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  1. (Went here as to not derail the thread.)


    So you think women are generally just as interested in sex as men?


    What about porn and prostitution? What are your thoughts on these concepts?


    (Sorry if I'm being nosy, it's just that I'm interested in the subjects of sexuality.)

  2. Ah, fair enough. :)


    Yes! It does indeed seem they're going to give him the development he has been missing. :) Also, I'm glad to see so many characters return from both the original trilogy and the Apollo Justice arc; what I feared most was that characters would simply be mysteriously absent - it bugged me in AJ, but at least it did make sense from a story point of view.

  3. Ah, guess it's just a bug in the system, then.


    Well, I'll try jumping out into the big, bad, real world soon, then! ;) It could be nice to find a group of friends to play with. :) Though unfortunately I don't know many people who play TF2. :heh:

  4. All references to philology I can find describes it as a cultural study of the time period and geographical area in question. What is this reconstruction philology you speak of?


    Regarding what languages are included in classical philology, I don't consider Sanskrit to be a part of it. "Classical/the classics", when used on its own, refer specifically to the Western classical world, i.e. Ancient Greece and Rome. Other parts of the world have their own classical periods with their own cultures and languages, but these aren't part of the Western classics which are traditionally meant when the word "classical" is used.

  5. Dude. It's April and you haven't made a thread for the Hyde Park meet yet. Considering it's 100%* certain that I AM GOING TO BE THERE THIS YEAR, don't you think it's about time to make it? You know, so people can mentally prepare for the extra amount of awesomenes?


    *Actual percentage closer to 96.2957.

  6. Guh, I can't stand her type, and he just plays the character too well. :heh:


    Anyway, I'm good. :) I'm all settled in, I've been accepted into uni, I've just completed the final Phoenix Wright game - everything's just great. ;)

  7. Ha! Nice. :D I guess I just need to be more confident. :heh:


    Tropic jungles and deserts in little Denmark? XD That's such a hilarious thought. :heh: Yeah, we're very much an island nation.

  8. Having just played Phoenix Wright, you turned into Godot in my head for a second there while I was reading your latest argument with Diageo in the veganism thread. :p I'll probably always associate you with Godot after Gents II. :heh:


    (Still haven't finished that game, so no spoilers!)

  9. Hm, I can neither find you nor the group. In fact, I can't find anyone! I wonder what's wrong ... probably some setting somewhere.


    Yeah, I just don't want to perform embarrasingly bad and be a hindrance to my team's success. :heh:

  10. I find it hard to pinpoint exactly why I love the film so much, but it's become one of my favourites. :D


    OH, OH, OH! You want a complete collection of the original Sherlock Holmes stories?! I have the perfect book for you! :idea:




    Epic book is frakkin' epic! :D I bought it myself and am currently reading through it and enjoying it immensely. :)

  11. I haven't seen any Theros cards in the Magic 2014 game yet, but I can't rule out their existence; I recall the 2013 game having decks from the Ravnica set, which was the first one after the 2013 Core Set. I'm collecting Theros decks and boosters in real life, though unfortunately I don't play with anyone at the moment. There's a comic book store in Aarhus which has both official tournaments and free play, but all the players there seem pretty pro, so I feel rather intimidated. :heh:


    The Colossus of Rhodes ... in Aarhus?! :p Haha! That's cool, though. :heh: Aarhus is often called the capital of Jutland - we Danes have a friendly rivalry going between the larger landmasses. :heh:

  12. I just assumed you were talking about Jenna since she's the main thing in the picture, but in retrospect you were obviously talking about my friend. Whoops. :heh:


    To make it even more awkward, I was actually in love with said friend, but she didn't feel the same way. :heh:

  13. I only just considered this ...




    ... were you talking about my friend in the TARDIS costume? :heh:

  14. I've not played for a while, and I never really got that much into the multiplayer. Another issue altogether is that my laptop has a tendency to overheat while playing big games like Minecraft, and it kinda takes away some of the fun when you're constantly on guard and worried. :/


    But thanks for the invitation, anyway! : peace:

  15. It's most likely not as bad as my unhealthy obsession with her. :heh: Too bad us Danes have to wait with the Americans for the release.


    At the moment I'm especially looking forward to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as well as Iron Man 2, Sherlock Holmes 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at some point in the future. It may not seem overwhelming, but I don't normally have that many films that I'm so hyped about. :heh:

  16. Nope, I saw your request on Facebook first and thought: "Who the heck is this guy?" :p Looks like I'm your first N-E friend on Facebook, which kinda threw me off. :heh:


    Thanks! :D First time I've had someone compliment my name. :heh: I have always liked the symmetry of my initials, though. ;)


    How'd you find my Facebook, by the way? :)

  17. Oh, really? I'm confident I read somewhere that it was the entire case we'd be missing out on. Oh, well, that's much better! :) Though, as you say, it seems even weirder now.


    Ah, cool! As I said, I haven't really been in the loop lately, so I wasn't aware. Thanks for the heads-up, though, I'll go check it out. :) Vaguely apropos, my cousin just gave me a little stack of old Magic cards she had, which was pretty cool; they looked so different back in the day!

  18. Scott Pilgrim just look immensely awesome to me. It's so over-the-top and aware of itself that it's amazing.


    I don't really know about the whip guy. I just now the bad-ass Robert Downey, Jr. and the awesome special effects are going to make the movie for me!


    RB, Jr. is of course also a factor in Sherlock Holmes. I love the character, I love mysteries, I love the time period, and most of all I love the new take on it all.


    I hope they really give the HP series a worthy end. Seeing as they even split it up to round it off properly, I'm positive about it.

  19. Thanks! :D


    Aw, man, that sucks! Especially since the last case in the third game is my absolute favourite out of all of them. I encourage you to pick it up again at some point and finally complete it. :)


    Cool, cool. :) No, I don't have a 360, though there are some games on it I'm dying to play. I don't even play the Wii as much as I'd like to, though, so it'd be a bit stupid.

  20. The Mystic Mod was touting the theory long before we even knew Apollo was in the game, hence I was starting to suspect you. :heh: He does look menacing when injured, and coupled with the apparent falling-out (and especially the wording of it) I'd say it's definitely not out of the question yet. While the concept of a criminal prosecutor does indeed sound ridiculous, the way he talks about black turning white (as well as his outfit) makes me suspect it will play well into the whole reformation of the justice system theme they've had going since Apollo Justice.


    I might now very well be more hyped for this game than I have ever been for any game ever before. Just seeing Edgeworth back in his fancy new outfit (who'd've thunk his outfit could get any fancier? :heh:) has me all giddy with excitement. :D

  21. There's a good deal of them on Facebook, so you could take a look around. ;)


    Heh, all right. I'm not worried, though, as I'm not really fussed about people being able to find me online. If people truly want to find you nowadays, they're likely going to no matter what. :heh:

  22. They've been able to handle spelling puzzles before, though - one that particularly springs to mind is Ema's name in blood on the broken vase in Rise from the Ashes. However, it might be something that just won't translate to a Western audience; considering we're getting a whole new game and one of the two downloadable cases, it doesn't seem like laziness or a money issue. I think it's genuine concern, but it still bothers me greatly that we're constantly missing out on actual story content in such a plot-heavy series. It's bad style, Capcom. Despite my hopeless optimism I'm starting to consider resorting to fan translation playthroughs, though it doesn't sit right with me.


    (I've been a little out of the loop recently and haven't really taken a look at Theros, but our conversation is also resuscitating my Magic spirit. :D)

  23. Trust me, I love seeing you people's creations, but for me the joy and thrill of Minecraft lies in the single player experience. All alone in a literally unexplored world where treasures and precious resources are just waiting to be found. It's the ultimate adventure experience! :) Sure, the multiplayer can be fun, but I mostly just ended up walking around and looking at the stuff everybody else made, not really getting playing the game myself.


    If you by taxing refer to the overheating problem, I'm afraid it doesn't matter what I'm doing. :/ The gist of it is that most games I run on my laptop makes it heat up to dangerous, and as the performance requirements fluctuates in-game, it sometimes goes over the edge and shuts down my laptop, meaning I have to constantly keep an eye on the temperature levels.

  24. Yeah, I'm not that much on the beat with current gaming at present, but I still like to discuss gaming topics, so the General Gaming board is perfect! :)


    I actually have brought some of my gamer friends on the boards before, but they never really stuck around, unfortunately. :heh: