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  1. Universities and shizzle.

    I really think it depends on where your Uni is based as to whether the loan amount is enough. Average rent prices per week around Herts is £70 or so, and that doesn't include any bills. I struggle money wise, lets just say that.
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Add my GamerTag up if you want............as some of us over at NeoGaf have been trying to get some multiplayer down this weekend. Was playing for a few hrs over Sunday with random people doing ranked and normal races. Great fun. Alpine 1. It's 'THE' Time Attack track to be racing. I've yet to unlock everything in the game, as I've only had it for a few weeks............but I did hold one of the fastest times on this track during testing in the offices. Need to unlock the RS200, then those sub 3.05 times will come rolling in if I can be arsed.
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Not true. If you have a decent monitor that supports 1.1 pixel mapping then all would be fine. Looks like crap on a normal SD TV over a decent resolution on a 19" widescreen.
  4. Cheers guys. And yeh, thinking that really does suck that it won't connect using the Play & Charge. I don't think I'll bother picking the wireless receiver up, instead I may as well just get a wired controller, as currently only have one 360 pad.
  5. Is it possible to use the play & charge kit as a connection from the wireless 360 controller to the PC, or is the only way it'll work with a wireless receiver?
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Knew there had to be at least something that helped you along to get an exchange. :wink: Although like McPhee said I suppose supermarkets are kind of easy to work around so that you leave with what you want. So true about getting a newer version console as well........I only picked mine up last week, as I'd just feel so much happier knowing that I've got a Falcon with one of the BenQ DVD drives as well. But still, definitely very loud still.......but a slight improvement also compared to the old ones. Just got 200 points for free, as there was some promotional thing on Fox's website for Terminator. You could do it multiple times as well with the same Gamertag, but GAF cained it and it's now disappeared. Will put it towards the inevitable Ikaruga and Rez HD purchases.
  7. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Nah, soz. Staff discount at Game. Bought another load up as had my last day there yesterday. Soz for possibly confusing ya......I should of said in my other post really.
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    They still sound like a jet is about to take off. And what the hell did you say to get Tesco of all places to swap your 360 when you didn't even buy it from there?
  9. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Apparently it may be up this week from what I've read. But sounds like it'll def be up very soon. Rez is meant to be up also by the end of the month. Buying both day 1.........bought some more points last night in preparation. 2100 for £13.50.
  10. I got the chance to see quite a little bit of art from Rare's DK racer for the cube, as my lecturer was working on it. Shame it never came through. Only Rare game I really care about is Jet Force Gemini tbh. Give me that on Live Arcade or make a new gen version and I'd be over the moon.
  11. Stocka here, hey

    Good to hear your doing all good Stocka. And congrats on deciding to do something like moving to Japan for a bit............takes a hell of a lot to do something like that, especially when your young. And BTW, stop posting gamefaq worthy threads on GAF. (guessing you're the Stocka over there with the Shenmue Av)
  12. Tips for Losing Weight

    Just to help you out here, I recommend you take your 2nd choice with programming. There is a serious lack of programmers currently, and with that it pays a lot more than something like design which you will struggle to find a job in anyway. But definitely do not go taking a course in something you know you will not enjoy.
  13. Bill Gates CES Keynote.

    It's about 45mins long or so.........but I wouldn't say it's a case of being anywhere near Sony's E3 comedy act; it's just more that it really didn't deliver on what some people were expecting. I personally found it boring, and I even watched it live last night via a stream while I was playing PES unlocking achievements. I'd say don't bother watching it. But there is a link around of just the video for Bill Gates 'imaginary last day' which was probably the best bit of it.
  14. Bill Gates CES Keynote.

    The whole conference was......cringe worthy! LiveSpace. Lol
  15. The Ultimate Question

    I'm taking the plunge tomorrow..............and I've been waiting all of '07 to decide on what is really going to offer me more and what suits me. That plunge though is the 360. I think about MGS and Gran Turismo, but those games really aren't for me. I also don't give a damn about wacky jappy RPG's.........I have a life, and even thinking about playing games that are above 40hrs to complete does my head it. Not sure I can add much more to this. I know, Rez HD and Ikaruga on Live Arcade early this year attracts me.......along with that perfection that is Pac Man CE. I know we've played them all before, but the 360 just suits my gaming wants more than the PS3.
  16. The General Public

    I can seriously picture that as a comedy sketch for some reason!
  17. The General Public

    I work in Game also Ashley, and all I can do is thank the public for killing Christmas for me. They've literally taken my soul this Christmas. And those BOGOF stickers always cause issues.........some people are just beyond stupid.
  18. Post your Computer Desk!

    I used to have a sink in my room when I used to live in a old house. How I miss that. His room looks awesome though..........although I do think it's quite possibly the sink that does it.
  19. PC Gaming Discussion

    Yeh, the cardboard sleeve version if the standard one. The special edition is a large black collectors boxset and it includes a 200 page art book, making of dvd, soundtrack disc and a double sided poster world map thing for the game. I'm going to see how my money goes over the next few weeks, and if I can afford it and can find the time to play it, then I'll def pick it up.
  20. PC Gaming Discussion

    Yep. It kind of got lost under the radar I'm guessing..........it was released last weekend from what I remember. Did you get the special edition of The Witcher at all or just the standard one?
  21. PC Gaming Discussion

    It's fecking awesome. I played the extensive demo for a good 3hrs or so, and it's making me want to pick up the full game. Luckily the demo saves work with the full game. Just remember to download the updates for it, as it corrects quite a few issues with loading times and framerates.
  22. Right, needing some answers for two questions. First of all, I'm wondering if anyone here has the Special Edition of Crysis? I'm in need of the answer as to whether this edition of the game has tutorial videos for the CryEngine2 editor? Secondly......Edge Magazine over the last several years (to my knowledge) have always given away a 'year planner'...........this years one was Wii branded and had a very simple design. Now I need to know whether they've already put 08's version out in this months issue or last month at all? If it's not been given away yet then I'm guessing next months issue would indeed have it. The help is appreciated people.
  23. Q's - Crysis Sp Ed & Edge Magazine

    You are awesome McMad..........soz been real busy these past weeks and not had a chance to seek out a magazine to see whether it was indeed this months. Although I did look on Edge-Online and there was no mention of it being free with this months mag. So thanks again, I'll grab myself a copy tomorrow. Answer to the Crysis question is all that's needed if anyone knows?
  24. 3D Modelling Thread

    Jamba - Yeh, using Max. The character and rigging is already done to my knowledge......and it's just a case of downloading the max scene file and then animating. The brief as to what needs doing is pretty much below. Road texturing? Well I'd first of all lay out my polys for the road. The best way in my mind to texture a road is to use a Multi/Sub-Object material. So you'll need to assign material ID's for the polygons on the road, then the actual whole road object would have that one Multi/Sub-Object material assigned to it........and inside the Multi/Sub-Object material you'll have many textures with different ID's, then the polygons on that object will be referencing them ID's. Hope that image kind of helps, and I'm guessing you're using max (soz forgot).
  25. 3D Modelling Thread

    Cheers. I'm currently studying at Hertfordshire University, now in my 2nd year on the 3D Games Art course which comes under the Digital Animation degrees there. The course I feel has kind of gone downhill since I've started back this year though, as we lost quite an important lecturer because he wanted to go back and work industry instead of teaching. And yes, I will try and post more in this thread when I've got the time or anything new to show...........just was under the impression that 3d had really died around here after quite a few people were into it for a while. Always good to see someone new starting it up, as it really does take patience and that extra dedication. Congrats also on getting into Bradford. I can't say I know too much about the course there, but the day you get into a Uni (if it's your top choice that is) won't be forgotten..............my advice, get absolutely rat arsed and enjoy life for the 1st year, meeting loads of new people and just about passing the year 'grades wise' without failing......then in the 2nd & 3rd year knuckle down, as you'll have to accept any social life you want you just won't have the time for, especially when doing animation I'd also have to recommend you drop Blender and move onto something more industry useful. I know it's a great piece of software and still can pretty much do everything, but considering you've also got into a Uni course now which I'm guessing you're set on doing, then it would be extremely beneficial to jump onto what ever software they use on the course there. Having that extra time with the program before starting the course will put you ahead of the majority of the class, and lecturers will have more time for you knowing you have some idea as to what you're talking about. So yeh, if you're set on Bradford, then find out what software they use and get hold of an educational version or a trial. I do like what you've created so far though, and the second image you posted up shows loads of improvement over the first. Keep going I say and finish it up to where you're happy with it. Looked through your renders and thought they were excellent. I personally can't stand animation, and I've got an assignment due in when I get back at the start of January. Great work though, and I have may have to ask you about certain things when I tackle the assignment in the next two weeks or so. We haven't got to render out a movie like that, but we have to make a load of short animations that would be suitable for a game environment. Talking walk cycle, run cycle, death animations and picking up a box. I'll post the full list up though soon, as there are a few things I'm uncertain about (my own fault for not attending some animation lectures), so some tips would be appreciated. Cheers for feedback, and yes, I know about the stairs........loads of people have told me to sort them, but I can't be arsed to go back and fix them now, as I created them in such a long manor that'll take to long to sort. I originally made a high poly version of the steps with loads of separate concrete tiles. Then I made a low poly mesh, and applied a projection modifier to that object, and made sure the cage was overlapping all the high poly geometry that I wanted included in the texture bake. The problem with the stretching was that on the sides of the steps I didn't apply the grass/mud texture properly, so it's become a washed out mess. The tops of the stairs don't look all that bad though. Next time I'll probably avoid the highpoly/low poly to 'render to texture' way of doing things when making stairs. The textures were all made myself, but then again I use that term loosely, as there's always someone/somewhere which you've taken the original high res photos from and then edited..........most of the textures came from the two texture website links I posted in my previous post. Yeh, let me know in this thread when you want to understand how to create tiling textures. It's dead easy really, and there's quite a few tutorials out there on how to do it. (I'm guessing you want to know how to make them tile effectively without having loads of seams and repetition?)