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  1. I agree that people were being a tad ridiculous in the DIY thread about the rules. That being said, popping in with too many jokes and comments when you're dead does derail a bit from the game, so perhaps just tone it down a bit?

  2. I am definitely/very likely/probably/hopefully going to be there this year! :)

  3. I approve of your avatar/sig combo! :D

  4. I did enjoy the style, it was educational in a charming and amusing way. :heh:

  5. I didn't even see you had typed "suggestion" instead of "suggesting", it was simply the question in itself that was so hilarious! :D

  6. I do! My friend code is 3711-7812-7694. :)

  7. I felt it was okay for me to make that joke since I'm the same boat as you. :heh:

  8. I game far too little in general nowadays. :(

  9. I got the two autographs when J. K. Rowling visited Denmark in October to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. I managed to get one in both my Danish and my British version of Philosopher's Stone. ;)

  10. I have Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, and then I have a bunch of physical cards. I'd like to play people in real life, and there's actually a Magic group here in Aarhus, but they're quite pro, which is highly intimidating. :heh:

  11. I have plenty of games, but so many other things occupying my mind. :heh:

  12. I haven't seen it myself, but I know it was very popular during its run here in Denmark. The final episode was widely anticipated. :)

  13. I know the feeling. I have a shitload of books I want to read as well. :heh:

  14. I listened to a few of Stolen Babies' tracks. Some of them do indeed have a bit of an Abney Park vibe about them ... some of them don't. :heh: I can't say I like all I've heard by them, but there's some good stuff as well. In any case, thanks for the heads-up. : peace:

  15. I suck at close range as well, except with the Pyro, hence why those are my two most used classes. :heh: I've only just begun playing and haven't unlocked much yet, so no Huntsman so far, though from the description of it I think I'd stick to the Sniper Rifle. I'm much more interested in the Machina. :D

  16. I wish to thank you for your posts in the Amy Winehouse thread. :)

  17. I'd love to, but I'm still missing three players. I could maybe cut one or two roles, but I'd really not want to cut three.

  18. I'm glad to be able to spread the love for AP! :p It's nice having a fellow steampunk enthusiast to talk to. :) I don't know that many personally, sad to say. :heh:

  19. I'm subscribed to him, so I've already seen it. ;) I wasn't bothered that he burned the books (book burning only bothers me when it's due to censorship and ignorance), but I just utterly hate that particular character of his. :p

  20. I've actually considered that idea before. My knowledge of the Harry Potter universe should prove useful in creating an interesting game. ;)

  21. I've just found out you can get artichoke on pizza. Just thought you should know.

  22. I've seen it! :D You should check out his other videos; the one about the Disney princesses is hilarious!

  23. It's all fine, as long as you don't mind me laughing silently by myself whenever I see your sig. :p

  24. Loving your new sig and avatar! :D

  25. Never tried it, so I wouldn't know. :heh: It strikes that I've always mistaken marmite for marmalade/jam, but now I see they're definitely not the same thing.