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  1. The clock font is ugly and too big lol. But hey, can't please everyone I guess.

    It's nice to see more features though. Just WISH for an mp3 player section now.


    My internet wouldn't work neither. So I just went into settings onto my connection and clicked connect. Then it connected from there and all the channels once again worked. Hey presto! Still, wierd though.

  2. Back to oracle of ages/seasons and Minish Cap...


    The oracle GB games are absolutely astounding. Emotionally developmental to a degree of such astounding depth that it puts the console games to shame.

    The way in which time and space is steadily portrayed also reminds me of Squaresoft's old FF games on the SNES. Capcom offer a fantastic twist on the Zelda format whilst understanding what makes the series so successful. Capcom seem to be able to turn their heads to most genres with success! I'm sure Miyamoto oversaw the Oracle games yet Minish Cap was Capcom going solo. And that's another fantastic game. The music is beautiful and the graphics are excellent. Especially when the size element is played upon. Normal objects such as rain even take on a new dimension. If done on a home console we would hold these games in the top tier of Zelda games. If you've not played them go out NOW and do so. You wont regret a single moment of these little treasures.: peace:

  3. In perspective Twilight Princess is still an amazing game but when put in context of previous Zelda games I was let down. I even begun thinking that I would have prefered a console remake of minish cap or something from the gameboy games as I actually enjoyed them more.


    I don't think the problem was the land being too big, I just think the way in which it was designed wasn't the best. The lake was too claustraphobic, the fields had vast black chasms sharply cut downwards (almost unrealistic) which could not be passed and kept you on a linear path. And the fields were also barron. - Something I felt would be reconciled this generation as it was my only gripe in previous Zelda titles. Outside of the dungeons everything felt forced on the player. Which direction to take, which order to tackle objectives in. Previous Zelda games have hidden this with so many options and elements of discovery and fun that it's nary been noticeable. Twilight Princess was a new Zelda, almost more mainstream. Areas felt self constrained and not part of a wider world. As many have said, it was almost linear and as many have pointed out - Easier.


    Getting from point A to point B has always been the format in a Zelda game. (Just like most games.) But it's the journey between that really counts. Nintendo seemed to forget that this time. Just like they did in Wind Waker.

    Still: What a game eh? :wink:

  4. Cheers guys...I dally, Quality isn't what I want though..More to follow lol. I'm writing a song about Suda 51's upcoming game No More Heroes (or is it just "hero's now?).

    No-one seems to really write about games, thought I'd attempt one..


    Anyhoo, chorus:


    Hero's killin' hero's baby,

    hero's all their lives,

    Hero's killin' Hero's baby.

    There aint no more hero's around.


    And so on....Will post when done.

  5. I actually prefer wearing a strap (around my wrist) as it seems to smoehow make me feel closer to the controller. - (Careful how I worded that!). The new straps look brilliant, much better. :D I wonder if these will be available through codestorm like the previous re-released ones.

  6. The Pro Evo series has owned my life since the abolition of ISS. ISS on the N64 saw me through my entire teen years. I played those games so much the electricity bill was horrendous. Along with Ocarina of Time and Perefct Dark- Obviously!

    On the GC I probably played Animal Crossing an obscene amount of time at one stage! Like every waking hour, every single day.

    And Burnout 2 was loved heavily. (Yay!)

    On the Wii it has been Wii Sports and The Godfather...If I add up all the play time on Wii Sports it would probably make me realise how addicted to that game I really am.

  7. green A button in one of those shots...Surely an old cube pic? Am I missing sommat...If everything is white why have the A button as green?...Style maybe? I'm looking into this way too much right? Was the game ever in gamecube development cycle?

  8. When you pick up a Wii game box in store you're seeing a snapshot advertisement. What's the first thing you think about?


    I ALWAYS think about the motion controls and how fun they could be. Wii represents the unknown, the excitment of something new. This is why I bought Excite Truck, Warioware, The Godfather, Harry Potter etc.. All because of the "new" way of controling the game. And I have yet to be dissapointed by driving the wiimote, swinging and grabbing mafia types and casting spells with my arm.


    Bring all genres on. This time next year we will think Wii is the greatest thing ever. Oh, hang on...we won't. Why? Because by then we will be complaining that Wiiware isn't as good as we wanted, and we want a new Wii channel, better than "check mii out"...It's a never ending circle. And why not?...We would have nothing to say if we didn't complain. It's the British way no?

  9. Let me start off by attempting to nail this argument about traditional games:


    In a years time this argument about no "hardcore" games and casual games flooding the market will be totally void. It's only apparent now as developers were slow to adapt to the success of the Wii and Nintendo have a formula which attracts families/non-gamers. It's hardly suprising this is happening as the GC was a shambles for 3rd party developers and Nintendo had to learn lessons 'fast'.

    We are getting remakes yes, (what's wrong with that business sense...NEW gamers on Wii afterall?) and we are getting sequels (always has been the bread and butter of developers). Granted it looks a little barron at the moment yet there will be so many projects in the works that will come at the end of this year and into next year. People should keep the faith.


    Nintendo may be producing Wii fit alongside mario Kart, but which one will draw more developers AND consumers to the system? I don't know why people are complaining about titles like Wii fit. if you don't like it...Don't buy it and play Mario Kart/Smash Bros/Prime/Galaxy instead. Games which you will prefer by your own admission of wii fit.


    Further philosophical ramblings:


    As gamers we seem to be greedy. We play the title in a matter of days or weeks after maybe years of development and then we are seemingly dwelling on the titles shortcomings. We then tire of the game and start moaning where the next one is coming from. To me the VC is the saviour of games. Remember Paper Mario on the N64? Now it's on the lips of thousands of gamers again. I wish people would sometimes look at what they have infront of them and just experience that piece of software to its fullest. Like Wii Sports. People complain religiously about it and it's status on Wii. But it's absolutely the closest any form of electronic entertainment has come to the real thing. If my grandad can see this, why do so many gamers not even regard it as something special? Because we have been spoilt for choice, because we all think we are critics and making games is easy?


    The philosophy of the Wii:


    Seems to me that it's all about holding games close to our hearts again and not forgetting why we started to play in the first place. Interaction. Whether that's with others or on our own is the reason we game. We want to be the selfish warrior, the one who saves the day, scores the goal, shoots the bad guy. Selfish. But with Wii it seems much of gaming can become selfless again. And thus social (and acceptable). Wii is bigger than we all seem to realise.

  10. I'm sure pretty much every Nintendo fan will have bought Luigis mansion at launch. Your usually onto a rare 1st party game when the case is coloured as they are the initial batch of cube games no? Mario Sunshine had a purple case, Double Dash had a red one, wind waker, gold. And the Zelda Promotional disk had a purple case too.


    I'm sure that's how it panned out no?

  11. Indeed, I was playing Perfect Dark the other day and was shaking the N64 controller to reload....stupid I know. Especially when being shot in the head.


    It just seemed to make perfect sense though. It just proves that the motion controls are ingrained in me now. Back to topic...I remember thinking the wiimote controls for TP were ok...Nothing revolutionary like, say Wii Sports. But the fishing is incredibly intuitive and when I was doing that giant eel/fish boss I was actually thrusting my arm in a stabbing motion into the fishes eye when stabbing him. That felt utterly awesome and I will never forget that moment. The sky temple and the use of TWO hookshots also felt wonderful with the wiimote and was incredibly like some kind of spiderman-like moment. Immersion at it's best. I doubt those moments are as good on the cube,

  12. There were some elements in Star Fox Adventures that were magical such as the wonderfully designed earlier sections of the game and the wonderful sense of place. Yet I agree with various comments that as the game drew on it became mediocre as it lost it's way a little with repetitive tasks and backtracking. Lovely visuals though and maybe the better game between Namco's Star Fox Assault. Waaaaay off topic I know : peace:

  13. Cheers Dyson, I'm a firm believer in the power of the Wii and the power gaming can have as a social event. Hopefully this will be as big as I can possibly make it. There is an opportunity to create one hell of an evening. I was even talking to the pub owner about running a FIFA/Pro Evo league on a Saturday morning in conjunction with the new season kicking off. He is well up for it and has already looked into getting a "game area" into the pub. He was discussing the need for pubs to try to get new people in as pubs are, by their nature, social arenas just ripe for entertainment. And with the recent smoking bans and the changing of generations from past to present, things like Bingo, singers etc aren't as much a draw as they used to. He even feels clubbing is seen in a negative light by many youths now and it is only done as there is little variation in night time events. (I kind of agree). Anyway, he is well up for bringing new ideas into the pub and has really got into the spirit of this Wii night. I'm hoping to make this something big and get a bit of a tour event going on around many more pubs. Will be difficult to gauge as I'm not making money from it...And if I do I'll probably get Nintendo breathing down my neck. We. Will. See.

  14. I've got:


    Twilight Princess

    Wii Sports (obviously)

    Wii Play

    Big Brain Academy

    Scarface: The world is yours

    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

    Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

    Excite Truck

    Mario Strikers Charged

    Wario Ware

    Red Steel



    Favourite is The Godfather.


    Took Monkey Ball and Call of Duty 3 back...horrendous.

  15. The design runs on...More posters done and Nintendo postalio mailed (asking for freebies etc). TV's and newspapers all said would make a note of date/time and will try to send someone along. And it's going to be £2 entrance and £1 to enter the highest scoring game. Peace 'a cake. :o I hope lol. August 21st starting at 6pm till whenever we finish. Everyman for themselves :D. Prizes to be confirmed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Hopefully a shiny new Wii in there).

    I'll keep updating here about what is happening like what is working / not working etc and finally post shots of night to all interested....Just incase anyone wants to emulate this. Bring it on! :yay: