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  1. Hes one of the best managers around at the moment, no doubt. One of the greatest ever though? Not yet.
  2. This happend with me last week when i got stranglehold. It said that "the last item we sent you...." then it still had stranglehold on the being picked list. I got the game on the friday, so you could have it tomorrow. If it says its been sent, and the money has come out, then its on its way. Sometimes it takes a while for the GP system to update.
  3. im with you. Its good ndont get me wrong, and im enjoying the beta, but yet again people go overboard about it ala Bioshock.
  4. its probably better that you play through yourself to be fair. I just didnt like it at all. Its too, i dunno, simulated! Its slow, and the passing isnt anywhere near out of this world IMO. like i said, when you pass the ball its like your playing on turf which is knee high. If you like other fifas, you will like this.
  5. just played the demo and i think its crap tbh. they just dont seem to improve Fifa anymore. Just the same as last year! Slow, crap and the passing sucks. Its like playing footy on turf which is knee high.
  6. to get a US account, dont you need a US address?
  7. I fail becuase i dont like a game? ooook then, if you say so?
  8. not my sorta game at all mate. I can only see that giving me a headache!
  9. Iron Man. Awesome. http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/ironman/
  10. i think you type it in at the "redeem code" function. Like you claim points. Then you download the beta like a demo. Im only speculating though, im still waiting for my code.
  11. My buddy has one from launch, and its running fine. He now has an elite though.
  12. You sure? Do you have a source for this info? Im just making sure as i will get it when im in the states if it is.
  13. They wanted Michael in SONA so he could break out some prisoner that the company want. Didnt know how to do spoiler tags so i made it a different colour: Highlight >>> They capture Lincs son and sara, and tell linc to tell michael that he has to break this guy out, or his son and sara die. Thats why at the end of season 2 they say "you know hes going to break out again, its in his blood" and the general replies "thats what we want him to do"<<<
  14. Lets see if arsenal find it so "easy".
  15. feedback/rep doesnt really do anything anyway. I have a really really bad rep due to sore losers giving me bad feedback after i beat them on Gears. Nothing you can do to stop them really.
  16. Elite ay?! nice:awesome: Yeah i dont see what all the fuss is about either. Played the demo and hated it, which is funny becuase i was gonna buy it before i played the demo. Thank god for demos. I think its just one of those things. It got some early hype, then some good early hands on reports, then a couple of good reviews, now all the sites give it 100/10 just to be politically correct i think.
  17. Dexter


    Good post, i appriciate what your saying. Bioshock doesnt look as nice as Gears i dont think, and i still stand by the fact that the textures on that Bioshock demo wernt great at all. Wait, is this the "Bioshock Clusterf**k thread"? or can anyone talking about Bioshock post here? I have as much right to post about how i dislike the game, as you do talking about how much you love it. Well i dont like FPS, plus i just dont think its as great as everyone is saying, like ive said before, i think the textures are poor on the environments (except the water) and because its dark, people dont notice it. It makes me laugh when i see people post about how this is gonna be "Teh besst game eva!!11", when you think about whats coming out in the near future. Correct, it is a demo. How can you sit there and tell me i cant pass judgement on this game from the demo, when you are doing exactly the same thing by saying you love it. How can you completley agree with a review and totally love this game from the opening 30 mins of a game?! Same applies. I played the demo and hated it, you played it and loved it. Im happy for you. In my book, its screwed up to give something 10/10, and then say "but its not perfect, its really a 9.8764657 but what the hey!" 10/10 will mean perfect to me, always has and always will, your post isnt gonna suddenly change my way of thinking. All that being said, hope you enjoy the game!
  18. Dexter


    Your post would mean something, if i hadnt read any of the reviews. However, Ive read several reviews about this game, as i was really interested in it until i played the demo, and im just dumbfounded at the high scores its given. Heh, i guess its each to their own.
  19. I never want england to loose, but i dont like mclaren and if loosing or not qualifying for the euros means hes sacked, then im all for it. that stadium looks the nuts.
  20. Dexter


    Im sorry, but i dont agree. Giving it 10/10 is basically saying the game is faultless, to me anyway. Which of course is BS. I think everyone has got caught up in the hype a little but too much. I was expecting this to be quality, i really was. But its average IMO. E.g, go up close to something like a wall, or a girder etc and look at the crap textures. I Might need the beer goggles on to play this one.
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