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  1. It was a nervous time when the Gamecube launched as having no Mario was (to most) suicidal. Almost unthinkable! But it was interesting..Pivotal. I think Nintendo planned on the GC having more original content yet when the sales failed to light up the globe they reverted to bringing Mario and Co. off the shelf in a similar vein to the N64 years. (Golf, Baseball, Football, Tennis) Fast forward and as the Wii launched we got Zelda and Wii Sports. One of which satisfied long-term Nintendo fans. I really don't think many Nintendo fans were looking at Wii Sports as a better indication of what the Wii was capable of. We were all staring at Twilight Princess. (Ironic then that the public (and many gamers) saw Wii Sports as the best thing ever...And not Zelda). There have been many other non-Nintendo character designs which have had staying power over the years - Games of varying quality - And there have been some games with just enough charm to get into our minds. Here's looking at you Earthworm Jim, Bubsy, Croc, Gex, Parrappa. The difference between these characters and Nintendo franchises is most of them were whored out across sequals and other consoles thus ruining their reputation. Look at something as simple as Pong...Overly produced resulting in many mixed memories of how well it worked. Then there's Dizzy..haphazzardly put onto the Gamegear and Megadrive..with little effort compared to the excellent originals. It's even commonplace today as we see Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Sonic slapped across all systems available (including mobile phones) for cash. That's where Nintendo's franchises differ. Bar some poor 3DO and PC titles, the frachises are unique and after the 90's, Nintendo pulled the reigns back in by only allowing close developers to use their characters. Yet with the Wii we have seen a major shift in Nintendo franchise usage through Mii integration. Miyamoto even mentioned Wii Sports tennis originally had two versions for testers...Mario themed and Mii themed. We know which one was preferred. Mario stands for quality, ease of play (not to be confused with easy games) and fun. How remarkable would it be if the Mii characters took this idea as their selling point? This would mean all games on the Wii with Mii character inplementation would insinuate ease of play and quality. If this happened, where would that leave traditional franchises like Zelda, Metrioid and Mario in new people's mind-sets? This could mean we wont see Mario golf. We see "Wii Golf" with Mii characters. We wouldn't see Mario, Kirby or Wario plastered all over identikit puzzlers and baseball excursions. We would probably see the return of these traditional characters into the geners in which they came from. Thus the mascots of Nintendo become the players and Mario, Zelda, Samus Kirby, etc become comforting friends and (as is current) escapisms into their respective genres/worlds. Maybe the existing franchises would sell more copies if this became the norm? Any more theories?
  2. I couldn't help but be impressed by Nintendo's use of megastar Nicole Kidman as the TV face for Brain Age. The advert was well directed, short and simple and really got across what the game is about. (Not hot women increasing their knowledge!) Infact, there seems to be much more focus on the gamers rather than the games than ever before. Rewind to the early to mid 1990's when Nintendo adverts briefly featured 'celebrities' like Rick Mayall or Nigel Manson. Videogame adverts were mainly showcases for the graphics with set pieces being shown, (such as Mario leaping on goombas heads in 16-bit glory) this was a common factor with all game advertising in the early 90's. This of course has remained throughout the years. As much as Sony changed the breadth of the gaming landscape, the advertising was often too heavily focused (or not focused at all) on the games. Sony's advertising for the Playstation brand seems, at times, to aim to confuse people as much as possible. Microsofts advertising seems to go down the other route (similar to the 90's) of showing as much of the game as possible. No doubt then what the selling point is there. It's therefore interesting to see how Nintendo advertising has changed. Prolifically bad in the late 90's (whilst thou get the girl or play like one?), they seem to have been forced into good advertising by the graphical limitations of the DS and Wii. The focus is on soft, homely backgrounds mainly consisting of white interiors (Llewellyn Bowen standards naturally). The white backgrounds completely fit in with the Wii and DS colour schemes. (And the iPod's saturation). But by NOT showing the games as much and focusing on the gamers reaction - it's almost intruiging to non-gamers and gamers alike. Nintendo advertising has moved on vastly and they seem to offer the most 'adult like' videogame adverts curently on TV. Nintendo print adverts have always been clever and humorous - yet their TV commercials are now on such a level that, if they run for one minute to twenty seconds - the viewer doesn't feel alienated nor confused. So should they stay as they are and keep the fine balance of footage and gamers. Or do you still think Nintendo have a long way to go? Thoughts anyone?
  3. Name That Game

    Is it Perimeter: Emperor's Testament? its tough. Think the menu is from that.
  4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Let Retro set the standard with Metroid and then give them the space to do what they want. Half of the reason Nintendo seem to have quibbles with past 2nd party devs is their insistance on keeping them tied to the same liscences. Retro are obviously hugely talented and probably have a vast understanding of how the DS, Wii and Wiimote work. Metroid has proved that. That's why they should maybe go onto something similar with the Metroid engine - as I fear it would just go to waste, which would be a shame from what we've seen so far. There is also no doubt that Ravenblade (and was it Thunder Rally?) looked interesting. These people are obviously uber talented. It will be interesting to see what they make next. After the launch of Metroid I think Retro will be the developer to watch. Who knows...They could be similar to Rare and try their hands at all genres hitting a technological level on the Wii that only Nintendo themselves can match. It's about time we were excited about Metroid and it seems the newest screens have impressed everyone. Long live Rare-tro. I mean RETRO!
  5. Nintendo TV advertising...Your thoughts

    I like fellow gamers thoughts and I really do believe that the thoughts and opinions of many long-term Nintendo gamers are far more crafted than many others in this industry. We've seen the highs and lows of this company afterall. And in a world where horrific, soul-destroying comporate existance owns all, Nintendo are almost an 'anti-corporation' and something in which we can all gain the innocence of harmless play in. (Ok, I'll stop now...) I believe we will see the same opinion Jammy. People will look back and say that the current adverts were part of the Wii and DS success stories. - Innovative in this field. - And yeah Mike, I hope the inclusion of celebrities is something that isn't used all of the time as the main draw. Like Iain Wright and son - They were just cheesy. I still think Nicole Kidman was a good idea in regards to getting females into gaming though.
  6. Nintendo franchises - Is change coming?

    I completely agree with this. If Mario Party had been titled Mii party I really do think it would have sold more units. They could have branded it into a "Generations" title too. If Nintendo can get an online party game in production starring Mii characters they would have a bonafide hit on their hands...This could pave the way for......A party channel (incorporating Miis) where you could play on a game board (which is updated now and then with new tile sets and mini's). I really think there is so much scope for the Wii that Nintendo and other developers have a huge opportunity to develop new characters and franchises. Characters with directly controllable limbs or weapons via wiimote functionality is already apparent and also increasing immersion. Thus solidifying these characters in the mindset of gamers. Harry Potter for instance feels much more immersive on the Wii via wand motion than it's other iterations have ever done. And I feel like I want to use that characters attributes more and more. It's the same in The Godfather and Zelda. I feel directly responsible for the actions on screen, in real-time. And coupled with generally lower development costs, there is now a larger opportunity for developers to take a risk and make new franchises with these immersive attributes as standard. It's a shame that in the last few years we haven't seen the likes of a new Sonic, Mario, Parrappa the rapper, Crash Bandicoot, Earthworm Jim, Croc, Nights, Rayman and even Gex-like characters on home consoles. Most of the last few years has seen the recycling of pre-existing 'licensed' characters. I hope with the Wii we start to see more original characters with actions we are directly responsible for.
  7. Cricket

    Cricket on Wii sounds too good to resist. Plus dads would buy it like they've been buying Tiger Woods. And it would rekindle Aussies sales;) As long as there is a (Drunken) Freddy Flintoff pedalow mini game ..I'm sold!
  8. Name That Game

    I second the theory that it's a c&c game. C&C3?
  9. The E3 2007 Anticipation Thread

    Its almost a shame that the revamped E3 won't have as much cover as previous years I as really think this could be the first E3 where Nintendo products are in shorter supply than 3rd party titles. This E3 will really back up the astonishing start the Wii has had. And I feel MS and Sony really need to have something other than updates to major FPS and race titles on show. People should come away very happy. We will probably get in-depth previews of metroid and more details on Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros and there will be many suprises from lots of developers. I really hope we see more Western developers embrace the DS and Wii platforms. Japan is heaving with development for Wii and DS at the moment and it's about time this was reflected in the eyes of Western developers. Along with Wii music, health etc I also hope we see more original racing and FPS games for the Wii. Thus shortening the lack of these genres in relation to the other consoles. Should be interesting either way. This could be one of the first expo's where the journos have to really nail the details in their previews and not just rely on screenshots to show the games off. That's why I think it's a shame not as many people will get to play the 'in-development' Wii games. Either way, I'm excited at the premise of both seeing AND reading about the innovative ways developers have spent their time (especially) with the wiimote.
  10. Nintendo franchises - Is change coming?

    I agree with the statements about the immediate future of the Wii and the mass franchise use in the run up to Christmas. But in 2008 will we see the same thing? Traditionally Nintendo have used franchises to sell consoles and maintain existing owners interests (whether at launch or midway through a consoles lifetime). All Nintendo consoles / ideas have launched with a mascot of some sort. (Even the Virtual Console!) Of course, most platforms launched with Mario and when they didn't the launch was always followed by (think Smash bros) a franchise heavy game. The SNES etc also had a franchise game every now and then to maintain Nintendo ownership and when sales started to slow down. (Like Super Mario World 2) Only natural of course - It's good business sense. So the Wii has Galaxy, Brawl and Metroid on the way both to sell Wii consoles and maintain existing fans. I think Nintendo would have finished one of those games out by now if the Wii hadn't been such a runaway success. Yet they can now use the power of brand recognition for Christmas and in 2008. I think (as much as we love Mario et al) Nintendo should use the Wii success as a chance to develop or re-introduce franchises. Nintendo could develop the Mii usage in games and make them become a staple inclusion of a Nintendo system. (Really make personalisation paramount - Before Sony/MS do). Sure, Nintendo will always put out a new Zelda / Mario game every now and then (ala DS) but the Brain Training, Wii Sports, Wii Health, Wii music etc are all going to do extremely well in the market place and seem to naturally fit the things Mario has been expected to do for so long now.
  11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    What a pleasant suprise this is...I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would! It certainly takes a while to get the controls down and to understand how the wand works in relation to your hand in 3D space - but after that it's a breeze. Lifting objects, twirling them around and battling with the wand is generally involving. If this feature had been put in something like Wind Waker (ala baton waving) we would probably have raved about it. The wand use creates some genuinely interesting puzzles and, coupled with motions like 'Wingardium Leviosa' I cannot see how the other versions of the game can be as good. Using the wiimote like a wand makes this one stand out from the crowd. As many of you may have read there are some small niggles like camera troubles now and then and some in-game cut scene shaninigans. But nothing you generally don't find in other games. Put simply, I've only ever seen the Potter films and the wand feature and chance to explore a living, breathing Hogwarts is what I bought this for. I've not yet been disapointed. Even my fiance plays this lots and, although she has "noob" frustrations, she genuinely enjoys the game. It's got atmosphere, fittin visuals, plenty to do and good Wii finctionality. Definately a game worth picking up.
  12. Looking around the forums here (and elsewhere) it seems that many Wii owners are twisting about their consoles. In relation to many of us on here who know this is farcial (like Hero, Fierce, Jammy,Gaggle) I feel we should all try the following to feel better: peace: Make a mental or physical list of existing and non-existing games you want on the Wii.. Now put a mark next to them as OLD or NEW. New cannot be a sequel. New has to be something not made before. Now when you do this you'll have lots of OLD/typical games on the Wii with NEW/exciting games that you have never played before (but you came up with). With these NEW games comes the real factor of the Wii. You see that list you've made? Evident that we all want a mixture of OLD and NEW isn't it? But it took you seconds to think of or write those old games down. But it probably took you a while to think of NEW games. This is exactly what developers are facing right now. The OLD games may come but the NEW games will take longer. And surely the NEW games in your mind are FAR more exciting!! Oh and if your list was mostly populated by old titles buy a 360! if not..You're in the right place...It's just "good things come to those who wait"! Put your lists up people...Could be the start of something beautiful
  13. Civilisation Revolution

    It's ironic there has been RTS style discussion here recently. If this comes I'd be happy. Sid Meiers original is still astounding today :¬)
  14. If Nintendo are to fully appeal to the casual market then the Wii needs to have a longer lifespan. Putting Wii in the typical 4-7yr console lifespan for a want of better processors etc isn't something the casual gamer will like. (Alienation could creep in again). The vast majority of casual gamers will probably want to harbour the console they have spent money on for years. It's mainly core gamers who want the upgrade.... Or do we? Who has given the industry this need for 'updates'? Is it the developers themselves wanting to create the bigger and the better and forcing this? Or is it the core gamers themselves who go out and buy whatever new tech that comes out (thus proving those developers right)? I'll use last gen consoles as examples: The XBOX was a victory in the eye of the consumer. There were many games released and Microsoft's online focus was well received. And the image of the console struck a chord with many people. There were also a mass of PS2 ports put onto the XBOX and Microsoft themselves cleverly forced hands on development through the PC arena (IE Bungie development for the PC was instead shifted onto XBOX). But when we see the losses Microsoft made, it is easy to understand why they released the XBOX 360 so soon. This sudden shift harmed the XBOX image and the sudden drop of software for the original XBOX didn't help. It was almost like Microsoft forced XBOX gamers to upgrade. Not even an XBOX redesign..Nothing. It is all business afterall and my point about the XBOX is that, if it was making a profit we probably wouldn't have seen the 360 for another year or maybe longer. So if MS (Microsoft) were losing money they spent more cash making a console that would recoup money for them. Therefore they forced their own hand into next-gen as they used the XBOX merely as a means to disrupt the industry to get their name involved. Now we will see a different MS as they have to bust their back to make money. (Surely Bill Gates won't stand for more losses from the XBOX division). MICROSOFT'S DECISION TO GO NEXT GEN: MONEY. MICROSOFTS REASON TO CONSUMERS: TO OWN THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE Sony were then forced by Microsoft's decision to release the XBOX 360 so sudden. The PS2 was selling well and there were many games to come - But it was old tech. Because MS released the 360 so soon, Sony had to get something onto the market. The PSP wasn't pushing the numbers they hoped it would and I think it shows that the PS3 product was released too early - By two years perhaps. SONY'S DECISION TO GO NEXT GEN: PUSHED BY COMPETITOR SONY'S REASON TO CONSUMERS: TO OWN THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE The Gamecube was dead in the water in many regions due to the domination of the PS2 format, poor ports and a limited online interface. Nintendo had other incomes though in their portable arena. They could take their time yet needed to stay in the public eye in the console arena. By releasing the Wii when they did they not only met Sony out of the door but positioned themselves in the field of next-gen too. I sometimes don't think Nintendo ever really wanted to go next gen. I think the wii-mote could have been an add-on for the Gamecube yet the install base and perception of the cube (and the strength of the Wii idea) was enough for Nintendo to develop a new console (righting wrongs)! NINTENDO'S DECISION TO GO NEXT GEN: STARTING AGAIN TO RIGHT GAMECUBE WRONG DOINGS NINTENDO'S REASON TO CONSUMERS: TO SEE A NEW FORM OF GAMING But I now think we are in charge for the time being. This generation is a lot more even than the last with more room for all three companies to co-exist comfortably. When looking at all three reasons I have stated, it is apparent there are probably more reasons within these. The fact is that the technology is all on a level pegging. Nintendo obviously shirk away from this and therefore if they develop their games to this idea then technically, to them the graphics won't matter. The fun will. The PS3 and XBOX360 are here to stay for a long time. Sony need to recoup money as do Microsoft. Nintendo are making lots of money right now and we could even see them have the earliest of the nex gen consoles with equal/better stats to those of the PS3. (I feel Nintendo currently hold the cards of the industrys movement as such). If they forced the industry to move forwards with new tech and innovation, we could see the collapse of Microsoft and Sony's games divisions. Bottom line: Money is the reason for the change in the industry..It's political yes (trying to appeal to new people, existing gamers) But look into the past..The Megadrive started losing sales to the SNES, cue 32X and MegaCD. The Saturn started losing money to the PS1, cue Dreamcast development. (And doesn't the dreamcast's sudden release echo the 360 somewhat?) I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of this and I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks. Tapedeck.
  15. Maybe I should edit, I meant in relation to MS and SONY's financial might, Nintendo have found their niche 'against' them. They have indeed gone after a different market which is a niche in itself. From the dictionary: Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector. I still see the subset as these non-gamers, who have money to give to the industry. Hope that clears it up a little..it's late Jordan: It's interesting you should mention Crysis as your main motivation to spend a whopping amount on a graphics card. I know a few people who are doing just the same. All for Crysis. I just wonder if Crysis was another genre would people make the jump? I guess I don't really understand the domination of the FPS nor the PC games industry anymore. I remember many people upgrading their PC for the promise that Half Life 2 would bring many more games on a similar level (I did the same!). It just seems too fast. There has to be a point of no return. And I feel it could be approaching faster than we think. Maybe then we will see RPG's, racing games and not primarily FPS's selling better on the PC. I really can't say, just how I feel at the moment. I know many people who won't touch a console and swear by PC gaming if only for the online communities and competitive edge. It seems apparent that consoles are after that part of the PC market too.
  16. Understand what you want from Wii..

    Wow! This thread has turned into something far deeper than I ever could have anticipated. Thanks everyone! Reading the imput was interesting. I suggest you all take a glance at everyone's points! Initially you can see the love for Nintendo based franchises. This is obviously going to happen due to the nature of the forums yet I was suprised at how loyal we all still are to Nintendo franchises. It kind of backs up what some developers say - Nintendo consoles main top sellers are Nintendo only games. But I think this speaks volumes about the quality of the software. It's not a bad thing if the games are good. And they usually are. I particularly liked Fierce's note about the suprise/unpredictability element Nintendo bring. (Which Nintendo themselves always wax lyrical about) The thread then changes to the varying games the Wii is going to bring. Which is when the thread changes. The contrast in language begins to center around excitement and mystery. I also completely agree about the RPG discussion. Remember though, the Wii needs that mixture of OLD and NEW. The old is just as important as the new. Without the elements in old games, developers can never successfully produce NEW experiences. Look at Brain training, old elements like Soduko add longevity to the product. And OLD elements such as the TV remote inspired the Wiimote design. Keep posting people. It's always a pleasure to read what people want from their existance as a console owner. We've all bought into the future of gaming afterall.
  17. Either way you view MS or Sony's strategies they are foolish. It's like chewing your own arm off just so you can get fatter. It isn't good business sense. Sony and MS can fight the big fight and I'm sure we will see MS win due to their sheer nerve and cashflow. Sony are obviously a giant too but I don't think even they can match MS's financial muscle. It's all coy at the moment as MS and Sony push each other to see what happens. But I don't think Nintendo will ever give up the fight. They have done the right thing by finding their niche. Let the games do the talking and the winner will come. Jordan: As our resident PC pro (I've noticed ) what's your thoughts on the GeForce 8800 series? Is it worth it? At around £400 does it justify itself by the games available / coming? Or from the pricey PS3 to the £179 Wii, what do you think is going to offer a better gaming experience? The consoles or a rather pricey graphics card..
  18. Consoles lifespan: Long or short?

    I see the lifespan of this generation of consoles being longer because: Producers and devs need longer to recoup money. Developers try to chase and build consumer bases through their online communities. Technology is at a comfortable level for developers to realise ideas. Everyone launched in (roughly) the same window. All consumers covered, old and new gamers. (Currently something for everyone)
  19. I'm not so sure Jammy. Can a franchise so popular just exist on one platform and won't someone start developing a WoW killer? Is it unbeatable? I'm going to sleep on this one and post a reply if and when I answer these questions. Interesting idea.
  20. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    I played/completed Godfather and I still love it now. It feels as fresh as a daisy with the motion controls. I can't wait for the sequel. If the Wii can get it's own sandbox game with motion controls akin to The Godfather it would pi$$ on GTA IV's parade. The game is incredibly immersive and makes me actually harbour genuinely violent feelings towards the other (in-game!) families due to the intrinsic emotions felt when physically bashing heads with a baseball bat, throttling someone or (via IR) picking a shot out across a crowded street. Fabulous game and one I restart requently if only to extort shop owners all over again. It's physically fun in the same vein as Wii Sports is.
  21. I completely agree Mike. The RTS genre has never really been taken seriously on the console front. I remember the Command & Conquer ports on the SNES and MD and they were (as I vaguely remember) well received. Westwood studios were fantastic back then. I feel that the RTS genre is perfectly suited to the DS and Wii's control systems. There is so much potential with IR and touch screen functionality and the tactile feeling it would bring is interesting. (Slight Note: Wouldn't Viva Piniata have been excellent on Wii!) The reason for no RTS on Wii is that I think the developers of these titles feel the Nintendo systems aren't a good fit for them. Like you mentioned, the 360 got C&C3 - and I was stumped as to why the Wii didn't. Don't EA handle the franchise now? Haven't EA products been selling well on the Wii? Is the game too graphically intense for the Wii? There are lots of reasons this game could and should have been out for the Wii and only one reason I can think of as to why it never...Lack of faith in sales on a Nintendo console. This irks me somewhat as business is about taking risks sometimes. If EA released C&C3 on the Wii now (port away, just add IR) the Wii RTS market would be owned by them. Simple. I'm dissapoined that game never made it to Wii. The closest we will get to RTS is, commendably, Pikmin. I would hope that the MMO genre on consoles would go down the root of WoW and if Nintendo "spun" the genre then something with an Earthbound or Animal Crossing vibe would suit their style. Hunting worldwide for fish etc..Yet returning home at the end of the day. I think with this being the generation that truly brings system updates, downloadable content etc...We could finally see MMORPG's developed specifically for consoles. Didn't SEGA kind of pioneer this with PSO? Hmmmm. I'll probably respect that franchise a little more now!
  22. Consoles lifespan: Long or short?

    Interesting caris, in my other thread about gamers deciding when the next gen comes I touch on your mentioned subject heavily. Have a read there. I understand the "forcing hands" debate...But maybe Sony and MS cannot afford to keep losing money.
  23. I found the swing mechanics were ok yet the power variation was way off. Chipping at only half power seemed horrendously difficult at times. And the games ability to over-shoot the green when you were only mere yards away was unfathomable. I'm a lover of the Tiger Woods games yet I agree that they are far too easy; (which you probably need to see everything the game offers!) yet I just wasn't enamoured by the motion controls. For £40 I expected something (as you stated) with good presentation, control choices and progressive scan. Instead I went back to the "free" Wii sports Golf and started praying EA got it right the next time they took Woodsy into their studios for some more mo cap hijinks.
  24. I thought the PC would crop up ... It's an age-old argument that PC's should or shouldn't be classified in the same vein as consoles. And it's extremely difficult to include the PC in technology debates. If only because PC specs are moving so fast that a comment is already redundant as soon as it is posted! As buzz words like USB,CD,DVD playback and hard drives become common factors within home consoles - the PC crowd are going to see a console as nothing more than a streamlined (weaker) version of the fully customisable PC. Don't get me wrong...I've followed PC gaming for a long time and have many fond memories of games such as Wolfenstein, Settlers, Quake, Sim City right up to Half Life 2. For me that's where I got off the train of PC gaming. Direct X10, incompatability and XP to Vista issues were the final straw. I don't have the patience anymore. I just want to play. And I'm one of the "hardcore". Plus, I just can't keep up financially. The PC will always exist as it has it's own niche. (And the killer apps that are the internet, office suites etc help!) So you cannot really compare the PC to consoles. Interesting idea about the graphics cards being cheaper and more powerful in 2-3 years BUT... Imagine you're developing a fantastic 1st person shooter with graphics akin to Crysis. You could reach 25% (maybe lower?) of PC owners (those who have Direct X10 and sufficient system capabilities to run the game in a stable manner). NOW...You can put the game on the Wii, XBOX360 and PS3 and reach 100% of those console owners. (With system stability and potentially equal graphics). This is where the PC will never be seen (in the eyes of developers) as equal... There is just too much money to be made on the consoles. This is why we see ports, original IP's and movie-to-game tat on consoles. If you want further proof of how the PC hasn't really affected the console arena in the past - Look at how long it took DOOM to appear on 16bit consoles. It hardly set the console world on fire like Sonic or Mario did.(I've probably opened a whole can of worms now!) But hey, maybe this will all change with the VISTA, XBOX360 crossover getting underway. Maybe the PC gaming scene will be revolutionised...Probably another debate entirely... I don't think this will affect their market too much. The PS2 probably shows that. (It's ancient in respect to commonplace PC graphics cards) I respect your viewpoint and it's excellent to have such a varied mixture of gamers here. Your an avid PC gamer (...apparent from your sig: peace: ) and so you probably understand how fast PC technology moves forward - Specifically when it comes to graphics cards? Yet I think the longer Microsoft have to get the XBOX360 and vista gaming platforms together..the more the PC gaming scene will stall. If only so the PC game scene can hitch a ride on the XBOX360's popularity. Then MS make money from both angles. PC and XBOX360. it also enables the spread of IP's. Interesting no?
  25. Consoles lifespan: Long or short?

    Good point Jammy. I think this could be another of Nintendo's trump cards. As the cost to develop drops further down, more indie developers will jump on board. When Nintendo stuck to cartridges we saw price as an ongoing issue. The proprietry Gamecube format also wasn't cheap compared to DVD's neither. Now Nintendo have a good format for the Wii (and the DS in comparison to the PSP) and therefore constantly falling costs, this could; in theory again contribute to the longevity of the console. If casual consumers see software appearing on the shelf at a steady rate then the image of that console will always appear fresh to them no matter what the tech level inside the console is. I'm sure the development costs for the Wii will also fall way faster than PS3 and XBOX360 costs. Result!