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  1. Hey Coolness can you clear out your PM box? Danke.

  2. Ell! Do you want to play in my X-Men mafia?!

  3. Jimbob, come and sign-up for my X-Men mafia!! (Please) (xx)


    Sign up for my X-Men mafia game?

    From one accie to another. :p

    PLZ. kthxbai

  5. Hey, do you want to sign-up for my X-Men mafia game? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee! from one Hannah (well...Miley) fan to another? x

  6. Well depends on the stunningness of this one...I liked my old Avengers one from HCR, how the characters only featured in the next one if they survived the first one. Could do that here, and obviously have some that aren't in this one inthe sequel etc. Up the ante. *plans*


    I love my choice of villains in this one.

  7. Yeah realistically I was going to, since I had an epic role-planning sesh this morning, and I'm really happy. That said, I'm not mafia expert like Chair..not sure how balanced things are, but we'll see. Also made effort of giving each role PM a little picture and description thing (since people won't know a lot of the characters). :)

  8. Actual LOL at the Roz bit. My favourite person/voice.

    Am I properly/fully visible in your dream, or is it a case of...you know it's me, but you may not see it as such? In my dreams, I "know" certain were there in the situation, but they weren't fully seen.

  9. Also still not read any more Chew. I'm so un-in the mood. But have issue 2 lying on my desktop so will do eventually.

  10. Yeah..still says Database Error. I will give it a look when I can though.

  11. Ugh...fine. Though MYXSS was playing up earlier today.

  12. Paj!

    I'm unsure of my opinion on maxidresses on women because I hardly ever see them...I want to say that a stunning look is a white one with a short leather(esque) jacket on top. I think a friend of mine may have worn that once, and I was lying there, motionless. But apart from that, I have no opinion other than it's nice. I'm unconvinced by the flower on the front though.

  13. That's hot.

  14. You love being dominated and told what to do. Don't tell youself different.

  15. Well if you kept the font like it is, yes.

    44 Days Until Toy Story 3!

    Just suggests actual excitement. Even without the fullstop I prefer.

  16. "fun." is a WHOLE different ball-game. That's fine cause it's their name/title. I feel signatures need to be definitive. To pack punch.

  17. I'm not signed in. :(

  18. At least she;s a stunner. It was inevitable that my show would get an edgy remake, and she really does evoke a modern version of my classic character.

  19. I replied on the comic thread.

  20. Well I'm planning on getting a job, I'm gonna ask my tutors if they'd do a reference tomorrow...


    Well, we'll see. I just want like a new start, like I imagine uni is meant to be. I know just moving away anywhere would do that, but Kingston cries my name through it's hallowed halls.

  21. Peebles, lol? I love. Where part III of the Chair/Paj team lives, and generally a stunning/boring place with nice houses in certain bits.


    Well realistically I want to go to Kingston, it blew me so near to the edge, but my mum is like "LETS LOOK AT YOUR OPTIONS" basically saying "I'd way prefer you went to a free uni in Scotland", but Kingston is straight into film with way better oppurtunities, rather than doing ANOTHER foundation year. 2 foundation years dont get you anything more than 1 in terms of applications and stuff. Plus I was already accepted for Kingston, and agggh, Just let me go.