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  1. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    How the heck was anyone supposed to figure that out? Anyway, we're still none the wiser as to the contradicting info. I don't distrust you (more than what is standard in a mafia game), but I'm still more wary of DuD, and even if he flips town, that leaves us with new suspects to go for.
  2. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    See, this is just a little fishy to me; we're trying to figure out which investigation to trust - yours is the odd one out. Sitting tight on your info isn't exactly convincing me to trust it. As for the voice, I cannot say; I had no reports back, which simply means I did my thing, and presumably nothing else happened. I am, of course, known to shout once in a while, but I have no immediate reason to think I was the one you heard.
  3. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    @Sprout, you still haven't answered how you got your info.
  4. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    All right, since the word bubbles can be both pure flavour and actual in-game abilities, I would like some specificity. @Sprout and @Sheikah, how exactly did you get your info? Also, I find DuD's theories questionable. DuD, am I to understand that you yourself chose your targets? You weren't redirected? Because if so, I find it highly improbable that the mafia would be able to somehow choose the same targets and pin it on you. Alignment cop is also a fairly easy to role to fake as a mafioso, especially in a small game with likely few neutrals. For the time being: Vote: DuD
  5. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    The confusion stems from MadDog apparently picking up the handcuffs that Rummy was cuffed with.
  6. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Eheheh ... sorry for my absence last session, guys. I was out all day and missed most of the discussion. I realise this makes me seem suspicious. First of all, I did indeed target Sprout last break, but I assure you there were no ill intentions behind it. And for the sake of full disclosure, I targetted Dedede during the first break. I don't wish to reveal the nature of my break power just yet, if that's all right. One thing that came up in the discussion last session that I pondered: Sprout seemed to suggest we could deduce something about The Peeps's actions during the first break from the mention of him in Sheikah's write-up, but I merely read it as pure flavour, considering Sheikah's and Peeps's characters. As for the current discussion, I'm curious about the exact nature of your power, @MadDog; handcuffs are not really relevant to Rummy's character, but seems to reflect what was happening to him (a straight-up roleblock or perhaps a jailkeep?). Is it specified in your power exactly what you find out about your target? Also, as a side note, last session you mentioned finding a tidbit of information on Sheikah - I presume this was then also through grabbing an item from his person?
  7. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    No. No, no, no. NO. This is just not okay. NOT OKAY. Reading through all the tribute collections completely reduced me to tears. Iwata was such an incredible man in every way. I just ... argh. Words fail me. I'm not okay with this. This is not okay. NOT OKAY. Ah, also, massive kudos to the banner. It's perfect.
  8. N-Europe Summer Meet Up 2015 - Saturday 15th August

    Plane tickets have been ordered (in proper time this year)! THIS IS HAPPENING, FOLKS.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    I feel like I'm gonna sound like a broken record here, but Jesus Fuck, MadDog, that's an insane amount of shit you've gone through; no wonder you're feeling down. Hell, it's an incredible feat that you've stayed so strong until now that nobody here realised anything. Utterly needless to say, we're all here for you if you need to talk, be distracted or ... just be. Take care, man.
  10. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    I am guessing that our dear Ms Oldbag, Sheikah, snoops around and reveals info about his targets in the write-up?
  11. bad stuff thread.

    Sorry to hear it! Glad to know you're feeling better, though.
  12. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    Oh, shit, that's right! I'd completely forgotten that we'd played it at the Meet!
  13. I still remember when he was a boy (in name)

    Ah, screw it, you get a happy birthday here as well. Happy birthday!
  14. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    I've played Avalon! It's a great game. I'd definitely be up for a forum/chat version.
  15. good stuff thread.

    If I hadn't already spent all my thanks for the day in the relationship thread, I would thank this.
  16. good stuff thread.

    So ... apparently I'm back on N-E! (Cue jokes about this being in the wrong thread.) We'll see for how long it lasts this time. But yeah, things are going pretty well for me. Only one year left before I have my master's degree, which means I need to start thinking about job and living situation and learning to pretend to be a responsible adult. Luckily, despite my subject being somewhat of a niche, the demand for teachers thereof is still larger than the supply (the supply for my year being ... me), so I have actually had several job offers already even before I finished my bachelor's degree; most of them were temporary positions, but one was a personal offer of permanent employment from a teacher who'd be retiring the year I'd finish my education, i.e. in a year, to that was pretty rad! Other than that I've just been incredibly busy; a number of things happened in the past year that affected me a lot personally, which is at least part of the reason I went AWOL from the forums, but I definitely feel that I've grown and developed a lot as a person as a result. And now, with the plans for the upcoming Meet and the lure of an Ace Attorney mafia game by Jonnas, I suddenly find myself back here!
  17. Forum User Photos

    Must've been more capable than you give yourself credit for. Looks like a very nice production - great photos. I've been toying with the idea of trying out archery. I still doubt I'll ever do anything about it, but the idea has a least stayed around in my head ever so slightly longer than most other temporary fancies I've had in the past.

    Happy birthday!
  19. Damn, @Blade, that sounds absolutely horrible. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through something like that. Obviously I know nothing about the situation, but the gaslighting theory sounds scarily plausible.
  20. Ace Attorney Mafia 1.1 - Sign-ups

    Sprout, you truly are a genius. I'd forgotten just how brilliant your mafia posts are, especially the Ace Attorney-themed ones. I demand you be a part of this game! (I actually ended up reading that entire thread. A very interesting read.)
  21. N-Europe Summer Meet Up 2015 - Saturday 15th August

    I would very much be interested in both a hotel Saturday-Sunday and Zell's floor/sofa/warm embrace Friday-Saturday.
  22. Ace Attorney Mafia 1.1 - Sign-ups

    I could very well be persuaded to participate! My only worry is that I'm fairly busy this summer ... Ah, fuck it, sign me up!
  23. Oh, Danny Boy, oh, Danny Boy, I love you so

    I can't believe I got a birthday thread despite not having posted in forever. Thanks so much, guys! <3
  24. My 30,000th Post

    I concur, it was quite heartwarming to see oneself in that video.
  25. N-Europe Summer Meet Up 2015 - Saturday 15th August

    O hai gaiz. Sir Cubester was kind enough to inform of this year's Meet, so sign me up! Also, Danny Sexbang reaction GIFs FTW.