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  1. AMD buy ATI for $5.4bn

    Not bad for AMD. if i remember correctly AMD are making the CPU for the Wii and ATI are doing the GPU.
  2. Science Fiction

    I'm working my way through some ST:TGN and Battlestar Galactica, but you have all missed out one of the best Sci-fis, Farscape.
  3. Best ending EVER!

    MM Armorines on the N64 I don't know if it because i never finished it 100% or anything. Everytime i finished the game my character was killed in the explosion of the final boss then the credits rolled. It was a memorable ending at least.
  4. London.

    If you go to the astoria tomorow night you can see the vengaboys for G-A-Y, could be worth going to.
  5. WHY! its not fair

    if you have alot of misc programs running it affects it. Close as much as you can on the bottom right and if you can turn off any anti-virus and firewall programs it give my computer a big boost for playing newer games.
  6. 3D Modelling Thread

    i did some of those tutorials for a week and didn't feel i got anywhere, i'll try a different appliction then might go back to it.
  7. 3D Modelling Thread

    do any of you use blender? i started learning it and i couldn't get to grips with it, is blender like other 3D programs?
  8. Hey its Windows Live Messenger (MSN 8.0)

    I just put it on, i feel the same. ---------- I don't get this bit, in the Conv window you can high light their personal message and email addy. i can only guess this is too cpy thier addy.
  9. Wireless trouble

    Hardware: Router: SpeedTouch 580 USB: SpeedTouch 121g Its connecting but i can't find why it won't send the send a network address/gateway address. I can't connect to the internet with the other computer. If anyone know what need to be done or if the have this router, can you help?
  10. Wireless trouble

    All of that is done, i have set up networks before. This is just proving a problem. __________ The other computer is ok, i can connect to my neighbours (unsecure) network and go on the internet. so its definatly the router not sending the gateway address.
  11. Wireless trouble

    ISP-Router-Computer(this one) (other)Computer-Dongle They connect but it say limited or no-connectivity. My DS can connect to the router.
  12. Computer Won't Start

    It could be worth resetting the BIOS, but wait and see if anyone else has a better advice.
  13. The 2006 GCSE Thread

    from what i've found GCSEs are only usefull to get you into College then Uni. No job worth getting values GCSEs.
  14. Computer Won't Start

    is it making any beeps?
  15. Wireless trouble

    I've been through the setting, i can't see anything and through the help file to no luck. unless its gone by some other name.
  16. Hate TV?

    Big Brother makes me want to distroy my TV. Hi5 on Five is good kids Tv.
  17. I'm not that good but what are you trying to do?
  18. Super Mario Galaxy

    First thoughts on hearing the name: "Oh god, they've put him in space haven't they." i'm not sure if this is a good thing its a natural progression, he started in the sewers, then to the surface and sky and now to space.
  19. Memorable Video game quotes

    "I'm talking guys who beat off, four times a day!" - Ulmeyda "In the name of Harman..." - Iwazaru Can anyone find the full Dan Smiths quote of "I feel the urge to kill again.."
  20. TV Tuner

    I'm going to uni very soon and will take my comp but if i install a TV tuner card into my pc would i need to get a tv lience. As i would need a tv lience if i was taking a tv. cheers
  21. Rate the above users user name

    Your the Villan to talk to when you want someone "dispossed" of. I take it there are 853 other villans on the internet. 7/10
  22. TV Tuner

    Aww crap.......
  23. family guy

    i have four and the movie, 4 is the best season so far in my view. i didn't know about a 5 thou.
  24. User Image Gallery

    I think it’s a bit stereotypical that you have a biffy clyro t-shirt, the only famous Scottish band. Apart from the proclaimers.