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  1. Just back from it, and yeah there's a very brief mid-credits scene.


    I really liked it. LOTS needed more time to be expanded upon, people's reactions to events mainly, but it was already cramming quite a lot in, while taking it's time retelling the origin/tying the origin into a greater plot, so I appreciate it had to make sacrifices. It did stick out to me though, being naturally more of a cynic - no one really questioning superpowers and stuff...but mainly that Peter Parker never seemed to do much reflection on the fact that EVERYTHING IN THE FILM is his fault. It's all his fault. I find that an interesting choice to make...as in the original story it's not his fault the spider bit him or anything. But they only have a throwaway line here and there, mainly referring to the Lizard being his fault, and yeah, he goes on a vigilante mission to find the burglar, but there's no character moments RE: his uncle's death, nothing with Aunt May or anything. That was missing.




    This felt like SPIDER-MAN. Far more than the Raimi films. They've gone all out in making him look/move/act like Spider-Man, not some depressive in a suit like in Raimi's. I loved Lizard a lot more I expected to, and tbh, the School-based battle felt so Marvel Comics (the library cameo included), I was in metaphorical tears. Such a perfect scene that truly captures the comics.


    Lizard's descent into villainy wasn't overly convincing, but he was cool regardless.


    I thought Stone was great as Gwen and a more appealing character than MJ was in the old films. Less soppy. Her and Garfield were both great, as were all the actors actually. I love Sally Field - I liked her 'knowing mother' moments - so mother-of-a-gay-child! <3



    Ok, I'm a Marvel know-it-all, but I can't fathom

    who the guy

    in the mid-credits scene is...or at least it's

    no one obvious, surely? Could be anyone.


  2. Just over two weeks until...



    And all will Take A Bow in honour of She

    And all will Give her All their luvin'

    And in return she will Dance2Night

    And Everybody will take a Holiday

    And it will be Something To Remember

    In the name of the Crotch, the Cheeks and the Holy Tooth Gap,



    Hejira is quite unlike any album I've ever heard. It is quite astounding. And not in the way albums sounds nice/good and you love them, it's just such a great mediation on (her) life at the time of writing and properly evokes the feeling of her travel during the making of it, absorbing everything and spouting out stuff. It talks of a journey/hijira in the literal sense, but also spiritual, mental, etc etc. Goodness.

  4. I'm seeing it in 3-D on Tuesday. I strangely wanted to watch it in 3-D, feels like when it's a spectacle-based film, but one I don't mind not being hugely invested in, I'll concede to 3-D.


    This still has elements I like the idea of, but yeah, kinda as ambivalent about it as most others are.

  5. No it's fine to watch as a Standalone film. :) I haven't watched the others yet and they were made before this one what links them is that Lars Von Trier has the three films Breaking Waves, The Idiots and Dancer in the Dark put together in his Golden Hearts Trilogy as in his own words they contain the theme of "good women overwhelmed by a bad world”.


    Though I'm sure the other two films are (hopefully) also good/worth watching as well I don't think it wholly matters. :D


    Lars Von Tirer works in thematic trilogies, they aren't connected story-wise. The Golden Hearts trilogy is kinda...self-explanatory, and really his most gut-wrenchingly affecting work, IMO.


    Breaking The Waves and Dancer In The Dark > The Idiots for me, but they're all brilliant. I really want to watch Breaking The Waves again...seen DitD tonnes.

  6. Love me some Carrie! I LOVE several songs on her new album, and the two you posted blow away (lel) the rest. It all gets a bit too MOR in the middle, but pleasant enough.


    Love the lyrics/stories to both of those songs. 2 of her best songs ever, certainly.




    Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (that was off the top of my head!)

    Amazing, of course. Great. A++


    Patti Smith - Outside Society

    Just a 'greatest hits' but I have Horses, her iconic one, so it's all I really wanted. Plus it was £2 in Fopp. She is an oft-overlooked icon.


    Grimes - Visions

    One everyone cool is talking about/in love with. I really like it. Initially quite background-music-y but actually very pop is you listen. Hard to describe. Very pitchfork. Sounds like Kylie Minogue if she was an alien who made experimental pop vignettes.


    Carrie Underwood - Blown Away

    As described above, gets a bit MOR in the middle, but all done nicely and no STINKERS, but does not live up to the brilliant opening few songs.


    Kitty Pryde - ha ha, i'm sorry EP

    I love her so much. Half for being named after an X-Men character, half because she feels like the deadly spawn of the OFWGKTA sound and Carly Rae Jepsen. Who is sampled in Give Me Scabies. Female rap is back, but this such a lol. H8rz will burn.


    Azealia Banks - 1991 EP

    EVERYTHING. Everything. everything. *gasps*. Ooh la la la flirted with a cool French dude named Antoine, wanna taste the pastry chocolate croissants? I'm an Azealia stan.


    Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People

    I rarely listen to Garbage now, they remind me of being 13/14 and first actually caring about music beyond chart-y singles. I wasn't really interested in this coming out, and it's fine, like nothing wrong with it, but nothing stunning. I enjoy it, but it's also something I'd leave to burn were my house to catch fire. I might actually want it to burn.


    Stacie Orrico - S/T

    Her first album, from a charity shop, yes. The Christian pop goddess. LOVED her singles when she first came out, they still hold up. Surprisingly not awful.


    Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

    I really enjoy this. It's like Far never happened! Produced nicely and short but sweet. However I do feel like she's lost a lot of her incredible insight and character studies from her first few albums (pre-Begin To Hope) that I keep hoping will come back, but never quite does. But much better than her last album.


    Marilyn Manson - Born Villain

    I bought this in one of my 'I could be a rocker' moods. I do like him. He feels vaguely queer. It's ok. Nothing stands out though.


    Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

    Contentious statement: * Teenage Dream is a modern pop classic, whether you like it or not. *

    The Hunger Games Soundtrack

    Gorgeous! Seriously - packed with a lot of cool indie/alt-country stuff, v.nice and though not really related to the film (no song here appears in it), they all thematically cohere/relate I guess. Lovely.


    Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

    If you wasn't so ugly, I'd put my dick in your face.

  7. Hilary Duff is such a part of my life.


    Come Clean (2005 Remix) is the first song I ever bought off iTunes for my new (at the time) iPod Nano. She has a distressing lack of authority to her singing voice, but has some stunning* singles.


    Come on, that is just everything. Trying to fit a square into a circle was no life. I defy. bold


    Bad but I love:


    REACH OUT AND TOUCH MAYYYY! - Love it! Whooooooreeeee [/Drag Me To Hell]


    *gasp* She loves the gheys too!



    *if you convince yourself you love them, you will.

  8. I really like the video. Found the dialogue/general direction of it to work quite well...better than most 'music video monologues'. She has a quality...or her character does. Nice. One of my faves from the album too.

  9. I thought that 3 and Resurrection were better than the first.


    One day, when you least expect it, I will shit on you.





    That's My Boy




    Surprisingly hilarious, one of my favourite Adam Sandler movies. Just too good, I'll probably go see this again when it's out here. Who knew Vanilla Ice would turn out to be funny.


    I SWEAR without being over the top, or too 'Paj!'-y, That's My Boy is the worst film I've ever seen (in the cinema)/(intended for mass release and exposure). Actually a foul abomination of a 'funny film'. Crass, unfunny, with completely unlikeable or relatable characters or situations. bad plotting, acting, everything. Gross 'humour' without it being, yknow....funny. Jesus. My friend and I felt kinda numb after that film. Thankfully we didn't pay for it, it was a test screening (obviously worried it was shit in the first place).


    CHRIST. Sorry. Atrocious. And what was Ciara (Kween of Krunk) doing there? Ugh!! It was so...! Never. Never do it. My mouth was dry and my head sore from being so ABUSED by what I saw. I'm actually still angry, and I saw it like...4 months ago.


    [[ They may well have re-edited it for general release, I am aware, but the film I saw was 'finished', no tinkering could save it really. I saw the redband trailer and it looked pretty much the same. ]]

  10. If you just imagine they're stunning films, they are. The saga of Alice. <3 The journey. <3 How does she keep going? So tense!! Who is there left to help her stop Umbrella?? Will the nightmare ever end??! *eats popcorn and jiggles in seat*

  11. Yeah, I'm so ready. The boxset of the first four is my favourite possession these days.


    And this one looks more action-packed/full of stuff than either the 4th or 3rd, both of which felt kinda odd and though they had semi-interesting environments, felt kinda isolated from everything else (I know...zombie movie...but compared to the second which was in a city etc etc blaaaaaah).


    Milla has my fave face.

  12. I don't understand the dislike here.


    I LOVED seeing it cause it was way more of an ode to Alien than I expected, and as everyone knows, whenever I see a woman sweating and limping down a sterile spaceship hallway while alarms blare, I am set ablaze in joy. It's my favourite *thing* to see.


    I really enjoyed it. Felt at times like too much stuffed in, yeah, and not everyone stunned as much as Fassbender, but then I'm over it.


    I am shocked by Daft's statement that it was one of the worst films he's ever seen. How in-


    I'll admit I fanboy'd for it a little, but it in no way had that *sheen* bad films have. Lord.

  13. I'm quite ready for what the spoiler entails. Obviously they aren't going to do *that character* like in the comics, but nice if the armour gets a look-at in these films to some extent.

  14. @Paj\! need you in the game. What's your power, who've you targeted? Who do you think is mafia and why?


    As you may have gathered I've been criminally inactive...sorry about that. Kinda put a warning down but still...ugh why do I play when I'm busy?


    I suspect ReZ gave me a fairly uneventful power in case I didn't play properly. I can gas people, and I'm told if they're affected, which basically means, if they aren't affected, they're armoured (something to that effect, or that's what I took from it). I wasn't told if the gas has any actual effect if they aren't armoured.


    I targeted Peeps, he's armoured / he wasn't affected. That's all I've done.

  15. 90's was everything. LOVE that it's somewhat influencing the mainstream dance sound at the moment. House. <3 And when all the pop women had stunning moves to credible, trip-hoppy sounds. It's my favourite aural time. But to avoid cluttering the thread all I'll say is:


    Such an Pro-Just Being Miley classic.


    I care but I'm restless.

    I'm here but I'm really gone.

    I'm wrong and I'm sorry, baby.


    And what it really comes down to is that everything's going to quite alright.

    'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's flicking a cigarette.


    It's just like...people are people and people do stuff. Can we all just have one hand in our pocket sometimes? My life is anti-drama, I refuse to let drama into my life. Everyone seems to have such chaos.

  16. I was George Michael at a party. I had loads of horrible foundation on to get the orange look, but it doesn't come across in these photos. It was truly horrific/glorious. I was surprised how many got who I was.



    I like my face here. Look at my caterpillar brows! So high-fashion.



    I went to Oceana. My boyfriend got kicked out for wearing a vest, even though he was let in. It was fine though, the bouncers weren't as dickish I expected, got a refund etc. Oceana is for sluts and whores anyway. What burnt me was that he was kicked out during 212. Thecuntz.




    I went out in the sun too long. Though I appear alabaster here, it would only be a few hours later that I would have the most painful/dramatic sunburn of my life. Led to 2 weeks of gradually lessening pain (though it was intense at first) and my shoulders took on the appearance of a shedding snake. Look at my beard here! I never remember I have a beard.