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  1. Student loan help

    I start university next september. I definately have a place since I graduated from college last june ( taking a gap year) I want to start applying for my student loan. Does anyone have any useful websites I could use? Thanks
  2. Nintendo Direct: 5th December 5pm GMT

    Nobody cares about brain training.
  3. Nintendo Direct: 5th December 5pm GMT

    I missed the info on Lego City
  4. Nintendo Direct: 5th December 5pm GMT

    I'd a like a release date for Pikmin 3 and Game N Wario.And possibly some info on the GC Virtual Console.
  5. Wii U eShop Thread

    I hope it's for the Rayman Demo
  6. Mixed reactions on the Wii U The updates and downloading are ridiculous. Miiverse is alright, but really it’s just a gamers version of facebook. Netflix is really cool on it. Downloaded that little inferno game which is alright. Nintendo land is a really fun game, but I’m annoyed at the fact that I cant even play against a computer player in Mario Chase, Luigis mansion and the animal crossing game.
  7. Console Version Black 32G Bundle With Nintendo Land Games Nintendo Land New Super Mario Bros U COD Black OPS II Assassins Creed III Sonic and Sega All stars racing transformed Lego City Under Cover (Depending on Reviews and launch date) E-shop Games Little Inferno Mighty switch Force Nano Assualt Neo Rayman Legends Demo
  8. 1) Get up in the morning 2) Wait patiently for the console to arrive 3) Console arrives 4) Performs Victory Dance 5) Excitedly opens up console and sets it up 6) Checks for system updates 7) Has a play around on the Menu and Miiverse 8) Check E-shop. Download games 9) Try some downloaded games 10) Play Nintendo Land for an hour 11) Post Pointless Wii U related status's on Facebook 12) Packs console away until Christmas.
  9. I must say I am looking forward to the Wii U alot more now. I'll be getting the console for christmas along with the following. Mario Bros U Zombi U Sonic and sega al stars racing transformed Game and Wario Epic Mickey: the Power of two Rayman Legends Nintendo Land.
  10. I'm gonna try to stay up for this. Hopefully they can redeem themselves with the Nintendo 3ds... or maybe not
  11. They used these sort of graphics in one of the OOT 3d trailer As darksnowman said, if MM is going to happen then it will be for the 3ds. But that doesn't stop Nintendo from making full hd trailers for handhelds. Well the nintendo 3ds show is on in a few hours. We will find out then.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    I watched Nintendo's E3 Conference today
  13. Looking at the actual launch video. The lineup doesn't look that bad. It's the conference that made the lineup seem underwhelming, but it's still not enough for me to get a wii u on day 1.
  14. Reaction to this show: ''I'm so sad. Excuse me miss, i noticed you were drinking coffee'' (sigh)
  15. I finished work early today just for this. Can't wait
  16. Microsoft Press Conference (4th June)

    Pretty much what I was expecting from Microsoft. Nothing out of this world but some very nice titles. And as expected the demonstrations of the live applications and kinect games were dull. Personal highlights: Halo 4, Resident Evil, South Park.(and the tattooed girl was hot)
  17. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    I think none specific action figure should be the mascot for the Wii U. (has him on Facebook profile picture)
  18. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    That acting was even worse than Microsofts Kinect demonstrations.
  19. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    That wii u demonstration video was hilariously terrible.
  20. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    Any idea how long this will last?
  21. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    I'd love it if Cammie dunnaways head was inside Shigy's bag in the go team pose. Or if she was tied up in that van.
  22. Predicting the MEGATONS of NINTENDO's E3 2012 conference 1) The name for the Wii U changes. It becomes the Nintendo U 2) Along with titles such as Pikmin, Footage of Mario Galaxy 3 is shown. 3) A tech demo of SSB4 is shown for both the 3ds and the U. Mii's are now playable characters. Some in game characters are revealed 4) 3DS Software lineup is revealed. A new F-Zero, Pokemon, Banjo Kazooie and the new LOZ game which is a new game but follows the Engine to OOT and MM 2.Outrageous claims 1) Show ends with HD LOZ Trailer on the U which will probably come out in 2014 2) Cammie Dunnaway is re-hired and presents the conference and does a good job of it.
  23. The American Content is great. Providing your still paying for it there are ways you can get the content leagally by changing your DNS settings. There a video tutorials on youtube that tell you how to do this. Heres a general list of shows that I've been watching Glee Death Note Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Naruto The Office (Both the U.S and Uk Versions) Family Guy The Complete South Park American Dad
  24. Anyone care for a New DBZ Episode? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW9HG50DFxA