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  1. A Scanner Darkly - 8/10


    Part of the appeal of this movie like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas is watching the character in thier hopelessly addicted state as paranoia takes more control of them.

    The Style it was done in is very nice in my opinion, Especially when the camera was moving some object would move differently to the scene

    Some of the other i was with weren't keen on it, so its not for everyone.


    Before that we saw Snakes on a Plane - Awesome +1

  2. MD games, all fairly good condition with box & maunal unless stated

    (weeee i'm drunbk)


    Fifa 95

    Fifa 97 (no manual)

    Brian lara cricket

    LHX Attack Chopper



    ohh yeah price!! £2 + P&P. Yes only £2 so buy them now for this bargin price and astound your friendlings.:bouncy:

    I have feedback and all :grin:

  3. MM


    I love the ending of MM when you have all the masks and get to see the ending for everyone you helped, very satisfying


    Armorines on the N64

    I don't know if it because i never finished it 100% or anything. Everytime i finished the game my character was killed in the explosion of the final boss then the credits rolled.

    It was a memorable ending at least.

  4. if you have alot of misc programs running it affects it. Close as much as you can on the bottom right and if you can turn off any anti-virus and firewall programs it give my computer a big boost for playing newer games.

  5. it takes a while (actually a lot of time...) to learn blender. The key to it: learn the keyboard shortcuts. There are some good tutorials on the blender site. Just dl some of them and just force yourself doing the stuff as long as you need to.


    As if it's the same? Absolutely no. It does 3d modelling but thats about all that there is similar to maya or 3ds max. Personally I don't like the 'hooking' versions of maya and 3dsmax so I use a free one.


    i did some of those tutorials for a week and didn't feel i got anywhere, i'll try a different appliction then might go back to it.

  6. FF:CC gone.


    I don't have paypal but i could use my dads prob. i'll start PM people if their game is still up and they are next.



    looks like others have gone now too, sorry to those who missed out. if these deals fall through you would be contacted.