering it's 100%* certain that I AM GOING TO BE THERE THIS YEAR, don't you think it's about time to make it? You know, so people can mentally prepare for the extra amount of awesomenes?


    *Actual percentage closer to 96.2957.

  8. Thanks for the links! :) I forgot I had a visitor's message. I'll check them out later.

  9. I've actually considered that idea before. My knowledge of the Harry Potter universe should prove useful in creating an interesting game. ;)

  10. I am definitely/very likely/probably/hopefully going to be there this year! :)

  11. The feeling is most certainly mutual! :D

  12. Finally got around to watching the links. Quite interesting. :)

  13. I did enjoy the style, it was educational in a charming and amusing way. :heh:

  14. Well, yes, it was always about the case requiring in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture. They never claimed it was a translation issue. I'm still a little bothered that we don't get it, and a bit confused to boot; why a case focused entirely on knowledge of Japanese culture now that they're more focused on their Western audience than ever?

  15. But that's the thing, the lack of faith in the Western market was the reason for the AAI2 fiasco, not the result; they simply couldn't sell enough games in the West to justify the localisation. In fact I believe they have taken the AAI2 fiasco into account and learnt from it; I believe that's why they made the decision to make DD a digital release, making localisation viable again. If you've followed the development team's blog, you'll see that they more or less localised the game as they were making it, which also accounts for the short wait between releases. To me it seems quite obvious they care about their fans and have gone to great lengths to satisfy their entire fanbase with this game - just look at all the ad campaigns and what have you up until the release - which is why I find it weird they still make content exclusive to their Japanese market; it seems to go against their overall marketing strategy with this game.

  16. Loving your new sig and avatar! :D

  17. Not yet, no. I'm definitely going to, though! :D Too many good movies at the moment, ahhh!

  18. I approve of your avatar/sig combo! :D