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  1. 8 hours ago, Eenuh said:

    I went for a 5 year remortgage instead of a 2 year one only a few months ago, for exactly the same reasons. I do not trust the current climate and I expect things to get worse because of Brexit. The housing market has apparently been stagnating and slightly dropping recently because of all the insecurities surrounding Brexit. So at least my payments will be secure for the next few years...

    I am also not sure what is going to happen with travel once we leave the EU on the 29th... I have booked a trip to Belgium in March, coming back to the UK on the 30th. I'm not sure if they will just let me back in or if I will need a visum or proof that I live in the UK as an EU national. :confused:

    I have been in the same situation, I've also moved my pension fund to a worldwide fund as I am not expecting the UK to do well.  

  2. There's 2 being sold on Amazon Marketplace Germany here: link


    You'll have to add an extra 5 euros on for delivery to UK, so in the case of the cheapest option it would work out to be £30.87. It'll be in English though.


    Thanks for the find, I tried ordering but they don't ship to the UK so may try messaging the sellers.

    I found 2 on a Netherlands website but I was going to exhaust the UK options first.

  3. I've been following Edmund since he was making comics, 100% completed the original so was of course looking to rebirth. The game is an improvement in performance and size over the original, I don't prefer the pixel style over the vector graphics but added background details like worms are nice touch for me the fun come from the difficult challenge.

    I'm playing it on PC/Laptop currently but would like to switch to 3DS when it comes out but without achievements I feel I would loose some motivation to 100% it.

  4. Ive discussed this with people aswell. In this particular instance, assume the donour specifically stated in his will he wanted folk to...eat him.


    I then made a joke about how at my funeral after the buffet a video would be put on that I recorded before I died.


    "Hey, yeah you know thos sausage rolls you just ate....that wasn't sausage meat."


    I'd want to be served up as food at my own wake, everyone could always carry a piece of me with them.

  5. New photo, trying to get the reflexion of a card in the eye was just to awkward so the simpler photoshop it in was taken.



    What are peoples views on where you draw the line in photoshopping, what i mean is how heavily can a photo be modified before its no longer about the photography. do you even understand what i mean?