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  1. Hadn't heard about that, actually. There are things I think might be reasonable: if the case/puzzles requires knowledge of something as simple as Japanese writing (Capcom.jp once did a promotion puzzle where the solution literally was all about how a specific character is written), then I think it's reasonable. I suppose puzzles can be rewritten, but it might be the case that the entire...case... might require such knowledge (something like requiring knowledge of Japanese history, for example).


    Of course, this being modern-day Capcom, it's easy to think this is more laziness than anything else, but I still have faith in their translation/localization team, and if they're the ones who gave the justification, then I suppose it's understandable.


    (P.S.: I'm noticing the conversation between you and Animal about Magic. Almost makes me want to play it again :P Truth be told, "Theros" has me excited)