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  1. Mutual friends but mostly girls. I find that girls rally round each other more than lads do. And the lads who were mates always had a bit of a crush on her and are single so it makes sense they would side with her. It was definitely the right decision to 'lose' her though. We just weren't meant to be. I just needed a place to vent.
  2. Star Fox Adventure

    Saw this in CEX for £8 so bought it at the weekend. I was desperate for a light-hearted, colourful third person adventure game to go through, so this fit the bill. Haven't played it since owning it for the GC but it holds up really well. Nice presentation and looks nice running through component cables on the Wii. Dolby Pro Logic, 16:9 widescreen and Rare's talent (at the time), makes this a lovely game to go through on these darkening nights. Shame that the Wii U can't play GC disks though. Digging the Wii out each time is a pain.
  3. So, social media is fucked up when you break up with people these days. Never had FB when I've broken up with someone before. Just had a massive clear out of people this morning. Kinda fucked up how many of my friends were her friends too and how everyone panders to the 'victim' and is happy to slag me off in a public forum. Also, hate cryptic messages that are obviously placed just for someone to read. So yeah, massive clear out. Tempted to just come off it but then it's like being cut off from your social circle (which you need when bouncing back Partridge style).
  4. Bizarrely I was playing this yesterday. Gets me emotional, taking me back to the pure gaming bliss of my childhood. It's dream-like in presentation and direction and the lock-on features are brilliant. Overall, Sonic 3 is my favourite in the series (dat music, the double jump power ups and ingenuity at play) but with S&K it becomes even greater. The sum of its parts. A special, special game and for me, a special time in the history of gaming.
  5. Well I'm back on single street. I decided to break up with my GF of 5yrs. Was fun for about 4yr but then I just didn't see us moving onwards. T'was just...flat in the end. It was almost like a suitable relationship while we went through career changes/back to Uni but yeah...kinda gutted I didn't feel anything major after so long. She was devastated and it felt awful to do. Tough. I've since added myself to some dating sites / apps (not a fan so far) and trying to build my social life back up. Not really into clubbing these days (I'm 31 and friends have all settled). So yeah...ugh. Made an 'action plan' of sorts for getting out there to try to be positive. Looked at a salsa class (cliche - yep) debating if I should go on my own Looking at a part-time college course & singing lessons (self development is always good) :awesome: Have started to write songs again Bury mind in my business promotion and projects Bury mind in job Have a married woman messaging me on FB - outrageously flirting asking about being single. Gonna tell her not interested quickly. Forgot how exhausting being single can be! The older you get...it does seem harder as everyone is settled down with families.
  6. Play Expo 2014 - Manchester. Oct 11/12th

    Yeah, heard the traffic was torture last year, from an accident nearby. From their website, it appears they've done a lot to sort queues out this year too. Tempted to wear my Luigi hat with a 'what you staring at?' T-shirt.
  7. amiibo (NFC)

    Change earth to N-E.
  8. amiibo (NFC)

    Isn't it just a case of Rip-off Britain again? Either way - you can opt out...safe in the knowledge that, just like every other 'figurine' title, the price will drop after the initial buzz wears off. Nintendo would do well to release 'packs' ala Infinity too. Say, Mario, Bowser and Peach for a minor discount. No doubt that will come in the long term just as limited edition characters will too. Mario in a Tanooki Suit/ Link in Goron Tunic etc. are probably down the line too. Wait it out. With the public perception of Wii U the Amiibo's could drop to that lovely £9.99 price range. And with supermarkets fighting for your pennies, the consumer could benefit.
  9. amiibo (NFC)

    You would? Millions of gamers are tired of waiting for Nintendo to bring more of their IP's to our screens and have voted with their wallets into buying other systems. Cross promotion is smart for both companies. Especially tying in with the Disney licence which aligns wonderfully with pretty much all of Nintendo's IP.
  10. amiibo (NFC)

    Should have been compatible with Infinity 2.0. Having Disney characters alongside Nintendo characters in the brilliant Infinity toy boxes would have been win/win for both parties. Even having some items like an Arwing or super mushrooms exclusive to the Wii U version of infinity 2.0 would have made it worthwhile. Maybe even leveraging a couple of their characters to Skylanders (Bowser?) would have been neat too. Nintendo have missed a trick...
  11. Mario Kart 8

    So, do folk thing we'll see any DLC tracks/battle mode? I presume if it's a firm no (which is what it looks like as Christmas would have been a good launch time), that Nintendo truly are keen on leaving money on the table. I would also hazard a guess that N64 or GC emulation is on the backburner as they could have had both games out alongside the SNES title.
  12. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Best chore I've ever had. Beats washing dishes anytime.
  13. Wii U General Discussion

    Yep. Hence no F-Zero etc. It's a shame that as the industry user-base has grown, the risks have, in some ways, shrunk in the console space due to rising costs.
  14. Wii U General Discussion

    I agree. In regards to creativity I sometimes think modern dev lists now look like this: Is it on trend Guns? We need guns! We need a licence. A brand! Is it safe? Will it APPEAL. Will it make money? We should probably test it for bugs...wait...nah. DLC will fix that. This is a risk-free zone. These things cost too much so MUST sell
  15. Capcom now open for takeover

    Yeah that's what I was getting at. The thread read like CAPCOM should go full-on AAA. Then there was some HDD bickering so I can't remember where that theme was. Last gen screwed so many studios. :-(
  16. Capcom now open for takeover

    Isn't one of the factors leading to Capcoms current situation the fact they chased the high-end AAA model of last gen? Maybe going back to their roots and focusing on gameplay on a 'weaker' system could suit them. Nintendo would make sense but then again it suits Nintendo to have less software houses in the industry. Fascinating... It's like the apple Premium...
  17. Pikmin 3

    I agree. Got this in the MK8 promo and in awe. Didn't really get into Pikmin 1 or 2 but this is just stunning. I actually love the Nintendoland-esque control setup now too. It's a brilliant game. I have a new found love for all things Pikmin. Feels good to be part of the groupies.
  18. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Bargain. Absolutely awesome game. : peace: Also: loved AC3. Having the chance to explore the wilds and early renditions of major US settlements was awesome. A lot of a gamers couldn't get past Connor's wooden characterisation or the first few hours and out into the astounding replication of wild America. It had a slower pace in general and the main character was the environment. It was a totally different AC game yet remains one of my favourite games. Just roaming the insanely vast woodlands hunting & exploring whilst learning all about early America was a somewhat cathartic experience in gaming for me. It was like a great history lesson brought to life if you took the time to read and learn things. When you hit New York and see and read about the great fire and walk down Broadway circa 1700, it's pretty fantastic. The fact it was a game arguably hamstrung it. AC has the potential to be a damn fine educational tool. It came closest with AC3. I think the fact that ACIV has more 'gamey' elements (shark/whale hunting/ship battles/customisation with more depth) says that Ubi learnt their lesson.
  19. Four Game Seminar Games (eShop)

    Love Pigeons...could be the next Angry Birds. These look great!
  20. The Wonderful 101

    I have limited time to game so played it on V.Easy to see all of the content. Still died a few times but it was the perfect difficulty for me. Allowed me to pick it up in quick bursts. Brilliant game. Really sold me on Playinum as a developer. Can't wait for Bayo 1&2 now.
  21. Marvel Disney Infinity

    Looking great! The final character at the end...AWESOME. Hopefully a few more N-E gamers pick up Infinity because of this. It's a great game and deserving of more awareness. Thoughts?
  22. Surround sound audio and wires

    My wires just run under the carpet. Was the best way to make sure there were no wires visible at all. I looked at sound bars (Yamaha ones were best at the time) too, but the size of them put me off. (This was 2yr ago though).
  23. Nintendo Digital Event E3 2014: BYOP

    In a racing market over saturated with tarmac, WaveRace represents uniqueness. It also offers us the chance to experience and come to terms with total control. The type of 'extension of your body' control that comes along rarely. Waverace64 was incredibly tuned and when coupled with the challenging wave mechanics your understanding of the craft's control is put to the ultimate test. The GCN version looked the business but I don't think it had that EAD control nor intuitiveness that comes from that team. WaveRace looks great sure, but it's as pure as videogames can be. Almost simple. You learn how to control your craft on the sedate seas before the crashing of tumultuous waves and wicked buoy placements really tests you. For those who mastered the craft, it is one of the best racers ever - and an incredibly technical game. Coupled with 1080, Nintendo used the environment and their detailed (almost OCD) understanding of avatar control to create fantastic racers that are sadly lacking in the market.
  24. amiibo (NFC)

    Captain Yoshi. Captain Icarus. Captain Samus. Captain Link. You get the idea Would be TOO cute!