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  1. Dogs

    at the picture! And you're probably right about the last part.
  2. Notable banned members?

    What have all these people done? It's always great fun to hear about these things.
  3. Class Clowns

    These are not personal experiences of mine. In the school paper at my grammar school there are always funny quotes from classes and these are some of my favourites: The teacher to a third year class: "You can be certain about two things in life: You're going to die, and you're going to an exam in this subject. Whether these two end up being one and the same event, only time will tell." Analysis of a Greek poem in a second year class: Teacher: "And what about Neoboule?" Student: "He thinks that she is fat and has sexual affairs with too many men." The teacher writes "FAT WHORE" on the blackboard. I'm afraid I don't remember any personal experiences.
  4. Dogs

    Oh, that's he meant. Sorry for that little misunderstanding. I'm aware that there aren't many wild dogs in these parts of the world. It was only hypothetical in the sense that if dogs weren't influenced by humans, they would move more in the direction of their genetical nature. Of course, even the environments in the wild would vary and shape dogs differently, but there's a greater chance they would adopt a behaviour in line with their genes. At least, that's my theory. As I said, I'm no dog expert, so I might be wrong.
  5. I think I'd open a candy store, but only dealing in very high quality goods like fine chocolate, marzipan, nougat and such. Not as funny as the other ideas, but that's the kind of store I'd like to own. We can still make the name funny and suggestive, though: Oral Pleasure - Where we satisfy your deepest desires in taste
  6. Dogs

    So their behaviour is purely upbringing? Why is it then that some dog races have a stronger tendency of being aggressive?
  7. Dogs

    Let's put it this way (I'm no dog expert, mind you): Some dog races are aggressive per instinct, so if they're left to care for themselves in nature, they will naturally adopt a violent behaviour. Some dogs races are friendly towards humans per instinct, so if they're left to care for themselves in nature, they will naturally adopt a more human-friendly behaviour. But these are only instincts in the dog races' genes. What behaviour they actually end up with depends more on their upbringing. If they've grown up in the wild with small access to food, they will become more wild. If they've been brought up in peaceful and safe environments with plenty of food and love, they will become very human-friendly. It's not to say that genes don't matter, 'cause they do. But with the right upbringing and the will to put effort into "shaping" your dog's personality, even an aggressive-per-instinct dog can be the friendliest dog in the household. About my own affection for dogs, I do like them. I do NOT like the aggressive ones, as I was once bitten in (you'd think it was a joke) my butt by a dog that I had in no way provoked. I just walked by and didn't even see it before it came running towards me. But in general, I do like dogs. I'm more of a cat person (we've got 5 cats), but if we ever decided to get a dog, it would probably be a Golden Retriever.
  8. Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote

    Am I the only one who thinks the on-screen effects are unresponsive to the guy's actions?
  9. Mario VS Metroid

    Well, it can be hard to compare them, as they are very different genres.
  10. Mario VS Metroid

    You mean Galaxy, right?
  11. Mario VS Metroid

    I absolutely loved Galaxy. Corruption never really caught on to me. I don't know why, it's a great game. Not my style, I guess.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    In some places, it sounds VERY fake. But he couldn't have guessed all that about the Dragoon, could he?
  13. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Well, SOME guys in here certainly are cheerful! Come on guys, why all these bad feelings? No need to offend anybody because they play the game in another way than you. Some people get a kick out of trying to master a particular character, some only play for fun. Of course, when playing online, you're bound to encounter some who play another style than you, but that's the risk when moving out into the big, scary world. When around other people (in cyberspace as well as real life), we're bound to run into someone who doesn't share our views of the world, but we just have to deal with it.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but ...
  15. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    He treats the sick Smash animals? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) It doesn't seem like Sakurai and his gang to do something "wrong" like overpowering a character. Why would they do that?
  16. Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote

    I also agree with DCK on this. But the options in games with this technology ... it's astonishing! The guy is also very good at explaining it in a simple way with a clear and pleasant voice.
  17. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    First of all, you don't decide what characters people choose to play with. Second of all, by mastering a character, I mean learning to know that character's movement, weight, moves etc. so well that I know exactly where I'm going to hit with an attack or exactly when to press the jump button to catch a ledge. That's for me what mastering Smash is all about. Third of all, is Peach really that overpowered? Never heard anything about it before. I heard that Meta Knight was overpowered, but that it was possibly due to him being easy to use for beginners.
  18. Super Mario Galaxy

    ... So, GameSpot has a reputation for being anti-Nintendo?
  19. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I'll go straight to Training Mode, pick Pit and start mastering that bewinged fella. He's just one, awesome, kick-ass angel! Then I'll try mastering Ike, as he's a very cool swordsman, and his Final Smash is purified awesomeness! From there I'll probably try out the other characters - it'll be interesting to see how Meta Knight and Sonic controls - and then go through the Subspace Emissary. If this game comes out on a Friday, I know I'll be playing it with (at least one of) my best mates all night long and probably the next day, too. We worship Melee and have spend who knows how many hours trying to beat each other. We know each other's playing styles to the point where we almost only dodge and rarely land a blow, and our winning statistics are probably very close to fifty/fifty.
  20. Super Mario Galaxy

    I've never implied that. I'm just saying there are times where the fixed camera made it impossible for me to navigate Mario the way I wanted e.g. when running on the side of one of the flying saucers in the Space Junk Galaxy. And it was hard to get an overview of some of the levels, sometimes even disorienting. But yes, I can see those things being deliberately done. The fixed camera just makes me almost claustrophobic at some points.
  21. Super Mario Galaxy

    I admit I had not considered the challenge aspect, but I still think in some cases it's not so much a challenge as it's simply a troublesome annoyance (and in some places disorienting). I see your point with them showing me what they want me to see, though I doubt it would make the game look terrible. You guys have given me some points to think about, and maybe a free camera isn't the way to go. I'm not saying it isn't, but I'm not saying it is, either. It would be nice to be able to try it to see how it would work out. Perhaps a third option we haven't even considered is the better solution, who knows? It's hard to draw conclusions about how this and that would work out without being able to try it. I would love to try the free camera option, but perhaps it's down to personal preferences in the end. That's actually exactly what I had in mind with my suggestion in my last post. It seems to me it would work brilliantly.
  22. Super Mario Galaxy

    Obviously we don't agree on the often-fixed camera. I think it was really annoying at times and that Nintendo could have done a better job. But I didn't hate the camera all the time. It was all right in most places, but there was a few times where it was impossible to control Mario properly because of the camera, and there was no way of adjusting it. I still fail to see how a free camera wouldn't work. The camera would automatically adjust to a predefined angle (like it does now), but if you didn't like it, you could use the D-pad to move the camera: pressing a direction would turn the camera that way around Mario (Mario stays in the camera's center). The first person view could be mapped to the 1 button. I would really like to try out this option, as I think it would work pretty well. But don't misjudge my complaints. I absolutely love Galaxy, it is by far one of (if not THE) best game for the Wii so far, and I enjoy it very much. The camera thing was the only thing I could highlight as something that annoyed me, and still so it is only a mild annoyance. Galaxy is without doubt the most thought-through and finished Wii game to date (perhaps together with Corruption, but that game never really caught on to me).
  23. Super Mario Galaxy

    I just don't follow your points, sorry. How would a free-roaming camera be a bad thing? It would be a lot easier to navigate if you could get a better view of the level. And as far as I remember, Sunshine's camera was better than this. At some points, it was nearly impossible to make Mario move the way I wanted. And yes, it could actually easily kill me. To me it seems we have very different tastes in video game cameras.
  24. Super Mario Galaxy

    Exactly my thoughts.
  25. Super Mario Galaxy

    Well, here comes the headache for you, then.