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  1. Yeah..still says Database Error. I will give it a look when I can though.

  2. Yes...mentioned like 50 times. Kingston-upon-thymes. You filthy forgetter. x

  3. Edinburgh? I assume you mean Aberdeen. It was fine, I arrived and met like 3 people I know and love from my course, and then the actual interview was just them flicking through my folio asking really easy questions that seemed quite inconsequential like what I thought of my current tutors and stuff.

  4. Also still not read any more Chew. I'm so un-in the mood. But have issue 2 lying on my desktop so will do eventually.

  5. Paj!

    I just saw a black laptop and ignored your post completely. I'm so sorry. I'll look now.

  6. ReZ! I thought you knew. God. That's why I'm like "I'll be at the next meet LOLolol" since I'm a million miles closer. You foo'.

  7. Paj!

    Ok. It's lovely-shiny. Though I hate black. When you could have white.

  8. Peebles, lol? I love. Where part III of the Chair/Paj team lives, and generally a stunning/boring place with nice houses in certain bits.


    Well realistically I want to go to Kingston, it blew me so near to the edge, but my mum is like "LETS LOOK AT YOUR OPTIONS" basically saying "I'd way prefer you went to a free uni in Scotland", but Kingston is straight into film with way better oppurtunities, rather than doing ANOTHER foundation year. 2 foundation years dont get you anything more than 1 in terms of applications and stuff. Plus I was already accepted for Kingston, and agggh, Just let me go.

  9. Paj!

    Rich bitch, flashing the cash and always name-dropping.

  10. Well I'm planning on getting a job, I'm gonna ask my tutors if they'd do a reference tomorrow...


    Well, we'll see. I just want like a new start, like I imagine uni is meant to be. I know just moving away anywhere would do that, but Kingston cries my name through it's hallowed halls.

  11. Paj!

    Yeah, but it's a really bad castle. Like..uninteresting and not all royally wonderful like you'd want.


    Even so I'm gonna sell it for MILLIONS WHEN ALL MY FAMILY FINALLY DIE! *lightning/laughter*




    touch wood

  12. Paj!

    Seen that video before, it's amazing.

  13. I was just gonna half, half, half etc each round as songs are eliminated, but as you say, a 3-way or two might need to occur. Unfortunate, but I'm dealing.


    I haven't worked out how many rounds, last time it was 5 and then the final, IIRC? It's work-out-able, but I can't bear to. Again, it's just how many times the lot can be halved, effectively.


    I think 66% isn't unacceptable to be honest. If you think that's too much, just say.


    Polls could be stunning, but I prefer posts, as it offers discussion/interesting facts blah blah.

  14. Paj!

    You type in comic sans because I randomly chose all the settings. Thankfully it looks good in the end.


    I need a good Tori avatar. That doesn't remind me of the dreaded "faeriewingers" (fan lingo for a fan that is obsessed with Tori Amos and her connection to myths and faires, which...doesn't exist). [/trivia]

  15. Not even being mean/negative for the sake of it; It was worse than I thought. I expected it to be like "Oh I bet this'll be ok, and I'll have to admit that it wasn't awful" as I have enjoyed one or two of their songs in the past (without feeling the urge to ever own them). I was waiting for an epic chorus (it sounded like it was coming). It sounds like a deflated balloon. It promised way more.


    It wasn't BAD. But it was just in every way mediocre and completely ordinary.

  16. Your profile reminds me of less fun.

  17. Yeah realistically I was going to, since I had an epic role-planning sesh this morning, and I'm really happy. That said, I'm not mafia expert like Chair..not sure how balanced things are, but we'll see. Also made effort of giving each role PM a little picture and description thing (since people won't know a lot of the characters). :)

  18. Video doesn't work. I can imagine his voice so it's fine.

  19. Oh no! Black & Pink...avril lavigne...veronicas....! *nightmare*

  20. Leave her be. She's had a hard time coming to terms with the diagnosis.

  21. Really good so far My flat mates are nice, but one is literally a dire person. A really sad case, and you just don't know what to do. She makes no effort to try and be part of everyone else, and is just (it sounds horrible, but it's the most apt way to describe it) uncool. And she is attention-seeking but in that awkward, negative way. During dinner, she'll go "Well I've never had any friends, so..." and then expects us to say something. We just stare at each other. It's awful. She's not even a nice person. ANYWAY. The rest are all nice.


    But I'm so glad that I've made a decent friend group from my course (which I expected), and I get on with everyone on my course so far. :)


    But yeah it's good. My friend-for-years-from-home-that-isnt-Chair-or-trotterp was down last night and it was cool to just be like "Look, I have a life! And friends!". Cause you're always scared you'll end up with no mates/etc. But that rarely happens.



  22. Well depends on the stunningness of this one...I liked my old Avengers one from HCR, how the characters only featured in the next one if they survived the first one. Could do that here, and obviously have some that aren't in this one inthe sequel etc. Up the ante. *plans*


    I love my choice of villains in this one.

  23. Yeah i got an e-,ail. posted it5 on a tori board im a member of.

  24. Yeah, got my group, it;s a 1-5 minute film piece based on/starting from the themes of either Repetition, Space (in relation to anything), loops, palindromes and other stuff. Quite open ended. My group and I are just batting ideas around atm. I think I'm the only one to have done much research yet. One of the ideas my friend had seems a bit cold and dead, I wanna try and get some of my ideas out there tomorrow. :) We have to take role in the process, and I said I'd be editing (though we all share responibility obvs), but then I'm scared of ending up with a concept rooted in a shit/no idead. I'm all about concepts and ideas. That's where I'm best I think...so might try directing or something.

  25. Ew no! Glaswegian accents are horrid. The end of every sentence sounds like a question.