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    First I was like - what a fricking waste of a nice world-music-y sample on a terrible pop song. 3 days later It has 30 plays on my iTunes.






    I hated Heart Attack and I don't understand why she has a rabid fanbase? I know several weird girls who are in love with her. LOVATICS or something. Lovatos. TOMATOES.


    ANYWAY this has Queen Cher on it and is amazing. Haven't bothered with the rest of the album.


    REMEMBER WHEN I WAS A MUSIC SNOB? pssssst I still am but I realised one day that what I get out of select pop music is undistilled euphoria, unfound in any other way and began to realise that what people enjoy needs to be left to be enjoyed and that everyone needs their own little bit of euphoria, however/wherever they find it xoxox

  2. That is awful. Some amazing artists listed as collaborators in that event at the end though...?!


    It'll be a bloody album with a shitty app tacked on, watch this space. Bjork is the only person to have reasonable success with a similar thing, but the app seemed to be rather silly in the end.

  3. While I don't read Justice League regularly, Superman at all and am behind on Wonder Woman, I just kinda hate all the images we have of Clark/Diana together. She just always seems to look a bit..weedy. Compare it to the cover Chiang drew for a cover of WW kissing Apollo (obviously there was a point to this one, but I love it):


  4. What am I actually reading at the moment?


    All-New X-Men (bit behind though)

    Uncanny X-Men



    Earth 2


    And buying the Wonder Woman trades as they come out. Vol.3 isnt until September so yaaaaaawn.




    I bought Superman Unchained 1 too. I read a lot digitally these days cause it's easier and I like having a comic to read on lunch at work, and I can only do that on my phone atm.

  5. I famously love Superman Returns and don't understand why people hate it. I could understand people being like "Huh/" in regards to it, but it has such a joke feel to it, it feels really solid and lol all round. I love Parker Posey. And Lex Luthor's evil real estate plan. Lois' dramatic smoking sub-plot (Actually lol'ing).

    You can tell Bryan Singer was just being Miley.




    This evening after work I knew I was probably going to go with my friends into central London to G-A-Y and even though it's CHEAP/free entry, it's ALWAYS better to enter a club already drunk, or somewhat on your way. It clouds the harsh truths. So I bought a £5, 13% alcohol bottle of white wine. It's not pretty but it gets the job done. xx



    I go to way less now but they are always people I love. I am THAT person who won't look away from the stage in case I miss something. Never look at my phone. NEVER leave early. We were front row of cheap standing for Madonna, but still FAAAAAAAR away and I was TRANSFIXED. Chairdriver were in Hyde Park for approx 8 hours, 4 at least standing. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I am more savvy now, I don't go to EVERYONE, just cause I kinda like them like I used to. x



    I am going to join a gym soon cause I want muscles and to look sexy. I'm put off/scared/intimidated by groups of people at the weights bit but I will get back with a truer opinion soon enough. xxxxxxxxxo



    I can barely make tea/coffee, that's how little I drink it. I do find myself liking a latte from starbucks/coasta if I have work early though. Just cause. But I drink loads of diet coke so I'm immune to caffeine. xoxoxoxoxx



    Clubbing has the potential to be awful, but some of us just can't stay away. I hate straight clubs and feel for you all. Gay people/clubs are just way CLEARER. There's VERY few dickheads ready to beat people up (HATE) and they're generally more jokes and inclusive. Drag Queens couldnt go to an average OCEANA and feel safe, right? When really clubs are about coming together and letting go and blah.

    I like going gay clubbing and imagining who's looking at me/people act funny in clubs/they're kinda animalistic. Plus you hear songs loud and bassy.

    Everyone gets over it if you kiss someone, a stranger of friend. It's all jokes.

    This is all if you're drunk/high enough though. Sober, horrible realities come to light.

    I'd hate to be UGLY and go clubbing. I remember I used to ((be larger)) and sometimes hate it. Now I'm slimmer and every night out I get hit on by men and women so I'm just rolling in the deep.




    I hate people who take unnecessary risks. People who stand over the yellow line whilst waiting for a train.

  7. Hi.


    I enjoyed it.


    Bit too "Transformers I can't see anything ah this is ridiculous" in the end, but then there was like no action for the middle of the film so I guess it balances out.


    I liked bits. Others were fine. It didn't blow me away. I like Amy Adams but she felt a bit random? I feel like Lois should have been more of a likeable character. Yes for her portrayal as a female comic book character though. Well done for very little damsel in distress/pointless sexualisation etc blah


    The best bit is when he comes out of the water in just a pair of torn trousers, full beard and THAT body. My boyfriend and I were squeezing each others hands so tight, uncontainable boners etc. Strangely I didn't find him particularly sexy once he'd shaved/got the suit. BEARDSUPERMAN 4 lyf.


    I liked that they gave Nayareorororroa her time in the light.


    I liked the portrayal/focus the film gave on psychological weakness/strength, that felt like a good route to take.



  8. I've become more immune to film making me sad.


    Cried at Beaches and Steel Magnolias first few times I saw them. hashtag gay child.


    Cried to Eva Cassidy one when I was young. And a Tori Amos song like 3 years later when I was 16 or something.


    I was on the verge the very first time I saw Mulholland Drive during the Club Silencio/Llorando scene. Ugh. CHALD. Never seen a film like it at the time and had surrendered completely to the emotional rollercoaster.


    Got all shaky during I Dreamed A Dream in the new Les Mis film. But then the rest of the film dulled that feeling.

  9. Hmm. I never knew what my 'type' was until I properly analysed it.


    I love guys with 'dark features' - i.e kinda Italian/Spanish/that kinda look. Dark hair etc. Skin that isn't pale. Broad shoulders. Only ever been with one person taller than me and that's my boyfriend (and that's by like an inch and a half), but I never really notice height that much If I'm actually attracted to someone. I guess it has dictated...'roles'...so to speak though. Which is funny.


    Within that I really like guys who can give really good "I'm gonna kill you/sex you" stares, eyebrows lowered, sly smile. I realise that's been in my 'type' quite a lot.


    Bum I'm (surprisingly?) not fussed about. Penis is always good to be reasonable sized, but we all know that's not what initially attracts us to someone. (but it helps lol sizequeen yolo *peace fingers*)


    *cartwheels out the room*

  10. I vote no outline.


    I spent most of my evening doing this. I based the pose on a picture from my Madonna 2013 calendar (lelelel) but other than the rough pose, all mine. It's PSYLOCKE from X-Men, more recognisable as a purple ninja, but before that she was just a pink psychic lady from Essex. More fun-loving and less ninjaserious. I liked spending more time on a drawing, getting used to the tablet more..but I seriously need to learn about Photoshop..I'm pretty much just treating it like MsPaint atm...dunno any colouring techniques. I'm a more "painting something in front of me by hand" guy.

    N.B It's rough, not done etc



    My joke is going to be doing all the psychic X-Women, all based on poses from my Madonna calendar. Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey... maybe Karma too. etc

  11. Oh I love that Hamish! Gandalf is my best thing.


    Ugh I did this really rushed for a "Draw me an X" thing on CBR forums, where you're assigned a character from (in this case) X-Men to draw. The theme this time was to come up with an alternate reality version of that character. Mine is Frog Princess, the offspring of Toad and Emma Frost and people seemed to like her back story but I cba to repost. She's just kinda bad-ass freedom fighter, calling both sides of the mutant war on their bullshit most of the time.


    Unfortunately drawn in my "lolz I don't care about position/movement" way only I way prefer said style with pen and paper...there's much more character to my drawings then. I ironically tighten up and can't let loose digitally. Maybe cause I'm not at all skilled with photoshop. I should change that...just cause all these women I draw digitially look the same. My hand-drawn style is kinda crazy these days, this is not.



    I kinda like it though. Apart from the fact her hair and her costume are moving in different directions. YOLO

  12. I think Arkham Asylum is much more of a clear-cut story from Morrison than usual. It's the art that gives it the atmosphere/weirdness. Would it have HALF the impact without Dave McKean? No. But it's a stunning thing. I really like what Morrison says about Joker in that...among other little tidbits about Batman enemies. Stuff like AA is much more common now. You have to remember the time in which it came out (not that should sway people to 'liking it' all of a sudden or anything). Comics still looked very different, old-school colouring and pencils, with very dated writing. AA has been v. influential on the Batman aesthetic we have now.

    I mainly like it for the art though lololololol


    I love Morrison but don't worship all his stuff as I used to. Haven't really read any of Action Comics cause I've been out of comics so long. Animal Man and New X-Men still stand out for me as my faves from him. Both great. And lacking in the 'pretension' (I know what you mean by that).




    Just started reading Mark Waid's acclaimed Daredevil (my first trade purchase in like...over a year!) and also bought (digitally) the rest of Uncanny X-Force I never finished.

    Other random thoughts:

    Superior Spider-Man was fine.

    Caught up on the majority of Death Of The Family. People seem to hate this and I didn't, I guess cause I read it all at once, not spread out for months and over many titles. And yeah, a lot of it is stupid. Why did it need to seep into so many of the satellite titles in the same way ("Agh! Joker is here and he's poisoned me! Oh he's escaped. Wow, he's scary."). WTF was Catwoman btw, I heard it's gone shit, but wha-.

    I loved the art for that Batman and Robin DOFT tie-in issue with jsut Damien in the zoo with Joker. Who was that? Stungorge.


    For some reason I'm still putting off reading Wonder Woman, I think cause I couldn't *locate* issue 8. I can't wait though. (except I clearly can)


    Oh yeah, I liked the recent arc of Detective Comics, that was really good. Like, solid. And I love Ivy and Clayface. And Emperor Penguin ooooooh.


    Gonna go read Red She-Hulk cause she is my best character.

  13. Courtesy of @Hamishmash , I commissioned him to do this for my boyfriend's Xmas present. (he may have posted it)








    My "I'm here to win this competiton" emaciated Top Model face/glare while out. Bonus brown and tidy hair.


    [why won't tags work anymore?] EDIT Oh they do.

  14. Oh I love.


    I dont have a 3DS though. I wonder if this will be a true step though for the games...or is it still a 'side-game'? I mean it looks like the 3-D version of Pokemon, but will they keep making the old style ones with the colours?


    X and Y. Hmm. A joke. I'll lol if they theme it around chromosomes/sex.


    Yay Europe

  15. Read Aquaman 15 - I mean it's a fairly simple story so far...meh. Fine. The disaster of it all seems a bit..downplayed. Especially when I've recently been reading/skimming a lot of Cataclysm/Aftershock/No Man's Land from the 90's (where Gotham was hit by an earthquake). HUGE OPUS full of filler, but cool how it had actual ramifications for so long. They focused a lot on the fallout, for a long time. If this flood thing is just forgotten about easily it'll seem a bit...blah. I'm all for shorter, punchy stories, but if you're gonna have tsunamis have several prominent cities in the US and hundreds (thousands more like) die, I hope it gets given the right treatment. So far all a bit *shrug*.

  16. Can't remember if I posted here saying I'm working my way back in or not - but I am.


    Read JL, start of the Atlantis storyline, need to continue it in Aquaman. Could be interesting.


    On board with the new volume of Avengers - how interesting! LOVELY art, intriguing writing and set-up, and what a strange new roster!

    All-New X-Men was a "..." concept but I actually mostly like Bendis and Immonen and this is great fun and a nice change of pace for the X-Men. Looking forward to the new Uncanny.


    Bought myself my first new trades in...ages! Uncanny X-Force Dark Angel Saga (1 and 2) cause I love that and never finished it, and the first volume of Mark Waid's acclaimed new Daredevil series.