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  1. Explorer.exe not loading in Vista...

    I tried to re-install Windows Vista, without losing any data and files, using the upgrade trick... But it still doesn't work... I can't stand this anymore...I will format the disk (like i haven't done this about 20 times in 2 months!). I will never download stuff, like cracks and keygens from bad sites, even when there isn't what i want elsewhere. It's a big risk, i'll never take it, no thanks.
  2. Explorer.exe not loading in Vista...

    First, thank you for replying. I runned msconfig, i did look for the explorer.exe, but i didn't find it. How can i add it there?
  3. Explorer.exe not loading in Vista...

    Hello guys. I am facing the same problem lately only i have Windows Vista Premium...It caused from a keygen that i have downloaded recently and it was a Trojan. I have tried many ways you have posted here to get it fixed but i failed. I did a scan with AVG Anti-spyware. I have quarantined the infected file but, it didn't replace it with a working one...So i deleted it from the quarantined section. So now i am stacked out of ideas. Can anyone help me please?