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  1. Component AV Cable

    it could mean 50Hz and 60Hz you can change that in the wii settings, try lowering it then playing the game again.
  2. Connecting Wii on the Computer

    I used to have my GC going into my TV card on a composite lead, it lost alot of quality, the audio went into a headphone jack on the tv card too. I saw a wii to crt connection on an import site, i'll have a look around see if i can find it again.
  3. Woop Nintendo VIP stars for buying VC titles, i got golden axe and it has added it to my VIP account, i didn't know it did that nifty
  4. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    i did try the power button but it did nothing so i had to unplug it.
  5. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    arg! the browser crashed my wii, i was watching a video on google and it locked up and the hand wouldn't move, i had to pull the power cable in the end.
  6. Viewtiful Joe

    I 've just finished Viewtiful Joe 2 and its been just as fun as the first was. The End battle took me quite a few trys but was very easy when i finally did it. Well the point of this thread was to find out about the other Viewtiful Joe game on the GC and the one on the DS, are they worth getting and are they the sequel to 2?
  7. Rip-off Britain...

    The tax on the wii is about £31 so the main price is more than other places.
  8. Recoving Windows XP Product Key

    I have a program CPUinfo which gives information about your comp including windows including the product key, http://www.cpuinfo.de/
  9. Viewtiful Joe

    thats how i figured they would be, guess i won't be getting them.
  10. Viewtiful Joe

    I've got and done the first, i was on about the other Viewtiful joe: Red Hot Rumble.
  11. No DVD Playback On Wii?

    Like most people i don't mind it not having it but it wouldn't be a bad thing for it to be included. I heard it was able ages ago but haven't heard a thing of late.
  12. Steve Irwin dies

    If you wish to honour him do this Steve Irwin Day
  13. My friend is selling his Acer Travelmate 4100WMLi, I was wondering if any one had one or any Acer laptop. Are they worth it? This is a example of the model: Ebay
  14. Acer Travelmate 4100WMLi

    Its £350 so i'm still unsure if i should get it or not.
  15. Killer7...What the Hell???

    I've been ordering the comics from america too, they aren't a bad price either.
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    Mario isn't on DVD so you have to download it. Its not anything like any of the games, the only thing the same are the names in it.
  17. try not to laugh... ;)

    Well having fewer at launch would create greater demand for the console. It was the same for the PS2 anyway.
  18. Rate the last film you saw

    A Scanner Darkly - 8/10 Part of the appeal of this movie like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas is watching the character in thier hopelessly addicted state as paranoia takes more control of them. The Style it was done in is very nice in my opinion, Especially when the camera was moving some object would move differently to the scene Some of the other i was with weren't keen on it, so its not for everyone. Before that we saw Snakes on a Plane - Awesome +1
  19. A BBC video about a look at the future if drugs were legal. Its an hour long but worth watching.http://www.jonhs.net/freemovies/if_drugs_were_legal.htm
  20. What if drugs were legal

    Both sides are argued. if anything i would say it was biased toward legalising them.
  21. The game boy player

    The GBplayer is the only reason i wouldn't be selling my GC when the Wii comes out.
  22. Plot to blow up planes foiled

    haha my friend was flying out to florida today and now the airport is closed ROFL :P
  23. Do you know what router they are sending? How did you request the router? I'm on AOL and have a wireless router(Thompson SpeedTouch 580) it works with my DS but not my other computers, i didn't get it from AOL so i think i'll get myself a freebe.
  24. No More E3?

    it should herald the return of spaceworld then.
  25. Hair straightening [help!]...

    wet-to-straight straightners work well. if you have a style you want get it thinedout abit.