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  1. Edinburgh? I assume you mean Aberdeen. It was fine, I arrived and met like 3 people I know and love from my course, and then the actual interview was just them flicking through my folio asking really easy questions that seemed quite inconsequential like what I thought of my current tutors and stuff.

  2. I have the bottom one. :)

  3. Don't call me a scot, bytsh. I have more of an English accent than you. *



    *can only assume. And is probably not true.

  4. A really pointless thing to do, actually illustrates nothing.

  5. I saw half (maybe more) of it about a year ago.


    I was unimpressed mostly. The visuals were...nice. I actually preferred The Cell (by the same guy) visuals-wise.


    However I reserve full judgement until I've seen it all.

  6. Thanks betch. :hug:

  7. Well I have applied for Kingston, so If I get in there/am generally around London/it's nearby places, you can buy me a drink.




    Wrapped in Tori Amos.

  8. Seems like it's open book then yeah, in terms of organisation. Just do what you think is a good flow. It should keep people's attention, so mixing it up is good.

  9. This is so fucking lol btw. Chair has/had doubles of him so yeah, ask him if he still does. But it's LOL because, at out very first tourney, everyone else knew each other, so the three of us newbs were like "Let's make friends", and we sent chair over and he was like "Hey, anyone wanna trade for Lex Luthor?", and the group just looked up, were silent, and said "No.", and chair just shuffled back in defeat.


    It was lol at the time.

  10. Lol! rofl etc 10 char

  11. Hairspray hairspray. Spray. :p


    Hair x

  12. Yeah yeah yeah! You HAVE to use Haispray for Charcoal. Pencil is effectively fine by itself, but hairspray protects other things, but Charcoal is delicate. Hairspay those bastards!

  13. THX


    I'm happy with them. I've been sort of "on hold" for a new GOOD set...that Prince one and the ToS i just had were just like...temporary, or meant to be. I got a hold of the images from the new Marvel calendar, and they're all lovely paintings, so yeah.

  14. A stunning pun. (play on words? Whichever)

  15. Yeah i got an e-,ail. posted it5 on a tori board im a member of.

  16. That's fucking amazing! lol. I love.

  17. I've not played since the summer, and tbh, I predict it being strictly casual now, even more so than recently (last few sets I bought 1-2 boosters of max, just cause). Chair and trotterp (briefly on HCR :D ) and I were the three who played it (THOUGH I famously got a prett big group of people into it about 4 years ago in school, but they dropped away (from playing it). We'll definitely play a game or two this christmas when we're all back together, but yeah. Can't imagine myself getting more than 1 HoT if any.

  18. I was just gonna half, half, half etc each round as songs are eliminated, but as you say, a 3-way or two might need to occur. Unfortunate, but I'm dealing.


    I haven't worked out how many rounds, last time it was 5 and then the final, IIRC? It's work-out-able, but I can't bear to. Again, it's just how many times the lot can be halved, effectively.


    I think 66% isn't unacceptable to be honest. If you think that's too much, just say.


    Polls could be stunning, but I prefer posts, as it offers discussion/interesting facts blah blah.

  19. Paj!

    Seen that video before, it's amazing.

  20. Paj!

    Don't lie to me Laura Cutestorie. Yes, I know your second name.

  21. Paj!

    I'm crying blood.

  22. Paj!

    When the FUCK did your avatar get a border, Molly?


    I'm aghast/pleased. *claps politely, but in a semi-patronising fashion*



  23. Leave her be. She's had a hard time coming to terms with the diagnosis.