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  1. amiibo (NFC)

    My local Smyths toy store has been ransacked for Marth/WiiFit and Villagers lol Managed to order a Kirby TODAY as they have gone back on the Ninty online store. Kirby is MIA in all the stores I've been in. Managed to get a WiiFit trainer from Smyths last week - which I'll keep boxed for now. Guy in store was like 'wut? - Wii Trainer?!' For a laugh I asked him if they worked in Disney Infinity. He had to go and check with another store clerk lol I'd love to see a Nintendo Toy Box ala Infinity. That mode is amazing. If it came with classic Nintendo areas such as Peaches castle/Kokiri forest etc, it would be brilliant. The Amiibo's are surprisingly good-looking on a shelf, showing how loveable and iconic Nintendo characters are. Nintendo have us by the jingle balls with these things...
  2. Wii U General Discussion

    Not bad but not stating that consumers can use multiple wii controllers, play wii titles on the system or buy a GamePad battery extension was poor. Also stating this is a gameplay over graphics system is plain wrong and adds vitriol to the idea that graphics are superior to gameplay in the industry. Anyone who has played the top-tier WiiU titles knows that the graphics are wonderful. Using ACIV was a nice way to show average joe that the graphics differ but that tagline of this system isn't a graphical showcase system irks me. I would also have liked to have seen praise for Miiverse as it has proven to be a wonderful, friendly place to communicate in and the WiiU browser should have got a shout. All of the other points were valid. Third parties are dead and buried but having NO decent, recent sports titles is the worst thing about the system in my opinion. No PES2015 annoyed me hugely and Nintendo should have had Monster/Next Level Games working on titles to plug the sim/sport gap. Make a strikers game like Smash Bros. leveraging heritage/party play and the off-TV pick up and play nature and plug that gap please! Other than that, if you're an action gamer fan and like local multiplayer its a fab console. An 8.0 is a stretch due to the lack of VC variety and the weak variety of software in my opinion. I'd go with 7/7.5 and go up to 8+ when next year's titles drop...Splatoon, Xenoblade and Zelda all appear like great, diverse titles for the system. I just wish Nintendo would offer more variety when 3rd parties drop them. IE: making Captain Toad when they've already got Pushmo as a standout puzzle game and toad aspects in SM3DW for the system. I guess Nintendo will just keep doing what they want. As frustrating as that is to both the consumer and their market share.
  3. amiibo (NFC)

    Awesome. Thanks for the update. I managed to rifle through all of their figures and got a bozz-eyed link and derpy Marth... They all look a little off for Link/Marth IMO. Only £11 in Grainger Games. Mario and Pikachu look GLORIOUS. I was SO tempted... They had no Villager/Wii Fit/Villager/DK's left. Dude said they had been selling Wii U's most of the morning and that the Amiibo characters were popular. I had to explain to a parent what they all did as even the store clerk wasn't sure what they were for other than "you need them with Smash Bros." lol. Either way - was nice to see some Ninty love amongst the parents buying Far Cry 4 for little Timmy on Christmas day.
  4. amiibo (NFC)

    Keep me posted Darlington GAME only has mario/peach/DK/Link/Samus on display. Thought that was poor.
  5. amiibo (NFC)

    Lots of GAME stores open tonight at 11:30 for Black Friday deals. One in my local area saying Amiibo's are already all pre-ordered?!
  6. amiibo (NFC)

    Wow...didn't think it would be hard to find anything Nintendo related this gen. Grainger Games in my town centre gave me a 'who knows' eye roll today when I asked about Amiibo deliveries. Shame, we only have a tesco and looking at their Nintendo relationship is a waste of time. There used to be GAME shops and decent GAMESTATIONS. Yeah...the high street is shot these days, but like others have said, there is NO WAY I'll be buying any of these online. Especially as I main Marth hah.
  7. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Yeah, the bundle as well mate. Bizarre. Maybe the pre-orders were crazy/stock wasn't enough?
  8. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Nothing from ShopTo neither (North East here). A first - consider me disappointed. No dispatch email or nuffin' either. Hope it turns up, have 7 mates coming over on Saturday...
  9. Thanks for your honesty. In some way initial 'courting' processes are about playing a 'game' as there are rules we can follow to get the best results. Games aren't always bad. They can be fun! You indicate manipulation and in matters of the heart we see such aspects as wholly negative. They are if we aim to hurt others, which I would never promote. When dating we are presenting a front/manipulating whenever we dress up more or wear new aftershave. It's just we see these things as 'normal' and congruent with who we are so we don't mind doing them. I'm just staying adopt some new techniques which will then become normal to your psyche. Turning up for dates, telling good stories about ourselves could be construed as a game too. It's about presenting our best selves. What I'm saying is more about being the 'best' version of yourself and keeping things fun. Sounds like she got a bit of cold feet if she was all over you? Who knows. Women are a bit of a mystery hah. I'd just pursue a bit more if you really like her. Put it out in the open that you had a great night and would like more... Being 'nice' is also about being honest about how we are feeling. : peace:
  10. Just a heads up on my dating with piano girl. It is turning into something even better. We've had more piano time together and she taught me to play some chords on the Ukulele last weekend (joyous). Even her adopted cat has an affinity for me. Hnnnng. We've had a few 'dates' since (more like 'I want to go to X place on X day, coming?') And from that I've stayed over a few times now. We did an arcade for a date which was fun (guitar hero prowess FTW) and she reckons she can destroy me at Mario Kart on her Wii. I should probably tell her about my 20yr Nintendo adoration soon, right? I met her house mate last night and got a text later on saying 'thumbs up'. Social proof ftw. We did have a brief chat about how it's scary how well we are getting on (in a funny, knowing way). It's all good.
  11. Had a cracking first date with someone last night. Ended up at her place playing the piano together and talking until 4am. She's cute, intelligent, successful and beautiful. I was floored how well we clicked. Meeting next week for another date. Off on a date tonight with a 'pre-booked' other girl. Healthy to not dwell too much on one at this early stage me thinks - even though it was awesome.
  12. Anyone going this year? The new Showcase section looks good with Red Dwarf/Star Wars cast as well as the DeLorean from BTTF confirmed so far. I'm taking my nephew and will be staying the whole weekend. Just debating where to stay. Any suggestions by any mancunians or previous attendees? Seems a fair few N-E peeps go. We should all meet up at some point! http://www.playexpo.net/
  13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Think I'm in the camp of loving this game more than previous editions. Not sure on the Mii's though - too many characters seems like the structure of the game has made way for variety - for varieties sake. All good fun though. I do prefer it even to Melee though. I always thought the models are naff in melee (though at the time, they were awesome) compared to Brawl onwards. Only liked a few stages in Melee too whereas they seem to be much more confident in stage creation these days. It's difficult though as they all have their own merits. Also: Omega versions of stages SAVES this edition. As Josh says - playing this on the train/bus/at work is just a fab experience and really feels like a fully-fledged home console experience.
  14. Play Expo 2014 - Manchester. Oct 11/12th

    Yeah was there yesterday and off there this morning. A little disappointed in the large devs not being there. Outside of a couple of AAA games and a strong Konami prescence, a bit flat in new games. PES is brilliant this year though. Played it for an hour straight and the PS4 version feels a lot slicker than the PS3 version. Did love the retro section. Four swords adventures on four monitors and a large TV is godly! Also, melee, Project M tournaments were interesting to watch. Was over the moon I could play all my childhood games again in the retro area leaving me and my nephew gamed out. Was a GREAT gaming education for him too. The screenplay section was a bit thrown together so will just do a few things today before heading back to the train station and back home. Glad we went but hopefully there is more next year. Also - 45min queue was a bit naff.
  15. Well met with my date yesterday. Met in a local McDonalds first to be safe...stranger danger and all that and then went seal watching and explored a forest park I like. Anyway, she looked MUCH older (nearly didn't recognise her!) and had a really old fashioned attitude - nice but totally different. Almost like an old teacher or sommat! We had a lot in common but also a lot of differences. Had a nice day out but when we went for food she had a bad stomach which was a bit awkward but handled it smoothly. She GRILLED me on money, kids, women, life, beliefs, career, health, music, spirituality, relationship with family, psychology, society, war, politics. Was really intense tbf and I told her a fair bit as she was easy to talk to. Did indicate she asked a lot of stuff at one point like! Anyway, she messaged me today saying she was gutted that she didn't feel any chemistry and that we'd be best as friends. Felt absolutely mind raped! Tbf I did feel the same way and a little flat as she was clearly way older in spirit than me. Speaking to a few other lasses. Next! : peace:
  16. Yeah, it is a little unorthodox. She says she takes a day off work on a Wednesday as doesn't have many clients booked in. The joys of self-employment and all that.
  17. Update from me: met a random lass who messaged me through a dating app last Sunday for a drink in the afternoon. Her pic was nice but she did look a bit different when she rocked up at the pub. Not my type. Anyway, she sent me her number through the app after, saying we should meet up again. Text her through the week but her craic was poor. Just not really into her so not gonna bother texting her anymore. I did decide to join eHarmony though owing to a fair few lasses on the dating apps not really being my type and being a lot younger than what I was looking for. Anyway, saw a profile on there and she was just gorgeous in looks and personality. A cross between Emily Blunt, Uma Thurman (IMO) professional, late 30's. She lives a fair way away but figured she was worth the travel. So yeah, she liked me too and we shared questions and chatted for ages and had tons in common based around our values, beliefs, views of the world and more. Anyway, she's asked if she can come see me this Wed for a day out together. Gonna have to get the day off work. No biggie tbf. Either way, she sounds awesome - so... fingers crossed. Just keeping realistic and hoping she turns out as nice as she seems online. If you don't hear from me in a week, call the police.
  18. FIFA 15

    Gonna wait to see what they patch this year as early adopters seem frustrated by the bugs. Also - PES releases in November and if the demo is anything to go by, it could be the better on-field game this year.
  19. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I get really bad cramp when playing 3DS. Mario Kart 7 kills my left hand. Looked it up online and not alone. Tons of folk have bought the prongs available and also the wheel add on as a means to cope with the pain. I think it stems from the analogue or something. Either way - unfelt it from a couple of games on this too. Might have to get a grip for the system at this rate. Either way: picking up both games. Demo has confirmed it. I think it's superb. Stunning graphics for the 3DS too. You can tell it struggles when you press the home button and days pass before it recognises it.
  20. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Thanks to @Aneres11 I now have a code! What a guy! Humbled. Best get to the 3DS!
  21. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Aw man. Thanks for the thought though.
  22. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Yeah...no code. Must have been completely random. If any spares do go, obviously would be appreciated.
  23. You shoud definitely go out on the town with them.