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  1. Pullblox World

    First thing I'll do when as get this is try to convert 2D to 3D on the 3D TV. Added 3D TV functionality would have been nice...
  2. Mario Kart 8

    Dispatched! WOOO!
  3. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    At least the frame rate should be decent. AC3/4 on PS3 weren't too good from my experience. I was surprised how much better AC4 was on WiiU was over the XBox and PS3 versions. At least Ubi generally do a good port.
  4. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    They'll probably do what they did with AC3/4. Maps/menus on GamePad and off-TV functionality. Saw a guy today looking at this in Grainger Games with his wife and kids. It was £50 on PS4 and she was saying no way were they paying £50 for it. Dude was told to back away from the game and the little kids were asking if they could buy Killzone as it was cheaper. Meanwhile I was looking at a lonely, corner shelf of £25-£40 WiiU games thinking Nintendo are completely out of touch with where this industry is. I left confused wondering if that was a good thing or not. Either way, having no WatchDogs on the shelf again puts WiiU in a less than healthy position when top tier games are on older systems that are cheaper.
  5. Mario Kart 8

    People are gonna be so miffed when they find their game doesn't come with a anti-gravity couch...
  6. Wii U General Discussion

    @S\.C\.G In my opinion I think it would be daft not to try it first, seeing as it has arrived. If the analogue sticks, D-Pad and buttons are as solid as the original then I don't see the problem. The only thing might be the battery - which you could always check by unscrewing it and seeing how it compares to the original. I agree with this. Was also surprised that Wii didn't get Grand Slam Tennis 2. I think that clearly showed EA's allegiances.
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Yeah, I do think it could work again with the added fidelity HD gaming brings to the table as well as the opportunity to have bigger explosions/more dialogue/content and orchestrated music. The best thing would be online dogfights as well as DLC of new planets after release. The myths of StarFox is huge. Maybe they'll wait until StarWars is out again? I say that as they could release it on the back of the space saga becoming popular once again. Either way - I do miss the franchise but think it perhaps peaked with StarFox64. How the hell do you better that?
  8. amiibo (NFC)

    Think we'll see this guy again?
  9. Saw the title and knew it straight away. Count me in as one of the Wii Music groupies. Different, fascinating and actually a pretty deep title. Improved instruments and the additions mentioned above would be awesome.
  10. amiibo (NFC)

    Nah, it's now discussions about gender. We're done with sales :P I wish...
  11. amiibo (NFC)

    Infinity has shown that there is more NFC pie to be had. Nintendo making toys just seems perfect too. Cross gaming is what makes me interested in this. Could be sweet with certain genres such as RPG's too. Bring link into X? Sure, use the figure. Bring Diddy Kong into Mario Kart? Done.
  12. Hyrule Warriors

    This would make a good NFC game too...
  13. Hyrule Warriors

    Link looks fantastic here. Might just be my favourite realisation of him in a Zelda game so far. I'd be happy with Nintendo adopting this approach in the future. It's a perfect mix of cartoony/mature in my opinion.
  14. Mario Kart 8

    That's not even including the anti-social ones either!
  15. Hyrule Warriors

    Androgynous character appeals to all markets?
  16. Hyrule Warriors

    Thanks @Dcubed that was really fascinating!
  17. Hyrule Warriors

    It's like a movie when you see a gang of bullies beating up some dude and the omega bullies stand around watching the good guy beat the alpha bully. At least have some dudes chipping in a few hits and getting TKO'd with one hit to keep it visually (and in the context of a game, cognitively taxing). Either way - looking forward to a swift release. It could be Bayonetta2 and this tiding us over until winter on WiiU.
  18. Mario Kart 8

    I tried that @Rez and it suddenly became impossible! :P
  19. Mario Kart 8

    They could have just done an Iwata Asks, released two trailers and walked into the sunset with the words 'job done' being flown overhead tbf. Instead, they went knee jerking all over the internet, blowing their Mario kart flavoured load all over the place resulting in meltdowns when folk saw no voice chat, the character list and a battle mode that doesn't ape what we've seen for the last twenty years. Less is more sometimes. Still...day one!
  20. Hyrule Warriors

    The character art looks slightly feminine. It is a Japanese magazine though. They'll furrow link's brows when he hits the EU and America. More importantly, Link looks awesome in-game and Impa indicates variety. Woot!
  21. Mario Kart 8

    Spot on @RedShell When the media dropped I was all: By the end I was:
  22. The Wonderful 101

    Bought this for £15 the other day. Hugely impressed after the so-so demo. Hyper energetic, doesn't skip a beat and keeps bringing the fun. It's the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon. Consider me a W101 advocate!
  23. Wii U General Discussion

    Cool. Will do this too. What did you do? Call/e-mail? What did you say?
  24. Hyrule Warriors

    I'm looking forward to this as it will give me a Zelda fix as well as introduce me to the Dynasty Warriors series. Double whammy of awesome as far as I'm concerned.
  25. Wii Sports Club

    Looks good. Albeit VERY late! Boxing and baseball must be coming soon digitally...