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  1. NEW NoE Site is up!

    500 Points cards just went up, got mine! It seems you just need to refresh every now and again, and the occasional set of points will appear.
  2. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I really enjoyed this game. I picked up my second nunchuk and game last week due to the fact I was done with uni work, and me and my mate went through most of the game. I was, however, extremely annoyed with Resident Evil 3 scenarios. My mate who had only played the Outbreak games before didn't really know the story but was enjoying it too. I have played all but the Outbreak series (didn't have a PS2 at the time, do now though, so may invest some cash into them). When we played the Resident Evil 3 scenario I soon discovered seconds after passing J's bar that we weren't following the conventional route. I was feeling neutral at this stage, looking forward to Brad's moment of demise. However this moment never came, and soon I was hearing echoes from my friend saying "AAAAH THIS PART IS FROM OUTBREAK". I did enjoy the difficulty of the scenarios, and it was quite funny when we finally got to the police station and I went "Finally!!" out loud, but yet we still did not follow the route of Resi 3 and didn't meet any of the mercenaries (bar Carlos), go to the clock tower, the hospital or the abandoned labs, and was totally underwhelmed. Just to add, I really don't like the adaptation of Carlos' voice actor being american. I preferred the cheesy original Spanish American accent, was funny.
  3. Do you accept Nintendos laziness?

    I was content, as the Twilight Realm was the place I would tread with trepidation when entering, as I'd know it would feel like a different location from Hyrule, almost like the Dark World on alttp, except once a dungeon was completed, light was restored. Of course this is a kinda each to their own issue, and I'll leave it at that. As for the main topic at hand, I'd rather not get involved, as it seems to have become a major Quote war, resulting in someone quoting the previous poster saying exactly the opposite of the quote. Now in some cases this is justified with sufficient opinions or evidence, but it does seem to be escalating too much. All I'll say is I am as an owner of an Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Wii, I am content with what the Wii has brought to the table so far and even happier with what we'll be getting in the future. Actually to be fair, I am content with my 360 too which has also brought me some good first party games in an array of genres. So for me, I think this is a good time to be a gamer, even if you only support one of the consoles.
  4. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Yeah he's the hairy russian.
  5. Resident Evil 5

    The Heat system just sounds like the exact opposite system of the Lost Planet temperature, only I guess the Water Bottles will be in short supply.
  6. Bioshock

    Thought the story was great! But the gameplay felt a bit meh to me. Seen better in the form of Condemned for the melee and oblivion for the magic, and Deus Ex for the interactivity. But it was just a demo after all, I probably will buy the game, it just isn't my most wanted game and am happy to say my main games now will be Halo 3, Rock Band (if it actually makes it this side of christmas) and Guitar Hero 3, also with some various Wii games. Hopefully I'll get it from ebay in the future though.
  7. Snes Recommendations?

    SNES Mystic cave was just so much better, and escaping from it was tougher, and therefore left a better sense of achievement. And to think I got this years ago from the town centre Market Stall . I think I need to specifically spend my Wii points on SNES games in future, especially when they release some more gems!
  8. Resident EEEEEEEEEVIL

    I personally think the fixed positions of the games before RE4 made it a more tense experience. I see RE4 more action based than horror based at times, though I also reckon they could have made the cutscenes more horrific, like maybe a plaga transformation actually taking over one of the characters. There's nothing more saddening than having to kill one of the good guys like Marvin in RE2. Saying that RE4 is a damn good game still!
  9. Vista Thread

    QFT, turn on laptop, all is well. 1 hour later, laptop overheats and as a result everything slows down, really ruined a C&C Generals: Zero Hour LAN
  10. Super Mario All Stars for me in '93, I remember the adverts with Rik Mayall too, then my dad bringing home the SNES for christmas. Second game was U.N. Squadron, 2 (5 if include SMAS) good games to get me interested in gaming.
  11. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    I found Krauser easy too. For the first parts I just used the sniper rifle and used the pillars to my advantage until he crosses over, to which i switch to shotguns and grenades (rule 1 for me is to stock 3 hand, flash and incendinary in case of boss or el gigante, etc), then when I got to the final part, I just used the TMP, possibly the second time in the game, first being when i ran out of other ammo. Shoot at the legs from far away, aim for the head close up, both open up his body i find, to which i keep shooting at his head. I had lots of ammo, so I barely let go of the trigger and shot away and finished really quick. Just don't forget the QTE dodging too, I find you don't need to move as most of Krauser's attacks are QTE and only rarely will he kick you instead, to which if you shoot well you shouldn't have a problem. Hardest boss for me was probably Verdugo, I just thought you had to let the timer go down while surviving, but then on another playthrough i now realise you can use the liquid nitrogen to freeze, then you shatter him, best with the free rocket launcher. Also hate the chainsaw ganado on the waterworld level on mercenaries, he just doesnt stop, can blow a perfectly good score with one mistake
  12. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Now try the regenerators with spikes like a blowfish :P. Unless you already have!?
  13. Lesser known 3D platformers

    Yeah I had it, got to the final boss too, after collecting all the extra items, never could do it though, just seemed impossible to me at 10 years old, all that platform jumping. One of my last games on the SNES, bought after a seeing footage from a show like Movies, Games, Videos or Gamesmaster or some other show. So glad I got it, because it is so fun. I think you have to consider the fact that the whole game was mario riding yoshi, which I know some people couldn't get on with. I loved the shapeshifting and the music that plays when you hit the block. Yoshi transforming into a digger, classic! This is a really good thread by the way, gives me some ideas for some more platformers which I've neglected over the years.
  14. EA Admit They Were Wrong!

    Have to admit, although I can't say I respect them like I did in the mid 90s, they have gone back up again, as long as they stop hashing out James Bond games it will remain that way too, their only good one was The World Is Not Enough on the N64, and even that weren't no Goldeneye. Have to admit I enjoyed MoH Vanguard on the Wii and looking forward to the Zapper game as well as Airborne on the 360. At least they're not hashing MoH like they used to and are taking their time, unlike the CoD series these days.
  15. how many wii games have you got?

    Wii Sports Zelda TP Red Steel Resident Evil 4... I think i need more Wii games :< Can't complain about the one's i have got so far though...