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  1. I have plenty of games, but so many other things occupying my mind. :heh:


  3. All references to philology I can find describes it as a cultural study of the time period and geographical area in question. What is this reconstruction philology you speak of?


    Regarding what languages are included in classical philology, I don't consider Sanskrit to be a part of it. "Classical/the classics", when used on its own, refer specifically to the Western classical world, i.e. Ancient Greece and Rome. Other parts of the world have their own classical periods with their own cultures and languages, but these aren't part of the Western classics which are traditionally meant when the word "classical" is used.

  4. I've seen it! :D You should check out his other videos; the one about the Disney princesses is hilarious!

  5. You've got a bit into Magic: The Gathering? :D I got into it myself about a year or so ago. :) No, we don't make up the rules as we go along, but there can be a lot, and it can get quite complicated, even for experienced players! :p

  6. I have Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, and then I have a bunch of physical cards. I'd like to play people in real life, and there's actually a Magic group here in Aarhus, but they're quite pro, which is highly intimidating. :heh:

  7. The toughest encounter I ever ... encountered ... only played Primordial Hydras, one each turn from the 3rd turn onwards. It took me forever to beat it, and then only by a hair's breadth using a deck with a spammable mechanic for dealing damage to the opposite player. In comparison I beat the final boss in my first go with the green deck I'd been using throughout the rest of the game - legions of huge creatures and exorbitant amounts of mana FTW. :heh:

  8. On the topic of Ace Attorney and things not being localised, have you heard that one of the two downloadable cases in Dual Destinies won't be released over here as well? Apparently it requires too great a knowledge of Japanese culture, which, while an excuse, is not a very good one if you ask me. Why can't they just let us try it ourselves? It's not as if the Japanese elements in the previous games been off-putting.

  9. They've been able to handle spelling puzzles before, though - one that particularly springs to mind is Ema's name in blood on the broken vase in Rise from the Ashes. However, it might be something that just won't translate to a Western audience; considering we're getting a whole new game and one of the two downloadable cases, it doesn't seem like laziness or a money issue. I think it's genuine concern, but it still bothers me greatly that we're constantly missing out on actual story content in such a plot-heavy series. It's bad style, Capcom. Despite my hopeless optimism I'm starting to consider resorting to fan translation playthroughs, though it doesn't sit right with me.


    (I've been a little out of the loop recently and haven't really taken a look at Theros, but our conversation is also resuscitating my Magic spirit. :D)

  10. A small depression of some sort? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you start feeling better soon. :-)

  11. Oh, you're Gavin Hayes? I wondered who the heck it was. :P

  12. Nope, I saw your request on Facebook first and thought: "Who the heck is this guy?" :p Looks like I'm your first N-E friend on Facebook, which kinda threw me off. :heh:


    Thanks! :D First time I've had someone compliment my name. :heh: I have always liked the symmetry of my initials, though. ;)


    How'd you find my Facebook, by the way? :)

  13. There's a good deal of them on Facebook, so you could take a look around. ;)


    Heh, all right. I'm not worried, though, as I'm not really fussed about people being able to find me online. If people truly want to find you nowadays, they're likely going to no matter what. :heh:

  14. I got the two autographs when J. K. Rowling visited Denmark in October to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. I managed to get one in both my Danish and my British version of Philosopher's Stone. ;)

  15. Your turn in Mock The Thread. :)

  16. Well, I haven't been robbed or raped yet, so I think I've proved my point. ;)

  17. You mean what class? :) I'm still trying them out, but my favourite is definitely the Sniper, though I prefer to play as Pyro when close combat is needed. However, I've always been more inclined to play tactical rather than offensive, so classes like Medic, Engineer and Spy appeal a lot more to me than Soldier or Scout, for example.

  18. OMG! Kick-Ass was amazing, and Hit-Girl was even more awesome than I expected her to be! :D

  19. I suck at close range as well, except with the Pyro, hence why those are my two most used classes. :heh: I've only just begun playing and haven't unlocked much yet, so no Huntsman so far, though from the description of it I think I'd stick to the Sniper Rifle. I'm much more interested in the Machina. :D

  20. Well, your persistence paid off ... I've started watching the gaming boards more. :heh: I think the new forum structure has helped as well. :)

  21. I haven't seen it myself, but I know it was very popular during its run here in Denmark. The final episode was widely anticipated. :)

  22. (Went here as to not derail the thread.)


    So you think women are generally just as interested in sex as men?


    What about porn and prostitution? What are your thoughts on these concepts?


    (Sorry if I'm being nosy, it's just that I'm interested in the subjects of sexuality.)

  23. Yeah, I'm not that much on the beat with current gaming at present, but I still like to discuss gaming topics, so the General Gaming board is perfect! :)


    I actually have brought some of my gamer friends on the boards before, but they never really stuck around, unfortunately. :heh: