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  1. We don't have to do this at all. I have no desire to stick around here, I just had a desire to clean this ridiculous mess up since people seem so goddamn intent upon repeatedly bringing it up in the channel. The irony here is pretty hilarious. And no, I'm not elitist. I'm very, very liberal. Just my views when it comes to the internet and real life are completely different, and think that an IRC channel is so irrelevant in the context of the entire world that it really doesn't make a difference to anything at all. I don't hate any of the new members who have stuck around, in fact I think some of them are pretty damned sound (sup thefish). I just think you are irritating and happen to be so far up your arse (hey, I'm not talking down to you, I'm being honest, you should be pleased ) that you are stuck to throwing the same word around in the completely wrong way in the vain attempt of eventually coming to a conclusion that in actual fact is so far-fetched that you no longer have any choice but to stick to it else look like a fool. I'm ready to bury the hatchet in this thread, on this forum, whatever. I've made my point and if you want to carry on thinking I'm elitist, go ahead, I don't really care. I just want people to stop wasting my time with irrelevant drivel with regards to the running of an IRC channel. Adieu, N-E.
  2. Good to see you actually made a reasonable argument against my point, plus points for you there! Nah, he isn't getting unbanned. He was irritating on there, he's been irritating in this thread, and considering he still seems to have thought he had a chance of getting back in if he complained enough and then goes on to call us elitist pricks with no real reason as to why (we banned someone for being irritating - how is that elitist? We haven't banned anyone because we think they're "worse" than us. We haven't banned anyone for any non-sensical reason. You got a warning and you were banned, simple as. We haven't banned anyone else, which some people seem to fail to realise) - yeah, that's a really good way to go about things.
  3. No idea, it said Fierce_LiNk in the [quote=%username bit. Who knows, maybe we'll have Zeik having admin access for a year without anyone realising, blank threads, invisible links to goatse all flooding back... If only. :P
  4. It's good to see that passing judgement on people you don't know is okay when it's in your favour, Fresh! *clap* Yeah, we ban one person from a completely insignificant part of the world, and we're as bad as a man who slaughtered millions of people based on their religion and birthplace. Did you actually read that back to yourself or did you just figure "hey I managed to reference to Hitler that's good enough for me!"? If you don't like how people are treated in #cube-europe, stop visiting. Honestly, I couldn't care less if you think it's bad. This place has nothing to do with that channel, and hasn't for a long time. Attempting to overrule it by whining on an internet forum is a) wasting your time, b) wasting my time, c) wasting bandwidth (yes, the fact minimal bandwidth is being used is part of the point). I don't even understand what the problem is. We banned Fresh, yes. Did we give him a warning? Yes. He's not getting unbanned. You are MORE THAN WELCOME to go make #n-europe or whatever the hell you want, I assure you we won't mind. Now quit making the worst analogies ever conceived and claiming they're "charismatic", thanks. :-*