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  1. One thing 40" Sony Bravias can't do is show you your BIOS grr.

    A few days ago my computer had a nervous break down after going cold turkey from the internet for a month, It lost alot of CPU speed and 2 out of 3 HDDs.

    Now back on a small screen i can sort things out.


    I've got most things sorted but one of my HDD is refusing to work.

    Ok here is how my screen was looking a while ago.


    I uninstalled both HDDs and restarted to get them back to this.



    Does anyone know what would have caused this and how to get my other HDD working again.

  2. I just signed up and created a playlist.

    I was stuck on what to add, so the website added loads to the playlist. Howeber it seems that you can only have a certain amount of songs before you can play it as a playlist.

    I created it with about 17 songs on it, and i couldnt find it ooking through this Wii interface link. When I clicked I'm Lazy, to make them add songs, it got it up to 45 songs and I found it on the link.

    However it's pretty cool.


    ahh thats why i couldn't see my play list, i was having a go with this last night and couldn't see my playlist. the website is nice if abit slow.



    I think i'll take that back as it didn't save anything i did last night :(

  3. Hmm, my tv is HD and I have that setting for the Wii (Thats with the component cable in) even if I switch to 60Hz with the component cable in, it still wont play the VC games, only when I switch back to the AV cable and back to 60Hz then it works fine.


    Did you try 50Hz as well?

  4. Viewtiful is one of the best games ive played on the Cube. Its fantastic! I loved 1 and 2 on the GC. Ive got the DS version, its not quite as good, but its still decent. I havent got red hot rumble but i heard it isnt that great :(


    thats how i figured they would be, guess i won't be getting them.

  5. I 've just finished Viewtiful Joe 2 and its been just as fun as the first was. The End battle took me quite a few trys but was very easy when i finally did it.

    Well the point of this thread was to find out about the other Viewtiful Joe game on the GC and the one on the DS, are they worth getting and are they the sequel to 2?