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  1. Has C-E + R-E = gone

    You mean "...by Happenstance", right? I replied on a thread that was still on page 1 at the time. Other than that, even though there are 3 pages listed in this thread, only the first two actually appear. Little forum bug? [edit] ah great... so my new post is actually the first on page 3, meaning that it showed 3 pages before there actually were 3 pages (unless there's a secret hidden post in here somewhere, which would actually defy the whole idea of being a secret hidden post as the pagecount would still prove that there is a hidden post. [/edit] (and [/headache])
  2. Has C-E + R-E = gone

    Different people though...
  3. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    No... that was just mean Just dropped into this thread to say "hi" to all the oldies. Why this thread? Because I also wanted to let you know that my firstborn (son), now 4 weeks old, is called Fitz... /me crawls back into the shadows...
  4. good stuff thread.

    As mentioned on FB: ON YOUR FACE! J/k, hi all. See there's still a load of legends hanging around here? Good to see that :-)
  5. Most people around here might've never seen me before, and why should you? I haven't been around for about... say... 4 years? To be honest, I never really experienced N-Europe as... well... N-Europe. For those still interested in who I might've been in the past: my roots here lie somewhere in the era of n64europe.com and cube-europe.com, been a moderator (and later an admin) on these boards when they were still on XSOrbit, ran a little subdomain of the site and a weekly feature back when the GameBoy Advance was introduced and idled in #cube-europe (IRC, Quakenet) a lot (sometimes with a few op-rights). But enough about me. Here's for the more interesting part for those who happened to know me in the past and are still around. I cleaned up my harddrive tonight and found a little video that was once posted on these forums. Can't remember who exactly was performing in this, but my guess is either dabookerman or mr_odwin (sorry if I got this one wrong). I've uploaded it to , so feel free to check it out... for nostalgic reasons. (sorry... never used the youtube-tags. We didn't have those "back in my time")
  6. Homage to the old C-E members

    Like I ever could just "vanish" ;-) How's life double-D? Still love you too Roady. Recently popped in on IRC, but there was almost no-one there. Just me and g9icy :-/
  7. Homage to the old C-E members

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It was such a great plan back then...
  8. Homage to the old C-E members

    I can remember that name giving some "discussion" ;-) @Rummy: don't worry. These were just the sigs I hosted. I think pdhq64 had a few more.
  9. Homage to the old C-E members

    j7wicked (a.k.a. "je*d*ck7") Khun-t (don't pronounce this…) Kigan (somehow he kept coming back, no matter how much we pushed him) Kopo (still mad at me mate?) Limkayo Lyndis Master Skyline Master Tim (founder) j7wicked / jayseven and I actually altered Tim's sig without him nowing / noticing… until we told him a week later, that is. Miyka'el (the old boards had two dirrect background colors alternating. Even posts you'd only see the left part, odd posts the right part) Monopolyman Oliherst Rizz Rufio Scraggle Shuriken Son Goku Sonja_Hippicus TheOnlyJaz Uncle_Buckman Unknown Various other images Captain CE Once there was an unofficial "Design a mascot for Cube-Europe"-contest. In this match, Captain-CE (seen below) went through some fierce battles with Manny the (Sniper) Slug and some Laundromat 3000. He lost though Topping on Master Tim's birthday cake Master Tim was always on about how great Cube-Europe was. We (his close friends and fellow students) decided to give Tim a chocolate birthday-cake with a little extra: a photo printed on top of it: (we actually ate the cake afterwards...) Ninja-lightning Someone once asked me to do this to his picture. Can't remember who though... Some ninja apparently. The C-E Elite A few of the people who were there from the start once got a special 'tag': CE Elite. Some people disliked this 'privilege, which led to some chaos. Nonetheless, I still think the tag and the image that came with it were pretty nice to those around very long:
  10. Homage to the old C-E members

    Beermonkey Bencallis Blackfox Blackbird It all started something like this, only with the text "Blackbird's Vengeance" written in the center. Why "Vengeance", one might ask? Because the image was taken from the GameBoy Advance's game "Batman's Vengeance". After about a year of having the same sig, I made the one below to wish everyone a happy 2003... That one lasted for almost an entire year, with people starting to complain about the "best wishes" somewhere in October. Hence the wait began, and I introduced the following sig as a placeholder and build up tension: And on the first of January 2004, the following sig was finally revealed: Of course people weren't happy with such enhancements to the original, accusing me of being "somewhat lazy". In 2005 the true nature of the sticky note was revealed: they had been looking at the 2005-edition ALL YEAR without knowing (becuase of the sticky of course) After that, I decided it was time for some change. Within that last year (2005), the following sigs made their entrance: and ...and finally, ever year at Christmas I'd throw in this one for a few days: Bstmte Chris (Shorty?) Christian Coo in the Zoo Cube-Game Darkcloud Devil In Love Falco Lombardi Fried_egg_on_toats James, later a.k.a. "Stranger"
  11. Homage to the old C-E members

    Oi, I actually still have that one online mind you... as are about 30 other sigs I made for myself and other people back in the days. If anyone's interested I can throw them in a thread for old-time's sake. Think I've got some j7wicked-stuff there too, as are the "stay-tuned-for-BB's-new-sig"-sigs You mean.... you're that Numa-Numa-guy? Pleased to meetcha too
  12. Homage to the old C-E members

    In order: - good - indeed busy... living together, fulltime job (which REALLY takes more than the 40 hours they say and pay for), etc. No babies yet, although Tim having one kinda made me aware of my age... - ReZ... who?
  13. Homage to the old C-E members

    Wow, didn't expect that many replies of people still around actually (neither that fast!) Life's a bit different for me nowadays, leaving me with too little time unfortunately. I'll try to pop in every now and then though. Now I only wonder who Sexual Chocolate is
  14. Knocked up - not the movie :(

    Can't speak for everyone here, but for me it's more like a "only have sex with those you'd want to go further with". Accidents happen, which can leave you with nasty problems otherwise. Moria: no matter how you say it, the other one will never know for sure why you two got together: because of an accident, or because the other one finally noticed your (inner) beauty (*gasp*). I for one would not be a happy man if I were living with such doubts
  15. Knocked up - not the movie :(

    Oh com'on. You can't possibly be serious about that one. If anything could give out the signal "Sorry, but I don't really want you but hey, in case it turns out you're really pregnant, I'll give in", that would be it. Dieter, whatever you two decide to do, treat her with respect. You took a gamble sleeping with someone you don't really 'love', now deal with the consequences. (not saying you're not, by the way) Anyhow: happy 2008 And that was my brief appearance for 2008, I guess...
  16. Eliminate! N-E... You're Next!

    so... I already died say 2 years ago, right?
  17. Wii Release List

    Nintendo is known for releasing quarterly schedules. The Q4 titles are (except for the co-junction title with SEGA) all non-Nintendo titles (although I believe Nintendo is distributing Harvest Moon in Europe). Most likely the Q4 titles are filled in in a few months.
  18. Wii Release List

    Hate to break this for you then, but it seems that the Swedish Nintendo site decided to put up the very same list (which isn't very strange as I got the list through an employee at Bergsala ) Now for the already-released titles: Phoenix Wright took almost a year to be released in Germany and other european countries. Localized versions often take more time.
  19. Wii Release List

    And why would it be fake?
  20. If it were elitist, how could people like mcj, Bogbas, Kano and Rummy be allowed in?
  21. No, we're saying that you can't expect the N-Europe staff to have any saying in #cube-europe (nor vice versa) and trying to take away the idea that #cube-europe is for N-Europe visitors. I guess 60% of the people in #cube-europe are no longer visitors around here. We're just people who got in a few years ago and stuck around.
  22. And there we've got mistake number 1: not reading the FAQ. I quote: Schpickles and g9icy were never part of the Cube-Europe or N-Europe staff (although Schpickles did write a few columns). The irc-channel #cube-europe was made as a meeting place, not as an official channel in addition to the site and/or boards. Access to the room is a privilege, not a right. Cube-Europe.com and N-Europe are using the channel, yes. But does that make the channel 'official'? No, it doesn't. I can link to google.com, does that make that my property? Again, no it doesn't. The irc-channel is and will always remain not-affiliated with the powers that be in here. There may, or may not, be people who've got saying in both. PS. Hi to all who remember me...