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  1. Snowing

    Yep, we´ve got enough snow here Finland:) And it´s quite cold here at the moment too...
  2. 3D Modelling Thread

    Heyy great Wesley. Happy that you´ve managed to lower the poly count also. Oh it would be nice to see those in action in a game too...
  3. Personalities

    I just want to see people to be their own selves. It´s best that way. I think that you can just go wrong if you´re trying to be something else or try too hard to just please people. And men can also be emotional. How can I change myself if I´m shy or I love singing although I´m a man? It´s just wonderful that there are so many different people:)
  4. Well now after I thought about the subject I realized that there are actually lots of games I hate today. I used to play every kind of games before but now I don´t like to play them anymore. Today I´ll try to avoid as best as I can games that include killing or witchcraft. Those kind of games I actually hate and also in a more deeper meaning of expression hate. For example games like Zelda that have sorcery in them. But in the simpler way thought I can´t really tell. So many games just have that retro value for me even if they are old.
  5. Hmm I really don't see that that comment from Google can be an answer like "hey we just photographed every street in your country but don't worry it is just like the boy from next door seeing your house". No not at all. The whole world can see my house and if I happened to pop up in some photo myself well that doesn't sound so bad it's just me and my face on the net without my permission. Well in Finland we don't have religious persecution but think of some country that has (and there's many of them). What if the government of that kind of country doesn't like some religious people but they want to get rid of them. Now they can plan attacks to people's houses and see exactly where they live.
  6. Finland has been covered too. I think this is going too far but this really isn't going to stop here. The whole world is like a big Big Brother scene...
  7. 3D Modelling Thread

    Thank you Ashley. I think we're all waiting for the outcome of your course:) Good luck for your studies. It would be nice if I'd manage to get some more own models here too.
  8. Photography.

    Don't say like that. It's great to see you smiling:) And also to see people being creative here.
  9. 3D Modelling Thread

    Characters are funny here:) Here's one I made with Rhinoceros based on a tutorial.
  10. Photography.

    I really like those photos ipaul. Peaceful (and sharp). Somehow colors bring to my mind that those pics could´ve been taken with a film camera.
  11. Photography.

    Nice ones Retro
  12. Photography.

    Healthy fish swim against the current.
  13. The Music Thread.

    I´ve had on Fridays music technology course at university. It´s been very interesting and also relaxing at the same time when I compare it to my regular studies. There has been introduction to using Pro Tools and Logic which are sequencer programs. Does anyone like singing here? I do. Very Much.
  14. Do you do anything... weird?

    I pray God everyday that he would save my family and thank Him that will do it and read the Bible. I also rejoice from very little (or big:) things like all the colors that there are in the world and cuteness of flowers and many many things that just happen to me everyday that I walk here on Earth. And all the people that there are in the world. God has created us all. Isn´t it just wonderful? For couple of days I have just rejoiced so much that God gave me a real sister. I mean a REAL sister who´s going to be my sister forever. God gave me just one person to my life and to me it´s like I would have got a new life. Thanks to Him!
  15. Israel

    Hi all! Is there any other country in the world that is so openly threathened than Israel whose neighboring country wants to push it to the sea? Why are jews also so hated in the world and still there´s plenty of jokes going around about jews? My opinion is that Israel is the only country in the world that has received direct promises from God and the only country that is named after God. Jesus God´s only Son was also a jew. And because of this devil wants to wipe Israel off the map and uses people that don´t believe in Jesus´s blood to do this because he wants to ruin God´s plans and devil knows that he has only little time left to try to prevent God´s everlasting plans from happening. Eventually the whole world will turn against Israel and not USA or any other country in the world will help Israel in the last war before God´s reign on the Earth. Only help that Israel gets then is directly from God because He has promised to help Israel. I´m not saying that Israel is somehow better country than any other country in the world but it´s the only country that God has given the promise that he will turn jews to look at their Messiah Jesus and He will fulfil his promise because He is faithful.