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  1. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Not all your stars expire at the end of the month, only some of them. 1,300 of my 15,200 were set to expire, but once I bought some stuff it went down to 0. And what's so great about the Zelda statue? I could've got it, but it seems a bit much!
  2. NEW NoE Site is up!

    When I go in normally it says it's still under construction, but the link from the last page worked just fine. And I'm 125 stars off the gold statue.
  3. Well since I'm not sure which the harder ones are, I'll just go for an easy one ... 9. Jack Black.
  4. Name That Game

    Oops! It's a big topic!
  5. Name That Game

    Well that lasted a good 2 hours and 44 minutes! Zechs Merquise: 27 theguyfromspark: 22 Hellfire: 9 Coolness Bears: 9 darksnowman: 8 4q2: 8 steggy: 7 Happenstance: 7 immy: 7 Shino: 6 Jamba: 5 peterl0: 5 EchoDesiato: 4 Jonnas: 4 Patch: 4 welsh_gamer: 4 Mcj Metroid: 4 Brass_Monkey: 4 Gentleben: 3 Tales: 3 YanRuo: 2 The Villan: 2 Ollie: 2 Zell: 2 Tetzcatilipoca: 2 thirtynine: 2 Mundi: 1 Petey_Piranah: 1 Daft: 1 Deathborn: 1 Emasher: 1 tapedeck: 1 Keep the pictures coming, people!
  6. Name That Game

    Haha I wasn't expecting replies for ages ... and Another Code is the glasses one ... the second is the one ye're trying to figure out ... I was hoping it'd stump some people for a bit!
  7. Name That Game

    Damn, ye're fast ... right, that's two for darksnowman and one for Shino ... I'll update the table when someone gets the second one ...
  8. Name That Game

    Right, let's keep this going ... 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. Ah nuts, I'm actually on and there are no questions to be answered! >_<
  10. Ahh how did I not see that this quiz was going all along! >_< As for question 8, the only question left, I am going to come up with the random number of 174.
  11. Name That Game

    I was going to say Outrun, but it didn't fit into the spaces ...
  12. The first country has been taken!!

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Oh that was good.
  13. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat!

    Ah I love that game ... my hands would always be really red and aching after that, but it was so worth it ... my legs were always numb too, from being crossed for extended periods of time. The bongos were a surprisingly good method of control too!
  14. The End of GameCube?

    Well some of those games sound truly awful, and the reason the GC has had a resurgence is because of Wii compatibility ...