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  1. I've just clocked up 5 hours since buying it. I'm fairly disappointed with it. The fighting works alright but outside of the "levels" when free roaming its just awful, graphics(models and textures), collision detection, driving control, nothing to do, draw distance, frame rate.

    I was looking forward to this game but i'd gladly wait another year to play it so that they could finish making it.

  2. I don't make threads very often.


    Three black children in my secondary school, which 1,500 went to. I saw a black person for the first time when I was around 5 or 6 and didn't have a clue what I was seeing.

    Sounds like my past.


    My friend is at bradford and he enjoys it there but he has mentioned a race problem there.

    If you went to bradford i think you would do fine, but make sure you go to a place you like otherwise it will just bring you down.

  3. I had a ebuyer value PSU in my old computer and never had a problem over the years i used it. I only got that as it was all i could afford, so i guess if you can get better go for it.

  4. Oh poops! It sounds like its not the hatfield near me, I knew it wouldn't be. I'll still check your photos out though!


    *Goes and sulks in a corner*

    Yup, very much not near you.

    Maybe these will cheer you up though, its just a few images that day, the ones i thought you'd like.












  5. Fuzpoy, on your deviant art, theres a picture called Water Feature. And the building behind that is STUNNING i love art deco. I would love to see that renovated and looking brand new.


    Could you tell me exactly where about that is? Do you have any more pictures of the building itself? I'm not far from Hatfield, if its just outside of Doncaster.


    I need to buy that place!


    Thanks :) i've got 30/40 photos from that place they are focused on its dilapidated state not its architectural features, i haven't got them online though. I haven't seen it properly since they have fixed it up but i think it has lost some of its charm.

    The road its on is waltham way, its next to a KFC (also very near the galleria if you know it)

    I'll put some photos up later.

  6. That's a nice HDR photo.

    HDR is just many photos of different exposures on one another isn't it?

    How'd you get the guy to stand there in the same position all that time unless it's really easy. My brothers been experimenting with HDR so I've only heard snippets of what he does when he talkes about it.


    yeah i only used 3 images for this one. I got him to stay there by yelling and bribing him with kinder eggs. The thing i learned from this is never use a person in a HDR image as they can never stay still enough.

  7. I don't have any.


    But I'm slightly temped to get the Zelda Eagle/Triforce logo on the top of my arm.


    Hahahaha i have that exact tattoo!!



    top lip

    bottom lip

    2 in ear, one of them streched

    i've had others


    5 tattoos, 2 of those zelda.


  8. Kyoto-based game giant Nintendo reported its mid-year financial results today, posting a 132.5% increase in year-over-year sales to 694.8 billion yen ($6.072 billion) for the six months ending September 30. The vast majority of these sales came from sales of the increasingly popular Wii and still top-selling DS, with hardware sales taking in 452.7 billion yen ($3.957 billion) during the period.


    Most of the revenues, 77.9%, came from overseas sales in markets like the U.S. and Europe. Nintendo's profits showed even greater gains, rising to 132.4 billion yen ($1.157 billion), a 143.7% increase over the first half of the last fiscal year.


    Nintendo sold 7.33 million Wii consoles and 13.35 million DS units worldwide during the first half of the current fiscal year, bringing lifetime sales numbers for each console to 13.17 million and 53.64 million, respectively, and furthering Nintendo's reign over both the home console and handheld markets.


    Strong software sales of titles like Game Freak's Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl--which sold 6.95 million units during the period--padded the company's profits as well. The Brain Age series of DS games also continued to sell, a popular title among Nintendo's casual demographic, with the first two games in the DS series hitting 5.19 million units sold during the period.


    Nintendo has projected sales of 1.55 trillion yen ($13.5 billion) during the current fiscal year ending in March.



    Sounds like ninty are doing great compared to sony...http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/49638

  9. Don't hate me for it, but mine arrived today having ordered it with free delivery on Wednesday at 10pm. Anyway, I haven't played much of anything but I actually laughed out loud while playing Portal when I saw
    the beans cooking on a 360.

    Its an aperture science computer they all look like that.