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  1. I'm a classy betch.

  2. Hey, do you want to sign-up for my X-Men mafia game? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee! from one Hannah (well...Miley) fan to another? x

  3. I had red beats on (probably?), grey jumper and blue jeans with a grey bag? Yeah that was me! I'm usually very observant with people around me but I honestly don't remember seeing you or anyone haha...I think I zone out with my headphones on! Craaaaazy. I was searching for rom-coms for my sister's birthday... :/


    Sign up for my X-Men mafia game?

    From one accie to another. :p

    PLZ. kthxbai

  5. Yeah yeah yeah! You HAVE to use Haispray for Charcoal. Pencil is effectively fine by itself, but hairspray protects other things, but Charcoal is delicate. Hairspay those bastards!

  6. Jimbob, come and sign-up for my X-Men mafia!! (Please) (xx)

  7. Ell! Do you want to play in my X-Men mafia?!

  8. Hairspray hairspray. Spray. :p


    Hair x

  9. Lol! rofl etc 10 char

  10. Slag.


    How's Cast coming along?


    [/should be saying this on MSN]

  11. "fun." is a WHOLE different ball-game. That's fine cause it's their name/title. I feel signatures need to be definitive. To pack punch.

  12. Well if you kept the font like it is, yes.

    44 Days Until Toy Story 3!

    Just suggests actual excitement. Even without the fullstop I prefer.

  13. You love being dominated and told what to do. Don't tell youself different.

  14. Hey Coolness can you clear out your PM box? Danke.

  15. Actual LOL at the Roz bit. My favourite person/voice.

    Am I properly/fully visible in your dream, or is it a case of...you know it's me, but you may not see it as such? In my dreams, I "know" certain were there in the situation, but they weren't fully seen.

  16. I replied on the comic thread.

  17. p.s sorry i never replied to your text. My old phone (which I had until this afternoon) lost the ability to text. What was it about again? I remember being confused then just ignoring it, lol.

  18. This is so fucking lol btw. Chair has/had doubles of him so yeah, ask him if he still does. But it's LOL because, at out very first tourney, everyone else knew each other, so the three of us newbs were like "Let's make friends", and we sent chair over and he was like "Hey, anyone wanna trade for Lex Luthor?", and the group just looked up, were silent, and said "No.", and chair just shuffled back in defeat.


    It was lol at the time.

  19. Hmm no. It rings a bell as though I might have at one point. What/who is it and why?

  20. Yeah I made it myself. Made one for the 1st evos and 2nd evos, but then I didn't know why I did them, and just used them for sigs/avvies. :)

  21. I just have so much less interest in it compared to X-Men, and there's so much X-men. I have now finished Legacy and only have adjectiveless to read and I'm less bothered with that so will read Invince I guess. It is technically below Death of Ultimate Spider-Man in my list of NEEDZ but yeah.

  22. I've never hidden my love of Avril's first 2 albums. Her third tells me jokes every so often. lasyt month I listened to it, tried to this month hated it. It depends. But the Veronicas can burn in the flames they were born from. Yes, they're devil spawn.