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  1. 3D Modelling Thread

    Trial/Learning 3D Software Download Links Autodesk Maya Personal Learning Edition Autodesk 3DStudio Max (30 day trial) SOFTIMAGE XSI: Foundation Edition (30 day trial) Blender (Windows) Blender (Mac OS X) Wings3D (subdivision modeller) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please bare in mind the following: Constructive critique is valued, as it's always welcome.......so don't be afraid to suggest something If you're linking to a piece of your work in video form, then please compress the file, as I doubt anyone wants to wait for a 50MB download and only to find out the actual clip is 10 seconds long (tutorials on this will be posted in the next few weeks or so) This section will be updated over time to ensure a smooth ride. :wink: A quick note and a thankyou I would also like to add, that this has been the most successful 3D thread yet throughout the whole C-E/R-E history to my knowledge, so I would like to thank each and everyone of you that's contributed to this thread in anyway.............and hopefully this will be only the beginning. Keep it up guys! If anyone's got any suggestions for this area then feel free to mention them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here we are again, re-creating this thread for all those users with an interest in 3D modelling. I hope those of you that have mentioned the creation of this thread previously on these new forums the other week will stick by your word and keep this thread updated with any of your latest creations, questions, and just general techniques/theories which can push your renders to their maximum potential. Last week I started back at college for my second year in the course that I'm taking, and on the Thursday one of our lecturers told us that we would be starting Maya in a more in-depth fashion. So he took the class through modelling with CVs, and finally took the class onto rigging a basic model ready for animation. In class we made a Seal, and put in a spinal bone structure so it could pivot it's head up & down, and also rotate left/right. This was done to a very basic degree, and over time we'll be looking into these stages in alot more depth. So today at home, I created a basic structure of a Swan, and again implemented a spinal structure. The wireframe of the bone structure is below, and an animated gif of it being animated is displayed after. Anyway, if you've got any shiznit you want to post, then go ahead and don't be afraid of demonstrating your skills, whether they be beginner or professional.
  2. 3D Modelling Thread

    Sorry for the slow reply, been abroad for the past week or so on a much needed break. Thanks for the kind words both of you. I'm still aiming for a game art related position, but if I can show a few examples of nice renders (ie, a car render) in the portfolio to interest arch viz and CG companies then that's more potential possibilities for a job. Re-viewing this work that I've not seen for a few weeks makes me notice all the things I wasn't at all happy with.
  3. 3D Modelling Thread

    Decided I'm finished with this model for now. Ended up correcting a few little issues I had with the front of the vehicle, and made the decision to just leave a faint silhouette of the interior through the glass after speaking to a friend. I'm not 100% happy with the indicator on the side of the vehicle, and if I were to go back I'd put some sort of transparency map for the glass instead of it being all one depth. The render and lighting could also use some work. Rendering in Vray with a HDRI instead of MR (which it currently is) might be something I'd like to look into if I went back to it...but I'm done for now. Progress and moving onto something else.
  4. I was there quite early on. But from what I can remember for at least some of the time I was under the username Rappy_Cubed (a reference to PSO) and possibly also ilsa_nadir (TimeSplitters 2) as some point.
  5. 3D Modelling Thread

    Cheers, still got a fair bit to be getting on with though. I already have those DVD's, yes. I don't think I'll go anywhere near the scale they attempt in them though, but I'll most likely give the HP one a quick skim-through before starting that project as a sculpting refresh. Something more like this hopefully. http://www.medicinal-waste.co.uk/chillalex/fountain.htm I know of that kid and his work as well, he's a year or two below me when I was on my Uni course. His work is very good, and an ideal measurement of what it takes to land a junior position these days. Well done to him I admit.
  6. 3D Modelling Thread

    Did you both apply for that character position at OutSo then at the same time? Still in at TT then? Or working some other job in the area? (think I may of misunderstood your post, ha) And yes, took my site down the other week. Going to try and just reboot my online site with totally fresh new content leading up to the summer, then start applying again. That's my timescale anyway. New content is going to work out like this hopefully:- Car Model FPS weapon (high poly + bake etc) A new Modular Apartment Building (I know I had one before, but upon reflection it's not good enough to land a job) Sculpted Statue or Water Fountain asset Anyway, car model progress is here below. Still got a lot to add and tidy up (wing-mirror, window rubber edges, etc) and also model a medium interior (which I've just started over the last couple of days).
  7. 3D Modelling Thread

    He's all about the Lego games. I'm sure he doesn't mind me sharing. :wink: Ash told me he's recently moved on from TT as well by the way. Hope it's all going well up there man. Myself, 3d wise? Along with keeping a job that ticks me over money wise unrelated to all this, I've been working on things here and there... but I've only really kicked back into it since the New Year. Currently working on a car model for my portfolio, hopefully I'll be able to chuck a render up on here in a week or two if I keep working at it. Hope you're all doing well by the well.
  8. Black Swan

    I agree that it is still a great film, but for me it didn't pull any emotional strings like the best films do. It felt like nearly 'documentary' territory in parts. The stand out thing about The Social Network for me was the editing...it was pure class in that department. Soundtrack also needs a mention I suppose.
  9. Black Swan

    I'd go as far to say that the film being based around ballet is of so little relevance to this film. The film is a psychological thriller, that is its genre and its premise...not ballet. For me this is the best film of the past 12 months (or of those in the Oscar running). It should win best picture for me, but with how Facebook has been the 'in thing' for the last year for media outlets, Time Magazine etc etc to report on then unfortunately it's a foregone conclusion as to what will scoop that award. Please go see this film though. I can't recommend it enough to people. I find it difficult to choose my favourite Aronofsky film, or to put them in any order. Hmmmm, maybe Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain and Black Swan are my top 3 films of his. Couldn't pick a no.1 though.
  10. Need Design Work Done??

    Bluey - Just to say I've received your email, but I've not had the time to sit down and write a constructive reply with my thoughts, but will get back to you soonish. So cheers.
  11. Happy April 1st!

    Amazing April Fool. Props to whoever came up with this.
  12. Need Design Work Done??

    Sent you a PM bluey, sorry couldn't get it to you at the weekend.....was a little busy. Cheers.
  13. Need Design Work Done??

    Many thanks. I'll collate some stuff either this evening or tomorrow and I'll PM you with some more information. Thanks again, and for offering this opportunity.
  14. FaceBook

    I believe the updates are being done on what network you are associated with. University networks are most likely to be first considering the way facebook started out. Hating the new layout though. On the the last update it took time, but I could always see its change there was for the better. Really struggling with this one..........and I'm going to say it's a good thing, as I'm less likely to spend my time on there now and can actually do something productive instead.
  15. Need Design Work Done??

    I may be interested Bluey if it's at all possible. Just in need of a logo for my name/description of what I do, and a way to brand my portfolio which is in my sig. I requested this off a friend recently but he's let me down, and I've had to ask more than two three times.........so I've given up. Again, it's just a logo for my name which I can then brand the top banner with, and then also add to images of my work in the corner. Sent me a PM whenever you're ready to take it on (no rush really) and I'll try and get examples of the sort of thing I'm after sent to you. I might be vague, but it just needs to look smart in a presentation sort of way.
  16. Photoshop being a bitch

    Just had a little play around in PS to see if I could replicate it. Only thing I can say to check is the 'shape dynamics' which you have set on the brushes........and there check that the size jitter is at 0%. Is this the same brush btw, and you've just increased the size, or is it a different brush. I'm guessing a different one though. Just leaving the spacing at 25% for these brushes is standard (the soft fading out at edges brush), so again I say check the jitter settings. I also have smoothing ticked for those brushes as default as well. Btw, is that CS4?....looks pretty nice interface wise (still using CS2 here).
  17. Pour yourself another whiskey, down it...................then look upwards for a moment, then sob loudly like a little girl! haha Happy b'day man, hope you have a good one.
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/systemuse/xbox360/licensemigration/ Was this a system that was sent off to MS, as they should have done the transfer there and then. If it's a system swapped in-store then yeah, you'd need to transfer the licenses even if you have a new or old HD. Licenses are tied to the gamer tag I believe, and those licenses in that gamer tag can only be tied to one system at a time. You can only do this transfer once a year as well, so make sure you're going to be using that console for the foreseeable future.
  19. Twitter

    Have they sorted out the UK text messaging service yet to use with it, as before it was being charged at a premium rate to update your status by text, and not just a usual standard rate or taking free texts off your contract? This made me think the whole thing was pointless to any of us in the UK. I only ever use it now to keep track of certain well known people, and to see what they have to say.
  20. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Get a years in-store warranty with Game if it becomes faulty. Managed to swap it for another console, and plus let them take my 20GB HD so I could have a 60GB. So no complaints here.
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Posting in here, because need a few questions answered. (and you people are great ) Anyway, my 360 RROD a few days ago, and I've not even had it a year yet. So because it is within that 1st year, it still gives me the option to take it back to Game and exchange it for a brand-new one. Right now here's the problem. Because they've changed the size of the HD now, I'm feeling like grabbing the 60GB and letting them take in my 20GB as faulty......problem is I have quite a few downloadable games on that hard-drive and I'd like to know whether I'd be fine to just download them again to my new 360 and its new 60GB hard-drive with no problems whatsoever. The reason I ask this is because I've heard about DRM issues, and also the fact that downloaded games are tied to the 360 they are purchased on? If anyone can answer my concerns here would be greatly appreciated. I just feel that because I'm within a year that I should just try and take that 60GB hard-drive with the swapped hardware and let them take my 20GB as faulty. Edit - Just going to say that I would love some help with this by late tonight, as meant to be exchanging tomorrow morning at some point. Edit2 - I've found my answer. Just use the new DRM transfer tool on the xbox website that MS put in place 6 months ago.
  22. Game

    Nope. *message length*
  23. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    Berluddy hell! lulz. Originally I wanted to make mine look like me clothes wise, but couldn't change the polo tee colour to black, so in the end I just decided to fuck it up a little. I have a monocle, so automatically I have a higher sense of value on the street!
  24. New Xbox 360 Dashboard

    Oh yehh! Loving the fact I've been able to delete games with 0 GS points. Much more clean now.
  25. Dirty in Photoshop

    That would of most likely been done with a dirt layer with it's blending changed to 'overlay' above the base texture. You would then lower the opacity or fill on that layer, and use the rubber tool with a splattered brush maybe to brush out parts of that layer while changing the opacity for the rubber tool to get the right result. The splattered brush is just an example, obviously choose a brush for the rubber that fits with what you're trying to achieve with the dirt. It's the way I would tackle it personally, and I use if very often with textures for 3d objects, e.g. dirty brickwork. This method is used in both textures and when creating 2d concept art like you posted. Your lecturer was probably telling you to use masks which affect the layer it's applied to. Apparently this is a slightly better way to deal with it, but I've become accustomed to adding the layer above and changing to 'overlay' like I said. Give it ago and post the results up, although the contents of your image that you want to edit look kind of small pixel wise for the framing.....blah blah. Try and make the glasses a lot bigger or something for when you post the next image up.