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  1. I'd still be able to get one if I got a new account, since I have like 4000 spare stars, but it'll be a waste if I can recover my old account! I've been a member like 3 years too, I bet you have too. I expect they only care about their new members, giving away 1250 free stars and all..

  2. I have a relatively beaten up Ford Escort white van, '97... 1.8l n/a diesel, 60hp of fucking fury.


    It also has a GameCube, a TV, and a Dreamcast.. and fairy lights, rigged up in the back. It rules.


    I want an Audi A4 Avant 3.0l tdi in black, but I also now have a hard-on for the new Nissan GT-R


    Park up and play job!

  3. Not working for me either. Maybe the link went live earlier than expected and now they have shut it down, or the server's are just too busy!


    Grrrr, I'm pissed off!


    Hehe or maybe their having you on.


    (Or having me on.)