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  1. Suits

    As I said, when in doubt, I'd always rather overdress than underdress. But what's so embarrassing about having to ask? I think it's the polite thing to do; you want your clothing to, if you'll excuse the pun, suit their expectations for the occasion.
  2. New Ace Attorney coming to 3DS

    Of course they did! ... This game was historically accurate, right? --- Anyway, this sounds awesome as heck. With the popularity of Dual Destinies, I'm sure we'll get this one. They probably could place it in historical Japan without interfering too much with the established Western canon; most of the Japanese elements have been explained as the result of immigration, so they could conceivably tie that into the historical aspect.
  3. Suits

    In the case of doubt I prefer to be overdressed rather than underdressed. For events I just like to dress nicely, to put thought and care into what I wear, even if it might seem like overkill in a t-shirt-and-jeans context (which is all I wear on a daily basis). I agree that tuxedo events usually leave very little room for imagination in the men's wear department, but I have seen tuxedos that play with the classic elements and take the look in a more interesting direction. I do prefer suits, though, for the very reason that they simply allow for more freedom and creativity. I'd love to see even more variation in men's formal wear in general, though; take something like this, for example:
  4. bad stuff thread.

    Fuck. I'm so sorry to hear that.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Nxuk, oei ted'k cabo kxo Saurian cudwiuwo? A'lo ucnuoj veidt ak giako douk.
  6. introduction

    It's spelled "Falkland", silly Moogle.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Massive cyberhugs your way. It's a small comfort, but at least you both realise the nature of the situation and can act accordingly. That's the best you can do at the moment.
  8. Taboo Topics

    I think the topic has been moving around a lot, so no worries! : peace: I never thought you were pro-censorship; my anti-censorship views are simply the logical conclusion to my views and arguments on the topic.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    Oh, I'm so sorry. Is it definitely over? There's no possibility of you getting back together once he's better?
  10. Taboo Topics

    No worries, I realise my ramblings can be somewhat incoherent. No offence taken. In a word: No. There's nothing bad about not wanting to offend, but at the same time we need to consider what we let ourselves be offended by; my favourite quote on the subject is the following: "You have no right not to be offended." Nobody has the right to have their personal feelings protected from free speech since anything is potentially offensive to somebody. As soon as we start outlawing the saying of certain things, we essentially destroy free speech and rational debate. That's why I'm so vehemently against censorship and terms like "hate speech"; no matter how ridiculous or hateful a thing somebody might say, we must not take away their right to say it, but instead challenge it on rational terms and show why it is ridiculous and/or hateful. And such atrocities are exactly the reason why it's so important we combat racism and discrimination through reason. Simply outlawing certain words doesn't further the cause, but removes focus from what's important.
  11. Taboo Topics

    I think you misunderstand me; I'm not calling people hypersensitive for disliking being called nigger - on the contrary, I'm saying we, the "others", have become hypersensitive to the topic; we're so afraid of offending anyone that any word we may choose to identify "them" will soon become loaded by its very virtue of acknowledging our differences.
  12. Taboo Topics

    Well, "nigger" comes from the Latin "niger", which simply means "black". What you say is partly my point: The words aren't inherently bad - they're just sounds. It's through our use of the words that they gain meaning - and as such we mustn't be afraid of them; we load the words by being hypersensitive about them and the topic itself. Political correctness only serves to make the subject more touchy.
  13. But what bothers me is that this game is symptomatic of and feeds into the opposite issue that I talked about, the issue of people equating technology with bad socialising. I guess for me personally, bad manners are less of an issue than society's attitude towards technology.
  14. And on the flipside, other people have become hysterical about it, coming up with games like this:
  15. Taboo Topics

    On the topic of free speech, while of course one should always employ care, I'm uneasy with the concept of considering words themselves offensive; while a word like "nigger" is well-known to be loaded with negative connotations and is thus almost used with the purpose of offending, what about more obscure cases? Take the example you give here: the Orient/Oriental. I, like you, have never been aware of any negative connotations, so were I to use these words, it would be with no ill intention. But if we consider the words themselves offensive, I would still be guilty for using them, if nothing else of ignorance. What is problematic to me is how we focus on the words instead of the intention and how this focus continues to "infect" more and more words. Notice how we've gone through several words that have all started out as the politically correct term, only to later become (often negatively) loaded; it's as if it's the usage itself of these words that's loading them. I propose this is because the obsession with political correctness in speech and action keeps alienating the very groups we're trying to be respectful towards: As long as we keep being afraid of the subject and thus treat it delicately, we're maintaining the divide; we're actually still discriminating, even if we have nothing but the best of intentions. We're hypersensitive to the topic of our differences, and as such we try to avoid confrontation with it at all costs, resulting in almost all words acknowledging these differences eventually becoming loaded. That's why I'm very wary of the concept of political correctness, in speech and elsewhere; because as I see, it is in essence a tool of censorship that hampers open and rational debate and reason.
  16. bad stuff thread.

    Best wishes, gaggle.
  17. Fair enough, we do agree there; it all depends on the level of attention you're giving the company.
  18. Taboo Topics

    While that is true, feminism has had the monopoly on gender equality discourse for a long time now. Feminism has long been equated with gender equality, which is inaccurate; feminism is an ideology, and as such it should be open to criticism just like any other ideology, but it has been and still is difficult to aim criticism at feminism without it being labelled "hate speech", which is quite simply a tool for censorship.
  19. People have always feared that relying on technology would affect our skills. Socrates didn't write anything down because he was of the opinion that writing things down would worsen our memory. Oh, I know. My point is that I don't understand that assumption. Well, we're not talking about a book, are we? We're talking about a phone. Reading a book requires the entirety of your attention for extended periods of time and thus doesn't allow for social interaction, but checking your messages, sending a text, looking something up etc. can easily be done quickly in the company of others without removing your full attention from the current situation. Of course it's less appropriate in some situations than in others, but I certainly don't see how it's the social faux pas of doom that so many seem to make it out to be. Does the company you're with really always have your full, undivided attention at all times? I'm getting a bit tired of this tendency of animosity towards technology in the context of socialising; it's almost like technology is considered the enemy of socialising, whether it's the use of technology in a social context or for the purpose of socialising itself.
  20. Honestly I find it kind of weird that people consider checking one's phone rude; technology is just an integral part of our lives at this point, so it doesn't really seem weird to me that people check up on their electronic devices.
  21. What's Your Idle Animation?

    Too many to count. I find it almost impossible to stand or sit still without doing something. Particularly my hands I've always had trouble keeping still; "popping" the creases and folds on my trousers, twirling a piece of string between my fingers, folding my hands in strange ways ... I just need to keep my hands occupied with something.
  22. Happy Birthday Cube!

    My apologies for the belated birthday wish!
  23. Awesome stuff thread

    Psh, that's obviously pink. Come on.
  24. The Ultimate Warrior passes away

    Sad to see him die at that age. Any idea what caused it?