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  1. New Mobile

    Appears to be quite a shithot phone. I'm just going to your experience with it JonSt, as just plain badluck really. I'll go ahead and get it, and then even if there is a problem I can swap it if it's within a year. What did exactly go wrong with the phone anyway? And if you're looking for a good phone, you should check out the Nokia 6230i aswell...........as it's ment to be quite a swish phone. http://www.mobile-review.com/review/nokia6230i-en.shtml
  2. New Mobile

    Hmmmm, you've made me worried now. I've just put one on reserve with Virgin Mobile, as I get uber discount with them. Getting it for £149, instead of £229 at the end of the month when I get paid. What's gone wrong with the phone then? As reviews suggest that it's the best phone out there at the moment on the market until the new Nokias arrive next year. Also, I'm just wondering if the 2MP camera is any good? Cheers
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Matches your sig, although it is the exact same picture of Mario which is used in it. Still Mario is Mario after all. And with that you get a nice score of 4/5
  4. Yeah I have to say Overclockers kick arse aswell. My bro ordered all the parts for our high-end system off of there. Very good with pricing and competing with other online shops. Their American wing is apparently really badly run though, with people receiving the wrong product instead of what they originally ordered..........
  5. Surely that depends on what you're doing with it though! It sounds like dabooker wants a comp for Uni or something, and personally a call-out service warrenty is well worth the price............as in Dells case. They are renowned for their customer care, and you won't find any other company that matches it.........although Toshiba comes close.
  6. Dell also make very good high-end pre-built systems. Find them here.
  7. University?

    Get the Foundation Art done, as it'll help you a hell of alot later on once you finish your degree at Bournemouth. I did kind of plan to go to Bournemouth and do that exact same course as you listed above, but the entry requirements are 300 UCAs points plus at least a B in GCSE Maths; the maths will be needed because the course is more technically focused, requiring you to program plug-ins, etc. I missed out on a B in my maths during GCSE, and the most UCAs points I'll probably achieve once I finish my BTEC diploma this year is 200 from a Merit/Merit/Pass, and then add another 30 onto that from a previous AS level a few years back which puts Bournemouth just out of my reach. The Uni's that I'm interested in going to (in order) are Lincoln, Huddersfield, and Staffordshire..................I just hope my last year at college goes better than I'm expecting.
  8. Games your currently playing.

    Recently I've just been getting bored with absolutely everything. I'll start a game and play a few hours into it, and just won't go back to it. The only games I've played alot recently are Meteos and Nintendogs, they just keep bringing me back time and time again. I think it's the objectiveness of certain games at the mo which has kind of turned me off everything. It makes me really worried to some extent...............but I've got used to this feeling coming around every few years or so now.
  9. [Video Game] Wallpapers here! (56k)

    After seeing Maikys work...........yeah I totally agree. You put my 3D work to shame. :bow: If there's enough interest then I'm all for getting it going again Ray, but before, we kind of had a lack of interest in it. And tbh, I can see the same thing happening again. And RATM_4_EVA, that is a kick-ass piece of work. You should be proud. :yes:
  10. New PS3 game screens. TGS special.

    Yeah I totally agree with this. This coming generation you're going to see alot of titles lag behind in visual quality. There'll be such a diversity in budgets and artistic talent where the smaller studios won't be able to match your Capcoms and Konami's of this world. I just hope that the european games industry isn't going to decline because of this............as we've seen in the past, those without money are going to struggle.
  11. The best console this generation.

    I voted PS2, as tbh it has had the widest selection of games, a constant decent release schedule, and a free online service (although it's got nothing on xbox live). I got my PS2 quite late into this generation, and I wished I had picked it up alot earlier so I would of had the time to sample some of the delights including Kingdom Hearts, the Socom series and FFX & X2 (got them two sitting next to my PS2 waiting to be played). I just started playing Project Zero 2 lastnite aswell................very chilling game.
  12. Ridge Racer 6 Xbox 360 shots.

    Have you got a link to these so called "target prerendered screens"?
  13. DVD+RW question

    I know this isn't my topic, but it's kind of related. Just wondering what the fundermental differences are between DVD+R's and DVD-R's, as we sell them in my shop and not even one staff member knows the actual differences.........including all the stupid members of management. So can anyone enlighten me on this at all, as I would really find it useful knowing.
  14. Your GameCube collections

    Animal Crossing Burnout 2 Donkey Konga F-Zero GX Ikaruga Killer7 Mario Kart DD Mat Hoffman's MGS: The Twin Snakes Metroid Prime Pacman Vs Paper Mario Phantasy Star Online Pokemon Colosseum REmake Resident Evil 4 R:Racing Skies Of Arcadia Sonic Adventure 2 Soul Calibur 2 Starfox Adventures Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkey Ball SSBM Tales of Symphonia Timesplitters 2 Warioware Inc: Mega Party Games Wave Race: Blue Storm Zelda: Collectors Ed. Zelda: The Wind Waker (Spec. Ed) Zelda: Four Swords
  15. Finished Fahrenheit last night.....

    I was on the edge of buying it today, but my bank account looked at me and cried. :no: Mite pick it up at the end of the month.
  16. Best Ever... (Results Are In)

    Ah haha, victory for the T.I.T's................and it was formed like 4-5 days before the move. Now that just shows how unwelcoming all the other groups were really. I think the whole point of it being set up was to show that there really isn't a need for these so called groups anymore.........that's my view though. :eer: And congrats to all the winners aswell! :yes:
  17. Well done guys :D But....

    Quoted for agreement. :bow: