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  1. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Looks like it's going to be Saturday then..
  2. NEW NoE Site is up!

    5 days since they email they sent to people saying they're 'almost ready'.
  3. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Strange how it's been almost ready for like 5 days.
  4. Same. And Mario Power Tennis and Toadstall Tour.
  5. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Not like they'd do it secretly though..
  6. What car you got?

    Park up and play job!
  7. Eastenders, Waterloo Road, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Random Animal Programs. Basically all I ever watch, sometimes I watch cartoons when there's NOTHING else to do.
  8. NEW NoE Site is up!

    I bought Matt Bellamy.
  9. Winter Sports 2008!

    Looks good. Hopefully it has motion controls.
  10. Fish and Stew Oh Oh Oh-oh-oh

    Yes you can safely say it isn't.
  11. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Well, even if it were true, I wouldn't have enough points! LOL
  12. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Hehe or maybe their having you on. (Or having me on.)
  13. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Sure, Sure in your dreams!
  14. NEW NoE Site is up!

    What a wind up! It's not even up their obviously lying!
  15. Latop to PS2/GC

    Can you do this with Xbox 360s, I really don't want to shell out on the adapter.
  16. NEW NoE Site is up!

    Nintendo Europe Email Newsletter claims they are in their final stages.
  17. NEW NoE Site is up!

    My Wii has started flashing, could be something, but the site is still down. Can't attend to the Wii until the morning probably though, so I won't know what it is. Probably just Mii Contest Channel alerts.
  18. Endless Ocean

    About the going rate, you can get it cheaper.
  19. That's because a few weeks was the time from release to Christmas.
  20. Sounds like a good price.
  21. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    Luke - 8385 5223 8156 1383
  22. Doctor Who

    Was good, next weeks looks uhhh, confusing.
  23. Your earliest gaming memory..

    Pokemon blue on my Red Gameboy Colour, when I was 5/6.
  24. Mario Kart 2007?!

    C'mon Mario Kart, I love those games.