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  1. Super Mario Maker

    That stage last night had me howling. Brutal but insane to watch. Like Ninja Warrior SMB style! Can't wait to get stuck into this. I love the way they trolled the guy with a hammer bros. in a ? block. It's little wonder Nintendo miss their deadlines! True. Similar to LBP would work.
  2. Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS)

    Nintendo board meeting: FPS + SOCCER + MECHS = ¥$€£ Gaming population: is it Metroid?
  3. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Showing my support for more Nintendo/CAPCOM opportunities by buying Ryu. No Street Fighter love on Nintendo home consoles for so long now. I did love Tatsunoko though. The return of Hyrule castle from the N64 hit me right in the childhood. That's my teen years spent on that stage. Hours spent throwing bombs and dodging whirlwinds. Can't wait to play that one. Dreamland will do for now (missed opp. For Melee's Fountain of Dreams music though). I'm loving the additional content that comes in these packs (SF2 Ken OST FTW). It's clearly made with a lot of love and is completely optional on an already joyous game. Now give me more Sanic...
  4. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    That was outstanding. Dat polygon Virtua Fighter model. Hnnng.
  5. N64 Appreciation Thread

    Superb collection there. Great boxes too. I recently bought a French RGB modded N64 and an Everdrive 64. My N64 in MINT condition with practically every main PAL release (including Conker) in mint, boxed up condition was sold from my parents loft years ago. Worst thing that happened ever! My new setup is JOYOUS. 64DD games are now playable and a ton of great games that never saw release (40 Winks/Indiana Jones etc.) as well as Betas and modded titles such as Goldeneye X (Goldeneye running on Perfect Dark engine with tons of enhancements to games like Zelda's Birthday and Banjo's backpack titles). I'm loving it. Currently making my way through the Shindou editions of Mario/WaveRace which are great. Waverace with rumble is sublime. Games look pin-sharp and vibrant too. This is taken via my iPhone! :0
  6. Wii U General Discussion

    Spin implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics. I'm being genuine stating its about different choices, perceptions and that Nintendo are truly on their own path. As to your second point, of course Nintendo would have liked the entire market to see their approach as being the lead. But as with all products, what's in the lead may not always be the 'best'. In my opinion Nintendo's continued commitment to all-age encompassing fun and free online play is a commendable and consumer-friendly approach in the era of annual cash grabs and wringing as much money out of people as possible. In my personal opinion, barriers to entry should be lowered if the market is to grow, not heightened behind memberships/pay-walls. Yet I do see how both methodologies can bring in new consumers. Again, it's opinions. Not spin from me. Nothing highlights market changes/perceptions more than with the Wii which was a successful market leader last generation. But markets change. The casual crowd lost interest/moved on and Nintendo struggled to nail that market down again. Nintendo's blue thinking waters can be volatile as they balance innovation against their heritage. It's a good place to be for a creative powerhouse like Nintendo but difficult to navigate effectively. I believe we should all try to remember that Nintendo are an individual company existing between that heritage and innovation process. Because of this we should all try a little harder to not wholly judge them based on what features their competitors have (as good as some of them may be.) Instead we should try harder to celebrate their differences. As for Reggie, he spins like all marketeers do. I can't vouch for his actions/words but know that all developers (hardware and software) spin all kinds of promises prior to their system/game launches every year. The industry is almost built on hype. (All aboard!)
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    I would argue that just because the mainstream market has moved away from Nintendo's main console it doesn't mean Nintendo are 'lower' than the competition. It just means the tastes of today are different. You could argue that the rest of the industry have been releasing games that need patches after launch. Or games that encourage IAP's or online multiplayer functionality just for the sake of it. It's all opinion and market trends as to who is in the 'lead'. Nintendo are finally reaching 'pixar' quality of graphics and their animation is joyous to behold in games like Smash/MK8 and SM3DW - they lead in other areas but certainly lag behind in others...it is important to consider multiple aspects to each companies approach rather than paint broad strokes. Then there's Miiverse which has created a fun, creative online environment that is welcoming and effectively moderated. It's not hardcore or elitist. All of this doesn't mean Nintendo are behind the curve. They are just on a different path.
  8. FAST:Racing Neo

    Looks incredible! Finally the WiiU is getting a proper racing game! Now I wait for 90's Arcade racer too...
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Exactly what I was thinking @Dcubed. I'd welcome a front menu that was a customisable Android OS with a 'Nintendo' tile that launched their OS/software. Even VC tiles would be awesome that launched into VC services that were secure. This would allow me to have all web services in the console at launch, a ton of mobile games ready to go and Nintendo software to bring the system it's uniquenes/added value. An exciting time to be a Nintendo gamer as they identify their new srirecrion of travel. Even if it takes them small steps, partnerships (something they have sometimes been stubborn toward) is a key consideration as to their growth potential.
  10. Project Treasure

    Looks like a nice 4 player tomb-raiding game. If online it could be fun. Looking forward to seeing more at E3.
  11. Splatoon

    Amazon let me down for launch day. Walked into Grainger Games this morning for Amiibo -- they didn't have any other than. squids. But got their only Special Edition. It's sweet. May still keep my Amazon Special Edition on order too...
  12. Splatoon

    It would be good if you could paint/splat messages/stickers on walls at least!
  13. Splatoon

    More like hats on. Can't wait for your Sushi themed Splatoon/Food Review UK Special featuring the hat...LIVE at your local Yo Sushi!
  14. Splatoon

    I've ordered from Amazon France as ordered late and wanted the Special Edition. Says will be here Friday, but no email yet. Reviews? I think it will get about 85/90%. Will probably win plaudits for trying something new, but will get knocked a little for the current lack of online options at release and lack of voice chat compared to other multiplayer, online FPS titles. It will probably pick up points for style and mechanics yet the post-launch aspects to the game are a big factor to the longevity, so it will be interesting to see how reviewers score it. Some 7.0's will come no doubt. Could be a real marmite one this...
  15. Amiibo: General grievances thread

    I don't get the complaints really. They are an additional extra that enables Nintendo to jump on the toys to life bandwagon - the same one that has given companies like Activison and Disney extra coin, market and mind share on the very customers Nintendo traditionally target. Collectors will buy them for desk appeal and gamers can get cute little extras in their games. Seems like a nice balance to me. Millions of people have an affinity for Nintendo IP (and Sanic ), so owning some figures of them is kinda cool to lots of people and it keeps Nintendo relevant in the face of their competition. They bring a little more colour to some games, but they don't wholly affect the big picture which is reflected in the fantastic games Nintendo are creating at the moment. If you know Nintendo, they won't ruin a gaming experience for additional figures. They will release games that are only augmented by them. This is about sustainability and growth. Nintendo makes more money, and that should be put back into development of future consoles and products. Nintendo are finally starting to act on their IP with a congruent attitude that adds additional value to their software. It's a symbiotic relationship that benefits Nintendo long-term and the WiiU's ill-fated sales in the short-term. Looking forward to the new wave this Friday... : peace:
  16. N64 Appreciation Thread

    Picked this badboy up. £50 but oh so perfect...
  17. Splatoon

    I'm more delighted with the hipster design of the characters and how Nintendo have their 'gun and run' genre game. Great they are showing a modern slant in their (usually traditional) designs. And finally they have a shooter title that fits their style/ethos. It's all good in my opinion. Art style look stylised and fresh/modern/relevant to young and old. Graphics are that balance of style and function (looks clear and it could easily have been a mess with all that paint flying around), and Gameplay looks inventive and fun. Looking forward to this tons. Amiibo functionality ALA MK8 (IE: Mario hat etc) would be cool too...
  18. Bayonetta 2

    Picked the double pack up for £30 pre-owned in GGames yesterday. Mint condition so couldn't pass it up. Just started playing Bayonetta1. Loving it. Feels like a beat-em up (combo system) which is a nice surprise. More hyped to play Bayo2 but makes sense to tackle the first before delving into WiiU's true potential/Bayo. Surprised how good Bayo1 looks in parts though! A fab game. Utterly bonkers story and reminds me of Shadowman in parts (loved that game!)
  19. Simple really. We're getting to that time of year where we all reflect on the past 12 months of gaming bliss and draw up lists. So what has been your fav game(s) from 2014? Here are my top three (haven't played much this year!) 1). Mario Kart 8 I've bought every Mario kart and have 'enjoyed' them to a point. But the mainline titles have felt very lacklustre in execution since Double Dash and even the handheld titles have felt a little dialled in recently. Yet Mario Kart 8 was a return to form beyond my expectations. Sumptuous graphics, the best music in any kart game (live/jazz/funk joy!) and peerless, nuanced control. The lack of classic battle modes is an offensive move but the package as a whole, coupled with the wonderful, consumer friendly DLC proved that Mario Kart was given centre stage to turn around WiiU's fortunes. 2). Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze As a DKC nut, this could place on the stunning David Wise soundtrack alone - but it's the gorgeous, perfectly-crafted levels that make it one of the best 2D platformers in recent years. Whether it's for survival, exploration, slow-paced co-op gaming or just all-out speed-runs - the design in DKC:TF is glorious. The challenge is in spades, the nods to the RARE games exist and the chance to play as Cranky and Dixie were great additions. To me, DKC:TF proved Retro could live up to the Rare legacy. 3). Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS I've put them together as they impressed me equally, the 3DS version redeemed my faith in how impressive the 'new' smash dev team was, and the depth of content and slickness of the package blew me away. The WiiU version, whilst building on its predecessors is that rare genuine celebration of gaming heritage in the industry. Hundreds of tunes from games past and present, wonderful, consistent art-design in HD with up to 8 players (!) and additional modes that surprise and mix up the smash formula. And...Amiibo's - a nice love-in and celebration of all things Nintendo. Smash Bros. is as much 'about' video games as it is one. Thankfully this felt like a celebration in a somewhat stale industry. Glad it's done big numbers too.
  20. amiibo (NFC)

    Picked these up over the last few days... Bit miffed the cardboard quality is a little shabby but meh. Now what to do with them...
  21. Super Smash Bros. GIFs & PICs thread!!

    Here are some of my images:
  22. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I too have had limited time to play the game since purchasing it. It's much more of a time issue to get engaged with it fully tbh. Thankfully I break up for two weeks this Friday and will have some time to game over Christmas. I've not even had the chance to buy Shovel Knight, Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta 1/2 either - all of which I was looking forward to. Then there's Captain Toad in 2015 as well! Plus I've missed out on a few PS3 games - have hardly touched PES 2015. How people have the time to game as much as they do is a mystery. I'm actually thankful there's the traditional Nintendo drought in the new year so I can catch up on the games. Although Amiibo collecting (amiibogeddon) will keep my interest piqued for Smash. The game has been great when I've played it. Not a big fan of how many moving stages there are but the OMEGA stages are great. I was more interested in the OST playlist last time I played it, just like when I'd put the 3DS into sleep mode and just chill to the OST. Infact, the WiiU (what with Mario World, DKC Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart) already houses some of my favourite gaming tracks of ALL TIME. Smash just knocks it out of the park. I've only had ONE online game and got destroyed by some ridiculous repetitive combo from a clearly-pro Samus player. Combos seem more prominent in this (and the 3DS) versions which I'm not sure I'll have the time to fully commit to/learn. I do love the GC adapter and I'm glad that it exists but playing on the GamePad has been really handy when I haven't got time to sit at the TV and game. I just wish the range on the GPad was better. I'd use it WAY more then. How about plug adapters like those WiFi range enhancers Nintendo?
  23. Your Gaming "Hall of Fame"

    So many SNES/N64 games... Apart from the DKC Trilogy, the game that I find timeless is..
  24. A few... WindWaker. That final Triforce quest just killed it for me. Also, the stealth pirate dungeon was testing. Loved it in the end but damn was it trying at times. Beyond Good & Evil. Loved the GC version - no, ADORED it. It got me through a tough time in my life too. Bought the HD remake on the PS3 and got bored half way through. Mainly because I knew what was happening and the intro segments are my favourite. Luigi's Mansion 2 I keep going back to it...but. Just...can't...finish it. It keeps pulling you out at each moment which is good for a handheld approach but totally ruins the immersion. Gorgeous but frustrating. Majoras Mask Loved it, played it to death upon release. Was one of my favourite all-time games. I burnt out on it. The remake appeals but then again, I know the game so well that I won't double dip. Still have the N64 original anyway. Every FIFA/PES apart from PES6. Every year they get incrementally better. Resulting in me not playing the year before. The only exception is that none of them best PES6 (to me). It's the only reason I still have a PS2 with component cables.
  25. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Wonder if amiibo will drive any sales. Most people STILL don't know there is a new system. They have ruined the systems sales through their dire marketing approach and mixed message. It's crazy how many people I work with that have bought PS4's for their kids for Christmas based on the fact that it's the 4th version and they know it's the 'new playstation'. Nintendo ballsed up the WiiU's market awareness by name alone. The sad thing is they won't change their marketing approach. Even some Christmas adverts along the lines of 'Did U know...' would have been good. Did u know...you can play on the GamePad. Did u know...free online. No subscription required Did u know...best action game of 2014 Bayonetta 2 Did u know...Amiibo's/touch screen/virtual console... No playing on the nostalgia for Wii Sports with the new version. No mario 3D World promo this year. No Mario Kart 8 Amiibo ads. Bayonetta ads? Their marketing budget for Europe must be locked down tighter than Iwata's wallet. It has been embarrassing for system owners to see nintendo almost 'dismiss' the system from a marketing point of view. Thankfully they have been busy on their games, producing what many would regard as the best in their franchises so far.