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  1. This could be the beauty of the Wii, having a FIFA which is unique yet offers a Pro Evo game which is more akin to the traditional setup. - Something for everyone.


    I don't know if anyone is aware of this but, according to this months NGamer magazine, producer of Pro Evo Shingo "seabass" Takatsuka has, apparently had some trouble mapping the controls to the wii remote. The publication responds with humour stating they are sure he will work it out.



  2. Cant remember if this was stated before by anyone at EA, but the line about considering online for the future is dissapointing as it surely means there will be nothing in the current version? Yet there is a NO COMMENT section on the online specific question...I'm confused. If its online I'll get this straight away. Offline I'm not so sure ~ As it probably wont last too long...Ala Animal Crossing on the GC compared with AC:WW on the DS

  3. There does seem to be a large problem as players get to the Crystal cup knock out stages...It's like Next Level wanted the game to last longer so they just upped the AI through the roof all of a sudden. Cheap tactics for sure, yet the game still seems to draw you back as it begs to be played due to the simplicity of it all.

    I've had a few friends, both male and female play this and they have all thoroughly enjoyed it - But then again they haven't played the Road To Strikers Cup section!

    From what I've read in a few forums, without the competitive online element - I feel this would be collecting dust already in many a gamers collection - Wholly due to the horrific AI fluctuations in the single player mode.


    Today just could be the day I beat that damn Crystal cup final. (Sigh).

    Strikers is like a love hate relationship:love: :weep:

  4. I still have a HUGE soft 'spot' for my favourite childhood game ever...Cool Spot. 1994-1997 was a fantastic time for 2D platformers with Aladdin on the Megadrive/SNES. The Earthworm Jim franchises, Sonics and Marios and the Donkey Kong Country games. But somehow, even though I loved all of those games, I hold Cool Spot dear to my heart. The character design and music is something I still love today. Imagining this little spot running around like some sort of borrower created infinate gaming opportunities. Oh well...Cool Spot will never return. Dave Perry (and Virgin games...whatever happened to them!!) are more into their hardcore shooters and ever since MDK it looks like thats the direction Shiny (some remaining staff members of the Cool Spot team) are always going to take.


    So yeah, taking the character design from the red spot on a 7UP bottle may seem supid yet Spot was always infinately better than fido dido ever was...And his game was better than fido didos too. So there lol! More golden oldies please...:bouncy:

  5. Quoted from the IGN Wiik in review:


    Big developers heading to Wii. Manhunt 2 will test the water for adult titles on Wii.


    so if it doesn't sell....Wii will be buggered when it comes to adult themed games?


    Fair enough IGN - But by this reckoning...Putting one M rated title as the focus of the entire future of 'adult' content on the Wii seems somewhat confusing..Especially when said console is less than a year old and it's ONE game! What if Rockstar balls it up? What then?


    It seems that an adult Wii game at the moment simply means 'Manhunt 2'. This not only grates on me as gaming should be a broad spectrum yet in the same vein isn't Brain training on the DS aimed at adults (advertising in TIME, readers digest publications etc)? Yet, frustratingly this never paved the way for more adult titles for the DS..Different genre I guess..but then what is classed as a MATURE genre? I feel there is a fundamental problem with identity in the industry.


    A recent article on Nintendojo.com mentioned VC sales and how the Mario, Zelda (Nintendo) franchises were the most popular downloads..Yet if we want more "elusive" titles on the VC we need to buy more of the elusive titles that exist. Makes sense right? But surely the massive uptake of the Wii should guarantee that these niche titles sell? Just give it time. It's not only us 'gamers' buying the Wii, evidently.


    Maybe the above IGN statement shows that the industry itself still sees Nintendo in a certain light and even with the sheer amount of Wii consoles sold, mature titles just "wont" sell on the Wii. We have seen this with the DS. it's the most popular device of recent times yet still lacks mature (read: Adult themed?) games.


    Either way...I'm looking forward to Manhunt 2 (on its own merits) :¬) I'm just confused as to why IGN would imply that developers see Manhunt 2 as the proving ground for Wii. Here's hoping Rockstar (and the sales) deliver.

  6. I've been playing and playing this solid, only to come up against Diddy kong time and time again...I wont speak a word about the rest.


    Anyways, Online is a different beast, Waluigi players who create walls and walls and hammer spammers and happy tounge wagglers and...and...and... Good lord it's insane online! Like others on here I've started playing this on its hardest setting with hope to conquer some online t*!!*s. But its just so darn harsh when players resort to the same tactics over and over when things start to become like a normal match.


    It's a little like real football in that regards. When things are going bad you pass to your best player...or you repeat your crosses against poor heading teams etc...So I guess my complaints are redundant. I hope the readers of N-Europes Strikers forum can create a top tips guide to help the online battles becoming stale. That's my bitchin' over!...You can tell Ive just come offline with a 13-5 humping due to 12 hammer goals..:mad:

  7. Having played the Godfather to death (even my fiance loved it. Incredibly..Ive never seen her so violent)!

    I'm really looking forward to this now.


    Having seen what the Wii can bring to the sandbox genre, I was hoping there would be more gesture based actions considering the Godfather had me so enraptured by its sweet gestured world that, at times, it seemed to be pushing the walls of virtual reality. But its good to see the Scarface game getting the reviews it probably deserves. A lot of time has been spent reworking the graphics and controls for the Wii and I salute Sierra for their uptake and risk taking by putting a title like Scarface out so early in the lifecycle of the console. The last few lines of the IGN review (Vice City, eat your heart out) is also notable as GTA still seems to be the sub concious of what every gamer seems to weigh the sandbox genre through. Vice City is indeed 'still' fabulous yet even I thought the scope and sheer balls of EA's gesture based Godfather shot it down and made it seem archaic.


    Bring on Scarface I say :¬)

  8. Hey fellow ppl, LTRFTW,


    I'm getting a sensi soccer vibe from the previews given so far. I dont know if the top-down view will suit me personally but in the context of the controls I think it will work :o. Who knows. Maybe playing is indeed believing!

    Anyhoo, the throw ins and free kick scenarios are sounding brilliant (on paper). Lets hope there are some goalkeeper/penalty suprises too (maybe building on strikers charged goalkeeping situations).


    The FIFA franchise has been relying on yearly 'gimmicks' for too long now. Relying on ever-increasing button usage, new moves, off the ball controls, new free kick plays...every year this happens...And some people are already saying the Wii version will be gimmicky..hmmm, with this logic hasn't the entire licence been using gimmicks to compete with PES recently? Hopefully this will be the 'gimmick' that really sticks.


    Just my two cents...What does everyone else think?