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  1. 3DS Console Codes

    added citronic and m_fergy
  2. 3DS Console Codes

    well I decided to finally try one yesterday...WOW!! A day later I had the urge to buy one and now I do Add me peeps and lets fight :P Friend Code: 3823 - 8563 - 5786
  3. Buying a Laptop

    Well I settled on a nice wee Samsung N140 from Comet for £300. Does exactly everything I wanted it to do and to my surprise Windows 7 Starter is not as annoying as I first thought it would of been. Delighted with my choice. Thanks for all the tips and help folks.
  4. Buying a Laptop

    one thing I was wondering about the Toshiba laptop I linked previously and have re-linked below, is the processor quite good for multi-tasking? I am reading that it is only 1 core, does this make a huge difference?[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdkadeimkddlmfcflgceggdhhmdfoj.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=642252&category_oid=-36730
  5. Buying a Laptop

    I seem to be edging towards the Acer Ferrari down to the spec for the price. Any previous experience with Acer? Would you recommend Acer?
  6. Buying a Laptop

    here is more info on the specs of the netbook CD/DVD drive is not something I would miss as it is barely used and I have a spare external one. So far all the laptops I have looked at do not include a optical drive though, possibly reason for the thin nature of the laptops.
  7. Buying a Laptop

    I really got to stop looking at laptops :P what do people think of this? I somehow quite like it and feel you get a lot for your money, whats peoples opinions?
  8. Buying a Laptop

    I never expected you to go back on your words leetpants :p Basically this is what I am looking for from a laptop: Surf the web, watch occasional video, my music, the heaviest program would be Photoshop or Inventor and also possibly play the Sims on it. That is in general what I would want from a laptop, something mobile and long battery as well to help with uni etc. My current laptop I can get about 2 and half hours from if I am lucky and is also on the large side. Overall would you recommend just sticking with my laptop, the toshiba or possibly a netbook? Thanks again leetpants.
  9. Buying a Laptop looking at a new angle for my current problems with my laptop...I feel it is on the big side for uni and thats my reason for looking ultra mobile. Would I be better going for a netbook? How about this?[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cceiadeimhjgjgjcflgceggdhhmdfog.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=641083&category_oid= Would it run things like Photoshop or Inventor? Thank you
  10. Buying a Laptop

    thanks leetpants. Generally I am trying to go for a laptop around the 13.3" size as my current one is 15.6" and I really want something smaller and has exceptional battery life. This is my current model: I would be looking for a laptop which is slightly better but smaller and better battery. Or would you recommend just upgrading to Windows 7 and sticking with what I have?
  11. Buying a Laptop

    a while back I was seriously considering a MacBook but after many discussions on here and some deep thought I decided against it down to compatibility issues. Yesterday I was just searching through PC World and seen this laptop:[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cceeadeimehfgmecflgceggdhhmdfnn.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=538420&category_oid=-36730 what do people think? any good? or any other recommendations? I ideally want a mobile laptop that is reasonable price and kind of mid range spec...not really a gamer but do run programs like Autodesk Inventor and Photoshop. Thanks to anyone.
  12. To any Mac owners...

    I agree, was really looking for something like HUGE and then we got hit with our iPhone/Touch has more games than DS and PSP then followed by the "big revelation" that the nano now has a video me disappointed On topic though I have been doing some digging and I am wondering if someone would be kind enough to explain the main benefits of Windows 7 over Vista as personally I have never had one problem with Vista.
  13. To any Mac owners...

    Right now the only thing stopping me from taking your advice is what programs work on Mac. However from what I have found out most of my programs do work which is making me want to move. The only thing holding me back is really Windows it as good as Mac OSX? I don't even know if anyone will know yet
  14. To any Mac owners...

    I know one thing...if I am going to bug a mac it will be before I qualify otherwise I would be throwing money away. I wonder if anyone knows of any Windows 13" laptops with similar specs for a lot cheaper than the 13" Macbook Pro?
  15. To any Mac owners...

    See I really don't mind forking out over £1000 on a laptop as long as I know it is going to last a good few years and will still be quite competitive with the spec. I understand if I buy say a £400 laptop more than likely it will be completely out of date come Christmas/early 2010. Do you really get the 3 years apple care for free? I read it was like £200 Proberly the best for me to do is to take my laptop into an Apple Store and have a chat with one of the advisers to see if they can answer questions about some of my software. I wouldn't mind if only the occasional software needs to use Windows as thats what boot camp is for. Also KKOB do you know how good the 13" Macbook Pros are with games like Sims 3 or WoW? I know both aren't that demanding. To answer questions on discounts, I am in uni on Friday so I will log onto a computer and check