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  1. You cant get happier than the Polyphonic Spree. Liquid Sunshine, Well said fellow poster. Get some Koji Kondo in your system. You can't be sad at some Yoshis Island music : peace:


    Some have said Muse, I agree with the 'happiness' vibe - but quite a lot of Muse tracks can be quite hard to listen to. Just because they have to be appreciated extensively. Almost like, say, Radiohead or something like Jethro Tull. Well, that's my personal opinion!


    Seriously, get some Polyphonic Spree or potentially, listen to some ELO!!

  2. Yeah, I remember liking the Chao in Sonic Advance. Killed loads of hours! The Starlight music is still beautiful I agree it's awesome. Which is probably another point: (Get ready....!)


    Most memorable OLD Sonic tracks: (not in any particular order!!)


    Scrap Brain Zone Sonic 1

    Green Hill Zone Sonic 1

    Labyrinth Zone Sonic 1

    Starlight Zone Sonic 1

    Icecap theme from Sonic 3

    Carnival Night Zone Sonic 3

    Emerald Zone Sonic 2

    Green Hill Zone Sonic 1 (Master System version)

    Sonic 2 Bonus sage

    Sonic R "super sonic racing" song


    Most memorable NEW sonic tracks:


    Possibly City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


    See the difference? The rock anthems of the new Sonic games are hideous when put next to the sheer talent of the old classic tunes!! Now get composing something original Sega!!

  3. I thought the ten reference would get a few eyebrows raised lol.


    However, having loved Legend and wanting more of the same, this should be fantastic. Toby Gard and co seem to be back on form and I hope he brings this new found glory to new franchises. (Ala Galleon remake?) Not that I would complain with more of Lara's adventures. It seems that the Wii version will offer something extra too. It would be good to see a manual aiming system like The Godfather or the nunchuck being used as the rappell line with a target and "flick" to send out. Looking forward to this one :¬)

  4. I remember playing Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and wondering why the hell the game was set in a modern, humanised world. Vast cityscapes just didn't seem to translate well in 3D. I remembered those kind of city-like levels in the Mega Drive versions..Ala Chemical Zone/Starlight zone. But the best aspect of Sonic which has been sadly lost was the element of isolation set against a neon backdrop. The fact you were in Mobius, running through forests, oceans and snowcaps whilst constantly on your way to a technological based nightmare (which was turning your world and the animals into robotic slaves) was hypnotic. It had a real purpose. Dr Robotnick was visualised in every enemy and with the sequals, furry friends helped Sonic get to Robotnick.

    These friends gave the game more scope and the balance of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles against Robotnick made Robotnick somehow scarier as it took three characters to rise up. This ideal has since been abolished as Sega seemed to take Sonic's "cool factor" to heart and make him the Bart Simpson of the gaming world - with the characteristics of a seven year old superhero. Adding more characters also seemed to dilute the personalities of the original characters and the innocence of it all. Bring back Green Hill Zone and a moment to really appreciate the design and scope of these levels. Sega, stop making them "too cool" and "too fast" and "too complex". Simplify sonic again (Just like the original Sonic Advance) and lets bring this brilliant character back to the forests, and back to saving his existance in his own world; not ours.

  5. Lego press release:


    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games will create LEGO Batman, set to launch in fall of 2008. The game will feature all of the characters from the LEGO Batman construction sets, plus a few new additions. Gamers will have the ability to roam the streets of LEGO Gotham City as Batman or Robin, and even take control of the villains while manipulating gadgets and building and operating fantastic vehicles in one- or two-person cooperative gameplay. The game is slated to be available on multiple platforms.


    A loooong time away then!

  6. I'm quite happy with the Nokia N-Series phones. (Particularly my N73) Annoyingly they do seem to have problems with the initial formwares yet the updates are all available now. FINALLY! It was a sham that the operating system (symbian 6) from the N-Gage onwards wouldn't work with the new symbian 9.0 operating systems. Yet many of the old apps are now working with the new N series phones...With better screens, higher resolutions etc this is a great thing. With killer apps like a megadrive emulator and movie viewer (in conjunction with the great screens) 'm more than happy :¬)


    I just wish Nokia would convert some of the old N-Gage games to the newer format. Just for Tony Hawk, Tomb Raider and Splinter Cell!:awesome:

  7. The BBFC have these basic guideline rules:


    Is the material in conflict with the law?

    Is the material, at the age group concerned, likely to be harmful?

    Is the material, at the age group concerned, clearly unacceptable to broad public opinion?


    In the context of Manhunt 2, points one and three are highlights. Yet there are two-sides to every story. As gamers we understand the connotations, actions and development cycles behind Rockstar's decision to release this piece of software. Yet the BBFC are more worried about little Timmy getting his hands on the game, resulting in Timmy becoming a mass murderer. So, rather than just banning the software outright (IE mocking the effort, vision, creativity and man hours put into the product) why not sell it behind the counter - With ID being needed for purchase.


    Use Manhunt 2 as a positive. Change the way gamers buy specific adult themed software. Not having a freedom over our own choice is how rebellion starts, not from an adult based videogame.


    One further note:


    Suda 51 must be taking notes..Afterall, he claimed 'No More Heroes' would be more violent that Manhunt 2. It will be interesting to see what becomes of that piece of software. Maybe the developers will look to Manhunt as an example of what they can and cannot do. It'll be interesting to see what 'No More Heroes' turns out like.

  8. I really hope people realise how much effort EA are putting into the Wii and see them as a changed company on Wii. Not only are they coming for the dinero but they are actually using the features of the console (Mii integration). This is a far cry from what Konami and the pro evo license would provide. I hope the announcement that Pro Evo isn't for Wii at the moment doesn't reflect on this game as I think it could be a dark horse. Hats off to EA for having the serious footy market all to themselves.

  9. One game can never change the entire console ownership ratio (in my opinion) yet there are always defining moments in the life of a console (Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, Metal Gear Solid...)

    And if this is seen as that moment for the Wii (so early) that's a poor reflection on us as gamers. I'm bitter about this yes, I love PES more than most games and it seemed apparent the Wii would get the game asap. Konami are just...sigh, I don't know. They better have something in the pipeline otherwise I'll be a sad, sad Wii owner for a while. Pro Evo means that much to me. And I hope the next DS iteration improves vastly over it's predecessor.

  10. It's kind of ironic that some of those features were things Nintendo persued and showed off. IE look at the Wii photo channel adverts on TV. How the tables have turned. Let's see where Sony go next. They would do well to actively promote the 'HOME' features when it launches.

  11. Considering Resi 4 has already been played to death by myself and many others, I'm going with Manhunt 2 'and' Scarface. As good as Resi 4 was, the morsels of new features just don't justify the dinero to me. Plus I don't think I have the gaul to replay the game knowing what the plot accumulates to. I've also never played Scarface nor the Manhunt series and I'm looking forwad to a fresh, deep experience. I'm also a firm believer in giving new Wii developers a chance to shine. Which, from what I've read; Manhunt and Scarface both do.


    Let's hope the sales are good from both games as Sierra and Rockstar are both talented developers who will have used these games as learning steps for both the Wii's market and developmental environment.:laughing:

  12. Although it's not instantly apparent from some comments on forums, life does indeed have priorities over gaming and I'm loving the way the Wii fits into my "grown-up" (read: working) lifestyle. Granted, I grew up on games and still drool at any news about Nintendo's new titles but the Wii's accessibility is keeping me interested in gaming. I study gaming at university too, so its kind of ironic that I feel more and more alienated from the industry...Maybe I've "over-gamed" myself.. I already suffer from stylusitis from the DS...God knows what's next! :wtf:

  13. Good comments guys, I totally understand the angles your drawing and discussing. The Wii is sheer potential for the industry. That shouldn't wane in time. Just like the DS, we are still seeing refreshing software.


    It would be horrible for the industry (and, thus developers) to think back in ten years and think "we never even tried...". Granted we are talking businesses here with an aim to make money. But like all businesses risk must be involved in order to succeed. I hope more developers take a risk to design NEW software in the vein of the Touch generations! model. Ideally I'd like to see a games store becoming like a book store. with software offerings ranging from Shakespeare audio books on the DS to Epic RPG's like Oblivion. We are seeing the model already with the VC. Nintendo are offering the whole picture. Hanging it up hoping artists copy. At the moment we see little evidence on the Wii front. Yet look at Ubi Softs new IP's (Spelling master etc)...Hopefully this will broaden the entire industry into not only seeing the next release as an FPS, RPG, MMORPG, SHOOTER, RACER....

    Bring on the change. It seems standard that Nintendo should produce something different. But this time it's not shoulder buttons. It's the entire electronics entertainment business model.

  14. I'm sick of seeing old ports given headlines yet thoes headlines are mostly showing pictures from their prior releases... Case in point:



    On the 12/06/2007 jeuxfrance.com posted !new! Driver Wii screens picked up from Ngc France. Fair enough you may think. Well below is one of those screens posted:




    I wasn't a big fan of the screens posted as they primarily focused on cut scenes with only a couple of shots seemingly in game.

    Yet what does frustrate me is when this is seen as news, yet if we rewind to 2005. Monday October the 21st to be exact; we see this posting:




    Now, the pictures are EXACTLY the same, which just infuriates me. It sparked my interest and seems to be happening frequently with the Wii. We see re-released software for the system yet we are shown other, older systems shots. It's shocking and not a good indication of how the final software will even turn out. (Or how far into developmet it is.) It's a joke when this happens and publishers should be named and shamed. I urge people to look closer at these 'Wii-makes'. From Resident Evil 4 to Scarface we are probably being given shots from eons ago.


    Now, I know in some cases this can be a good point. If only to show readers what the game will look like - Yet it's when it is a BLATANT lie...like the above example that it is wrong. Just thought I'd highlight the point.

  15. Examples of developers picking on Wii....We've had Sega doing it recently and people at ID software etc...Just what is their problem?? Is the industry really creatively stiffled by the Wii? You would think that the development costs and user base alone would mean that everyone would be pretty much happy with the little wonder.


    Surely the Wii will bring:


    An expanded audience meaning more future players.


    More opportunity to sell something unique as more people become gamers.


    A greater understanding and appreciation of the craft of gaming.


    A larger pool of developers in the future due to a vast userbase.


    The industry's development side is still full of "hardcore" gamers, computer science graduates etc...And an expanded audience will only further the industry into new avenues. (Similar to films...many genres creating many more fans meaning many more film developers.)


    The interactive entertainment industry needs to grow internally and something like the Wii or DS could spark interest in those never associated with gaming. If this industry is to be taken seriousy there needs to be more people in it. Afterall, (when compared to the film industry) gaming is still in it's infancy. I wonder if one day we will see something similar to the Oscars in regards to gaming. Award going to best AI, Best use of frog in spaceship etc...Who knows?!

  16. Seems like EA have really grasped the power of the Wii. It's looking good. I hope its an exclusive for a long time. Having enjoyed Singstar and seeing the sheer joy it brings to party's I hope this is in the same vein. I'm yet to be convinced by the motion controls as it seems a little too far-fetched. (Ala trying to get characters to dance). Or am I missing something there?

    I'm really intrigued by the video editing mode. There doesn't seem to be a WIFI sharing option; which would be brilliant post party.


    Yet another Wii title by EA I'm looking forward to!: peace:

  17. I still stand firm by my notion that The Godfather is an astounding example of what motion control can bring to a game. (Remake or not.) For EA to get the gameplay controls spot on the first time around was astonishing. (IE threatening buisinesses.)

    The Godfather remains one of my favourite Wii games simply due to the tactile, robust and consistant controls. I'm glad there is a sequel in development, the Wii deserves to be a part of it. Maybe by then we will see all of the elements already in place really get the attention they deserve instead of the game being judged as a remake.


    Considering Manhunt 2, Scarface and No More Heroes will have come and gone by this time next year, I hope franchises will constantly evolve on the Wii thanks to the ideas and implementations of other developers controls. I'm sick of sequels just having a "tighter" camera or a "workable" targeting system surounding new missions. The Wii is slowly doing its job. Evolving the way we play and revitalising franchises both old and new. Just my two pence.

  18. Genuinely excited for this now. The Eurogamer interview also mentioned that the more traditional viewpoint will be present. (Whoop whoop for old school). The developers also seem genuinely excited to be working with the Wii due to the creative drive the console seems to add to the franchise. I also like the fact they have been taking a leaf out of Nintendo's book by looking at ways of educating the player. Most people will cite the XBox graphics quotes and the fact Strikers includes co-op online yet FIFA won't - But I think they will be missing the point. As a first step onto the Wii...EA have to be applauded for their embrace of the platform and the ideas put into play. If you need to see just how much love the Wii is getting; look at the first FIFA for the XBOX360...


    Your move Konami...


    Well we got WE6 FE which was a much better version of Pro Evo 2. more like Pro Evo 2.5 which never got released in Europe. too be honest Japanese GC owners have themselves too blame. the game sold done horrible sales so Konami decided to drop the GC when it come too winning eleven games.


    This is still twisted logic. The Pro Evo franchise sells extremely well in the UK yet Konami didn't even release it on our shores to see if it would sell here. This is a ridiculous notion when you look at the original XBOX which, sold about 3 systems in Japan. And did Konami release WE on the XBOX? I dont recollect it. But THEY DID eventually release Pro Evo for the XBOX in the UK.

    Which is illogical when they had WE6 FE code fully running on the Cube. Were Konami just too boozy, lazy, greedy or possibly all three to convert to PAL?


    There are many reasons...I think. (However, I digress. It's still a sore point)! But I'll leave it for someone else to dwell on now. Endex.

  19. Although the entire game was memorable, for me it had to be the enormous guys without any eyes. The entire cast of characters were superbly designed - Having a welcomed realistic tone to them making Zombies seem archaic. Yet these large horrors scared the bejeezus out of me! Why were they blind? How do I kill them? WHAT IS HAPPENING!! Just some of the things that ran through my mind the first time I came across one of those! The animation on them was fabulous, they lumbered about with their wolverine- like claws hanging waiting to stab into you. Sublime, utterly sublime.

  20. Strikers does work extremely well...In the context of its genre. It's more like a brawler with its TACKLE! PASS! SHOOT!! ethos. (Probably in that order!)

    Pro Evo's intracies could indeed be difficult to map onto the wii-mote...Yet if 'bassy' is just 'mapping' this insinuates it's merely a port with updated rosters.


    Now that the PS3, XBOX 360, VISTA gaming platforms are in swing I'm sure Pro Evo will go "next gen" rather than simply a higher resolution (ala XBOX 360 Pro Evo 6). The Pro Evo engine has been held back by the PS2 version selling like hot cakes for a few years now. Even the PC versions have been held back graphically.

    I really think this years version could be the last of the "current gen" versions. IE High Resolution on 360, PS2 version being normal, and Wii version being similar to the PS2 version - Maybe crisper? (Oh, doesn't M$ still have the rights for the Next Gen version of Pro Evo? - Leaving the PS3 version non-existant?)


    It will be interesting to see what 'bassy' makes Pro Evo like for Wii. I'm just glad it's being talked about considering we got SHAFTED on the Gamecube having only got Pro Evo (2?). I dont think I'll ever get over that - For that matter I don't think the good ol' cube got over it...In Europe anyhoo.

    Oh well, until then...Strikers feeds my footy addiction.

  21. Manhunt is, technically a brand new game (ok, I know it's a sequel but its a Nintendo 1st) but the Godfather, Scarface, Resi are all remakes...and they are gaining mucho interest.

    This will probably sell vastly in America...Probably just because of the interest it will garner. It could even change the perception of the Wii to many people. It will be interesting to see jut how the game is covered by the media. Or if it is picked up at all...considering the Wii is the media's success story right now.