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  1. The pleasure is all mine. :) You may even appreciate the film a bit more when you read the original stories and discover all the little nods and references in the film. ;)


  3. The toughest encounter I ever ... encountered ... only played Primordial Hydras, one each turn from the 3rd turn onwards. It took me forever to beat it, and then only by a hair's breadth using a deck with a spammable mechanic for dealing damage to the opposite player. In comparison I beat the final boss in my first go with the green deck I'd been using throughout the rest of the game - legions of huge creatures and exorbitant amounts of mana FTW. :heh:

  4. Ugh, just the thought of spiders in my boots would make me never want to put them on again ...

  5. Well, I haven't been robbed or raped yet, so I think I've proved my point. ;)

  6. Well, yes, it was always about the case requiring in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture. They never claimed it was a translation issue. I'm still a little bothered that we don't get it, and a bit confused to boot; why a case focused entirely on knowledge of Japanese culture now that they're more focused on their Western audience than ever?

  7. Well, your persistence paid off ... I've started watching the gaming boards more. :heh: I think the new forum structure has helped as well. :)

  8. Who is that guy, anyway? :heh:

  9. Yeah, I was also blown away. Much, MUCH better than I expected. I was surprised by and loved the depth of it and how you really got through the entire emotional spectrum. :)

  10. Yeah, I've added you, too. :) Cool, where can you see who's playing?

  11. Yeah, I've seen it, but I haven't been into Minecraft for a while now. Thanks for the offer, though. :)

  12. Yeah, it all falls under the same umbrella category - whatever that is most appropriately named. :heh:

  13. Yo, ReZ-man, you like comics, right? Do you know ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and the people on his site? They do funny and interesting reviews of pretty much EVERYTHING, and one of the main guys reviews bad comics. His name is Linkara and his show is called Atop the 4th Wall. I really think you should check it out. :)

  14. You know, ReZ, I think the two of us would be prefectly able to have an equal battle of the perverted minds. :heh:

  15. You mean what class? :) I'm still trying them out, but my favourite is definitely the Sniper, though I prefer to play as Pyro when close combat is needed. However, I've always been more inclined to play tactical rather than offensive, so classes like Medic, Engineer and Spy appeal a lot more to me than Soldier or Scout, for example.

  16. You were looking for a book on quantum mechanics? I've recently read Stephen Hawkin's The Grand Design, which is a nice introductory book, especially for people with little or no scientific background. Of course, you shouldn't expect to understand quantum mechanics after having read it, but many of the concepts (including the double-slit experiment) are explained in a very paedagogic way. It's definitely the best and most easily accessible material on quantum mechanics I've read, so I highly recommend it. :)

  17. You've got a bit into Magic: The Gathering? :D I got into it myself about a year or so ago. :) No, we don't make up the rules as we go along, but there can be a lot, and it can get quite complicated, even for experienced players! :p

  18. Your turn in Mock The Thread. :)

  19. Your turn in Mock The Thread. :)