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  1. The top three games on the gamecube

    Slightly off topic: After playing ISS to death on the N64 and playing ISS 2000 every now and then to this day, I was REALLY looking forward to ISS2 on the GC. It was sluggish in comparison to ISS 2000 but therein lay its purity. It was the thinking mans game. I wasn't used to that...it scared me as I feared Konami had ruined ISS...Eventually we all knew about KCEO and KCET merging and Pro Evo becoming Konamis standard. But ISS2 left a mark on me. The stadiums were good, the game had a charm to it and 2 player was always great fun. The shaky cam goal-frame still stands out to me as something unique and the (bump mapped?) pitch, and distance blur blew all my mates away when it came out. I was devastated by ISS3 but it still had some elements which I enjoyed. I adore the music from the edit mode in ISS3 to this day..(bizarre I know). But it's just Pro Evo now...1,2,3,4,5,6,7. And therein lies the biggest shame..No more arcade ISS. ISS on the N64 and ISS2 will always be special to me. TOP THREE ON GC (which means they changed gaming in their generation): Animal Crossing - So unique it hurt, with added NES! Wind Waker - Disney must have sh** themselves. Showed Nintendo for what they are. True innovators and never afraid to change anything. Smash Bros Melee - Best value for money, and use of IP's ever!
  2. Lesser known 3D platformers

    I've been getting into Beyond Good & Evil again...This just HAS to be played. What a beautiful game it still is. I even like the stealth sections due to the domz wierd robot thing which shoots out its red rays and scans...It's fabulous and the juxtaposition of using modern technologies against the simple ethos of truth, family and home is a heavy emotional tag. There is some masterclass designs going on there. Sheer wonder. The beauty and scope of the underlying mystery into what is going on and the way in which you are moving the journo-type story onwards is still refreshing. The controls aren't anything special but they do a good job and never feel counter-inituitive. Wow, I'm ranting. Just play this game people. Play it again and talk about it here! Carlson and Petersoon out!!
  3. games you enjoy, that could embares

    Boobah scare the sh** out of me. They are like alienz or sommat lol. Imagine the meeting in which Boobah were created...There must have been some class A material on the table right there. Pure freaky. But wickedly insane drug enduced website right there. If there had been something like that in 1960 the drugs wouldn't have been needed. All I'm saying is that a dark room and that Boobah website could kill a man.
  4. I've got pacman versus and a rare rebel strike demo preview disk including the atari versions from the 80's which is pretty rare. Nowhere will accept them when I sold my cubeo. Play pacman vs now and then though..Still a great game for 10mins
  5. Mobile Phone Chat

    If you have one why don't you get some gaming like GBA emulation on it, or even play some megadrive on it? Calling and texting...Aint that what a phone's for too lol? I understand your stated gripes in the face of the iPhone but with N73's firmware updatable online, you can just upgrade it yourself, put some cracking apps on it like tomtom, guitar tuners, ebook readers, smartmovie, youtube player etc..And realise that symbian software has had one hell of a start on the iphone. For about 200 notes less lol. Only thing you can't make it is touch screen..
  6. Snes Recommendations?

    It depends on what genres you are into... Any of the mario platormers series and your looking at grade-A quality. Especially Yoshi's Island, mario All-Stars and then Mario Kart. Any of the street fighter games (super street fighter 2 or street fighter alpha 2 (if you find it) are good.) There are also Mortal Kombat games like MK3 there too. Handy. There are so many RPG's on the system, yet if you like Final Fantasy pick any of them up --Or even better Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. There is then Zelda for the SNES which is 'still' astounding and considered to be the pinnacle of the series. If you like EA they have a massive back catalogue of sports games like FIFA, MADDEN, NHL which are all pretty good. They then had other great games like Desert/Jungle strike series. Konami also released ISS on the SNES and there are various PGA games (not too shabby neither). Some other notable mentaions are games such as uniracers, zombies ate my neighbours, Starwing, the Donkey Kong Country Series, NBA Jam series, Earthworm Jim games, R-Type games and finally Doom. There are also hundreds of movie tie-ins which can vary in quality but some are quite good. Your best bet is Disney based licences like Lion King, Jungle Book, Aladdin. Which brings my rant to a close. Happy hunting - The SNES is a beast of a machine. And Im sure I've missed many, many more classics out.
  7. Name That Game

    surreal simpsons, gotta be Barts nightmare.
  8. Mobile Phone Chat

    In relation to comments previously stated about the N73 being poor there is now firmware for the phone which makes it incredibly stable and thus making crashes a thing of the past. The flashing blue light can also be disabled by not having the phone on sleep mode (which doesn't really make a difference to battery power)...Other than that, put the phone face down - - The joystick control makes the screen stay clear of surfaces. I'm loving my N73, with a 2gig mem card in it including over 200 songs, series one of family guy on it with various movies on it too. I've also got a megadrive, SNES and GBA emuator running sweetly on it too. Resulting in my N73 being a fine piece of phonage with gaming leaking out of it everywhere. The screen is also perfect for all the above. If anyone wants proof of this just ask, I'll post some pics. It's a great phone now the new firmware is out, and due to the symbian and java platforms being heavily supported by many developers, there are always new apps, games available.
  9. Ok, this is killing me. I've not got the best laptop admittedly but it's tuned to its best. I've recently been having major problems with the speed of my laptop when I start to run the internet. Only Opera (my browser) gets crucified. Everything else runs as smooth as butter but the internet takes an AGE to load and then crashes between pages before loading again. I have 2 laptops running Opera and the other one is A-OK. It's not my internet in other words. I uninstalled Opera and re-installed it and the problem remained. I tried going online via IE7..Same thing. I'm totally lost. I even ran a registry check/booster and it corrected things and it still remained the same. Right now I'm typing and it doesn't appear on the screen but then all of a sudden (when the fan stops running on the laptop) the text all appears as if it crashed momentarily. I ran virus checks (AVG) and nothing was found. Here is a pic of the CPU usage when I run the internet. As I said, it's not RAM or anything related as everything else runs fine. Any ideas? Am I missing something here?
  10. Name That Game

    mickey mania? Gutted about the rest...Knew em all typically late...e3 and all.
  11. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Hero - What's this memory card trick you speak of? Strikers cup can be absolutely crucifying!
  12. Name That Game

    I'm going with Wipeout Pure on the PSP.
  13. Nintendo Too Dependant on 1st Party Releases?

    I still see the chance for 99% of Nintendo games to sell well. The place where Nintendo could make more money and become ultimately at one with the hardcore and casual crowd is with Wiiware. We could see titles such as a "NEW!" Mario World or "NEW!" Excitebike...Things which wouldn't look out of place in the SNES or N64 era but are cheap downloads. If Wiiware is done right Nintendo could be doubling their current profit. And so too could other developers with the correct software. If Nintendo developed a new Zelda on the engine of Ocarina Of Time would it sell? Would it's franchise roots make the graphics redundant? Is a good game really still a good game regardless of graphics? Would it shake up the industry and create new playing fields? I'd love to see Wiiware and VC as one, with new games with graphics ranging from NES, SNES and the N64. The money to be made there could be vast...tapping into the hardcore crowd promising new mega drive games for god sake! Imagine a Sonic game on Wiiware in the style of Sonic on the megadrive...Would this really be a bad thing...Would it be moving backwards? I really hope Nintendo don't licence the roof out of Wiiware. We will see soon enough but if done correctly, Wiiware could break all boundaries - Merging old with new. This is what I would like to see. With the history of IP's Nintendo have, they are in the best position to develop this idea. Am I alone on my retro-becoming-present love? Should the past just be left in the past? Has the VC proven that people's affination for an old title is a marketable venue? Should Nintendo leave it there? So many questions as ever!!!
  14. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    It's 34.99 in my local Gamestation, £39.99 in GAME and £27! in ASDA. (Woo!)
  15. Nintendo Too Dependant on 1st Party Releases?

    Indeed Jammy. I agree. We could be seeing the turn around of many developers just like the Project Reality to PS1 situation. Cartridges were the problem then. Expensive format meant everyone flocked to the "cheaper to develop for" PS1. Now instead of cartridges, HD and Blueray are the main problems. Surely the same thing that happened in 1994-1996 will happen. Devs will see the cost factor and consumers will see the "cool" factor of the Wii (similar to PS1) and lots will jump ship. I'm just applying logic from the history of the videogame market. The only places to look are the past and present and certainly it seems that the Wii is in a very good position right now. Long may it continue. There is much more variety now so I don't see how consoles cannot co-exist with each other. I do think that the Wii is in the strongest position though. Even though MS and Sony have much more to offer software side. In some ways I really do think that the market MS and Sony target (gamers, tech heads) is tiny compared to a new market of non-gamers and casual gamers..Another topic entirely I'm sure...
  16. Name That Game

    LEGEND Paradigms cancelled project you are correct !
  17. Nintendo Too Dependant on 1st Party Releases?

    Jammy speaks the truth. Everyone wanted to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon back in the 80's and 90's and Nintendo made them pay the money to do so. Sensible really in the world of business. Then they floundered sales wise with the N64 and GAMECUBE yet still made enough money to maintain their own business. And yes jammy, you are spot on when you talk about Rayman and Red Steel as not being top sellers (in relation to Nintendo efforts). Yet the money Ubisoft made from those games would have been 'profitable' income. The fact Red Steel 2 and Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 are in development (ALREADY) shows this fact more than words could ever show. With the amount of people buying the Wii brings more chance for sales to rise. With casual and NEW gamers entering the market because of Wii, Wii itself becomes the OPPORTUNITY for more software to sell. Remember, the promise and the potential of both income AND artistic innovation offered on the Wii are irresistable to all companies. There are many companies who aren't Capcom, aren't Sega or EA and neither have the financial resources or the trappings of "expected" traditional gaming to produce what the powerhouses have done in the past. These are the developers who will also win on Wii. Wii means: 'Small investment, large potential payoff.' This is why we will see so much third party activity on Wii. Just my penny worth.
  18. Name That Game

    Anyone got any clues on the one I posted. System: N64 and quite cheeky.
  19. Lesser known 3D platformers

    Yoshi's Island was a masterclass in design. Utterly fantastic and refreshing. To the person who asked about Rocket: Robot on Wheels....A really good game. Showing its age now obviously. But it was a GIANT leap above anything 3D platformer related on any other system..Yet pales when put next to Banjo and Mario on the N64. I think you can't go wrong with Starfox Adventures on the cube. Sure it's not the greatest game ever, yet for the price your getting a decent game with (still) lush visuals. And at least the space battles are pretty good. Monster House on the cube is also pretty good. Quite easy yet is like Resi for kids. Pretty good. I also think the Lego Star wars games are pretty good. Number 1 is ok but Lego Star Wars 2 on the cube is really good fun. (Co-op rules) Then there is Beyond Good and Evil which is fantastic. Ubi had some good showings on the cube with Prince of Persia too. Hopefully we see their 3d platform loving continue. I do agree with the sphinx, kao and Ty comments though. Fun games with some challenge involved. And well worth picking up for a tenner.
  20. Lego Star Wars 2 is pretty rare on the cube as GAME only stocked it. I also finally found Monster House (Resi for kids lol). And of course Beyond Good and Evil and Zelda colectors edition are pretty rare. Other than that it kinda depends where you live. Gamestation have so many titles second hand that if they don't have it in your local store I'm sure they can phone around. (If they can be bothered).
  21. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Oooo fun. There are some gorgeous desktops on here. Anyone like this??
  22. Endless Ocean

    My Freeloader for the cube was only used for Animal Crossing (and some cheap US games)! I do think AC and the subsequent sales of AC:WW potentially changed the views of Nintendo on what Europe sees. I was suprised we got Doshin the giant though! I think most were so suprised it got left on the shelf... Hopefully Nintendo have learnt their lesson in regards to NOT releasing 'bizzarro' games in Blighty. And the Wii needs all the original software it can get. Bring this game to Blighty please - and sooner rather than later! Nintendo release dates are still as messed up as ever afterall. We could see this in 2 years if Nintendo cannot translate "clown fish" into German. I'd buy this tomorrow if possible.
  23. Microsoft buys Nintendo's Land

    I dunno what's worse...Moore shooting his water all over or Kaplan cheating on Matty Cassamassina. Seriously though, that has just mentally scarred me, yet kept me intruiged. Kaplan. I salute you for your sheer bawdy unprofessionalism. Here's hoping you and Moore hop into bed together....
  24. Name That Game

    Dunno...But I was ROBBED on the perimeter screen. Spindizzy worlds was awesome on the SNES. lol. They certainly don't make them like they used to! Here's a good one
  25. Endless Ocean

    These nice shots, the co-op diving and the apparent use of SD card music has me salivating for this now. Can't wait to go swimming alongside the dolphins whilst getting some classical music seeping through my speakers. Or maybe some britpop whilst invstigating some ruins. Unique. It reminds me of an underwater Pilotwings. Without the gyrocopter obviously. The co-op features could be interesting too. Chatting could be limited due to the limitations of a divers sign language . Or it could be handled in other unique ways...keypad input? Who knows. Either way, I'm suprised to see this appear all of a sudden. And apparently due for release in the not-too-distant future. I hope it makes it to these shores. Ecco could even guest star ;p