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  2. I was about to report you for harassing me with SHIT JOKES. ;)

  3. A really pointless thing to do, actually illustrates nothing.

  4. Why? They're SO SHIT. It's unbelievable. There is nothing funny about them. Plus I hate his name.

  5. Don't call me a scot, bytsh. I have more of an English accent than you. *



    *can only assume. And is probably not true.

  6. Both? I've never seen 24, so I'm not criticising that, but the use of both of them just makes me NOT want to ever watch anything they've ever been in (asaik Norris is a shit movie actor anyway, just being in kung-fu movies of the 70's).

  7. Paj!



    I will use one day.

  8. Ha! Looking at it from afar, it does looks strangely like she has a phantom arm having a grope.

  9. At least she;s a stunner. It was inevitable that my show would get an edgy remake, and she really does evoke a modern version of my classic character.

  10. Yeah and I looked at the time that thread was created, barely minutes before I came back. DUN DUN

  11. What's "yesssssss" ?

  12. I have the bottom one. :)

  13. Paj!

    Have you finished BSG yet?


    I'm still reeling after finishing it. My favourite thing ever. Even more than those ham crisps from M&S.


  15. I'm not signed in. :(

  16. Yeeeesss. I didn't even know there was a Britney Spears Christmas song, but I'm glad it's been brought to my mind.

  17. I'm going as Amora's Best Friend. (Skurge)

  18. I never will.

  19. THX


    I'm happy with them. I've been sort of "on hold" for a new GOOD set...that Prince one and the ToS i just had were just like...temporary, or meant to be. I got a hold of the images from the new Marvel calendar, and they're all lovely paintings, so yeah.

  20. Oh thanks, I bought season 1 already, but if the others are too expensive, I could buy that then ebay season 1. :)

  21. Ugh...fine. Though MYXSS was playing up earlier today.

  22. Could do. I know that... *continued in PM*