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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    It's up now.............but whether that's for both Live and PSN then I don't know. Def on Live though. Silver accounts am cry!
  2. NEW NoE Site is up!

    1000 Wii Point codes are up................quick quick quick. Lolz. Bought two, but may as well use all my stars as this has been a joke so far.
  3. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    My reason why I would also much rather be doing video editing........or more because I just find it relaxing and creative in some respects. Need another 400 words. This is bullshit. Got four resources for my essay, when the brief is saying I need at least ten. Not caring about them right now.........although I suppose if I did have them I'd have those 400 words done by now. My eyes are starting to feel sleepy. Best get this done.
  4. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    I'd straight away take a few hours video editing over the 500 words I've still got to write. Coffee and back to it I'm thinking. Then I may actually get this done.
  5. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    I've done another 200 words since I last posted............although to my defense I have been reading through articles and finding sources to get me to actually write something. Not going to sleep until this is finished and handed in. 500 words to go atleast. Sounds pretty easy really, the hard part is just making sure what you're writing isn't complete nonsense. This post itself was most likely a hundred words or so. Need to go with the writing flow and it'll be done.
  6. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    Supergrunch, I'm totally with you on that.........problem is I haven't had a real sleep pattern since the beginning of September. And I think I've given up on trying to correct it currently. Typically going to sleep most nights at 5am-6am.......or just sleeping in the afternoons when I'll lay down to just chill for a min. 800 words done...........fuck. Output output output..........gota get this done. Halfway there and I'm stuck for what to write. Not good.
  7. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    Sitting up writing a essay that needs to be in by tomorrow at all costs considering it's already a week late, so if I don't hand it in tomorrow then I fail the module. Got 600 words done out of 1500 which I need. Can't stand writing either. Essay question is here below.
  8. 3D Modelling Thread

    Most of you should find these two sites useful. Best free texture resources on the net. After these two you'll be paying for better ones (which I'm considering doing soon for Semester B at Uni). http://www.cgtextures.com http://www.mayang.com/textures Both of these are limited per day on the amount you can download. This is what I've been working on recently. It's an assignment which we were meant to base around archways.............there's some major screw ups on it, like the scale of the stairs to everything else, and also the different architecture styles between the walls and the grey archway itself. But I've decided to leave it now, and just hand it in.
  9. Masturbation

    So very true Dante! Spose this is indeed all normal then......
  10. Masturbation

    Some of this stuff in this thread is purely shocking on a 'weirdo' sort of level. I know some of you are most likely bullshitting with some of your stories, but noticing the age of some of you and what you still get up to..........damn, sort it the fuck out.
  11. Super Mario Galaxy

    Played it for about 2-3hrs on Friday evening and I've collected 8 stars so far. Looks like I'll be going through the game quite slowly.........but so far I'm just amazed by how much variation the game has. Loved the Boss in the Bee level. So glad I got myself a VGA cable so I could play this in crystal clear 480p on my LCD..........looks stunning infact. Any news on who'll be doing the N-Europe review at all, and when it's likely to drop?
  12. Super Mario Galaxy

    I know I'm bunking my afternoon lecture to go pick it up. Cannot wait after hearing so many positive impressions and everyone generally being amazed. I've had a total media blockout on the game really, so hopefully it'll be even sweeter when I play it later this afternoon. Shower, something to eat, then driving to Game to pick it up. Awesome.
  13. Nunchuk uncomfortable?

    If they actually stuck rumble in it, then I'd doubt that would be the case.
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    McPhee - Neither Burnout or Too Human are coming out this year btw. Not sure why Gameplay haven't updated.
  15. Pro Evolution 2008

    Will be picking up the PS2 version on Friday............and then the 360 version later on once I finally get one. So we'll have both in our student house, which is quite important. The faster speed of the 360 version attracts me more than a slower game personally. Really need a new copy of Pro though, as our PS2 version of PES6 sometimes locks up when the ball is kicked out of play or it just generally takes 2 minutes to load a throw-in for example. Loved the demo of '08 though, and looking forward to playing multiplayer with all these new gameplay tweaks and updated stats.
  16. Organisation Skills

    I act the same way with concerns to tidying my room. Just randomly think to myself 'fuck, it's getting bad, tidy up you fool'. The worst thing for me is that I do all my work on my computer, and that's a mess tidyness wise with the desktop half filled up with crap a few hrs after I've just organised things on there. Also having 16GB's worth of textures which aren't organised into 'what's what' is really frustrating, and also knowing that the majority of them aren't edited to be useful off the bat. Waiting to get a 500GB external to sort out that and a RAID setup me thinks. Currently my desk has on it 4 empty cans of redbull, an apple juice carton and a yogurt pot all surrounding my keyboard.............I think I should get rid of them.
  17. Too many games - cant cope!

    I was about to quote 3/4's of his list, but it'll run into debate and move it off the real topic. Truth is that most of those games are PS2/arcade ports with tacked on Wii controls, when most of the ports can be found for under £15 on another platform which they were originally released for instead of buying them on the Wii at full price (which is what the majority of them will be priced at). I understand we all have different tastes in what genres and IP's we like to play, but if you were really going to buy all them and you haven't already got a 360, then I'd seriously think you aren't much of a gamer for example. When you struggle with finding the time and money at the end of the year to play all these releases you really need to single out what is absolutely worth playing......or other wise you'll be sitting there with a load of releases that you didn't even finish or enjoy all that much because you were rushing through them.
  18. Too many games - cant cope!

    Those are the only two games worth buying on that list. There's far more better games on other platforms worth getting over most of the filler stuff you listed there.
  19. Sexy and unsexy names

    Pretty sure my name's full of fail for sexyness. But luckily I'm not exactly bad looking...........and have a gorgeous girl to go with that.
  20. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yeh, Pro is Premium HDMi version. (from what I can tell anyway). Just really after one of the quieter DVD drives. I've got Friday and the weekend off I think except for boozing, so I'll make some calls. If I really want to be a dodgy little *** I could just use my old staff discount card for Virgin, and see if I can get 10% on the hardware and 20% off a game...........although really, all I want is Halo 3, so that £260 deal sounds right on the money.
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Really? Do you know if that's the Pro version of the Premium at all, as if so, then I'll pick one up early next week when my student loan should be through.
  22. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Brilliant. Cheers for the replies......gives me something to do now while watching boring Carling Cup matches. Hmmm, sorted. Using GAF name though, as just makes more sense.
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Is it possible to set up a Live account before you have a 360 then, so you then have your profile ready? I plan on picking a console up in the next few weeks, as waiting on monies and some decent deals.
  24. Sega Rally

    No probs, just guessing then that the visuals just aren't for you........but I think the game looks gorgeous, and the just love the amount of colours that are on screen which isn't just the typical stick to one sort of colour scheme which most games do nowadays. The tropical level in the demo has mud flying all over the place during one section of the track and it looks excellent.
  25. Shenmue Survey

    It was a commercial failure because the Dreamcast sold shit, that Sega had also dragged it from the Saturn to the Dreamcast, and in the process putting the costs up to stupid levels while also having a really bad schedule which should have been addressed before or during pre-production. As far as I was aware it sold decent numbers considering the Dreamcast install base. But it never had a hope in hell of recouping development costs.