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  1. This game is great. So happy to be playing another sidescrolling Metroid after 12 years. The 3D use is very good too. Makes me miss 3d on the Switch. Also, I like that the combat is focused on the precision of free aim. Gives it a fresh feel compared to classic Metroid combat and it's nice. For anyone mentioning the ice beam power - freeze then missile. I do it all the time. I like that it gives me a reason to use regular missiles outside of boss fights.
  2. It's funny, the original was so well-received but this is generating no hype. I think the problem is it looks like the same game. It's the total opposite of most Nintendo sequels.
  3. I don't know. Before the price reveal the answer was yes. Now I am so convinced they need to lower it that I'd feel like a total idiot for supporting them at this decision.
  4. Great game that I'm definitely not buying again. I wonder if the DLC is bundled or not. Edit: ok it is. Good
  5. This game is a problem. It's supposed to be their Wii Sports equivalent system seller for casuals from the looks of it. Yet I don't have a clue how to play any of the games. "You don't look at the screen" ok cool. But what do we do then?
  6. If hardcore Nintendo fans are hesitant to buy it at launch for 279.99 who the hell will. Remember getting a Gamecube for 130? That was amazing. Before something sayss huurrr inflation, 1) not that much, 2) I'd pay more for a Gamecube than a switch at this point. Back then I was salvating at all the exclusives coming.
  7. Looks good, but I dont like the main character design at all.
  8. Project H.A.M.M.E.R looled kinda fun. Wouldnt have bought a Wii for it though. This title falls in the same category for me.
  9. Just Zelda on launch isn't enough, not at that price. I don't know what they're doing.
  10. Looks like the type of game they were trying to sell the Wii on in 2006.
  11. I played this for a while tonight. Excellent game so far and a fitting tribute for Metroid's 30th birthday. Shame Nintendo don't have the same respect for the franchise as the fans.
  12. Just had to be the SNES. When a system has 3 of your favourite games of all time on it (Super Metroid, A Link to the Past and Super Mario World) it becomes hard for any other system to compare.
  13. Bullets in the Wall. C276-0000-0088-AA21 You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse Main concept is wall jumping + bullet bills. Shorter than a few of my other levels and a bit easier, but I find it pretty fun. There are 2 main branching paths but within one of those paths there are 2 additional secret rooms (1 of which is in plain sight, the other less so).
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